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Do people just not know how to use a roundabout?
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Yes. /thread
lazy faggots never use blinkers when leaving one.
I stopped looking at their indicators and watch their front wheels to see whether or not they're leaving.
Some faggot overtook me and swung right in front of me to make the exit, causing me to hit him. What a piece of shit.

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Im pretty fat I want to lose weight but in scared Im gonna get loose skin how do I prevent getting loose skin
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Fill space with muscle
Stupid fucking question. Either lose weight and find a way to deal with skin or stay fat and take years off your pife
You brainwashed media victim are not fat.
> years off your life
BMI of 25+ but well under 30 gives you longest life. That would be overweight in BMI terms.

Advice: Purchasing first fixed speed; Fuji Feather vs. Pure India

Hello all, I test rode two bikes today in fixed gear setup. I do have to ride Flat Bar style on both these bikes as it feels more comfortable and safe.

Fuji Feather: $490 (On Sale)
>Like: Speed, this bike is definitely not slow. Feels faster than the India. It is more aesthetically pleasing, and even though the weigh the same feels lighter. >Dislike: The handling is a bit wobbly. I felt like it was easy to lose control on turns or bumpy roads.

Pure India: $329

>Like: Aesthetically pleasing. Feels more stable on turns and bumps in the road.

>Dislike: Not as fast as the Feather, felt like I had more to give. While I'm actually kinda in love with the feather, a bicyclist friend who accompanied me told me for about ~$50, I can change the fixed cog from a 15/6T to the 12T. Then I can change the chain ring (43cm Micro: 40T Alloy , 47cm-64cm: 44T Alloy) to a 46T. He said this will solve my speed problem, and save me a ~$100. Does anyone own either of these bikes? I would greatly appreciate feedback! Thank you so much!
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>"fixed speed"
It's either 'fixed gear' or 'single speed' you autist.

Also that BSO in your pic is a 'fixie', i.e. a fake track bike that's only ever ridden on streets by hipsters.

If you want a REAL fixed gear bike (i.e. track bike) it has to have DROP BARS, NO BRAKES, and is NEVER ridden on streets (because it's unsafe without a brake). Learn the difference.
I ride a fixed speed, the speed is fixed at 30km/h.
I zoom past froome on the climbs.
You will love your new fixed speed bike! You will need to fix your knees, and your face after you attempt to stop for thr first time! Good luck have fun

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s class.jpg
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what do you think? 760 km
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Looked like pretty favorable conditions.
Thinking about stealing a hang glider since i'm autistic and have not been given a chance to get back into employment, and once i do, my brain cuts out bc of the merc,,, well anyway.. hopefully i will buy one before

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>cleaning your chain
>washing grit into the rollers

Lets it be dumbo's,The mechanism is designed to take care of itself.

Also using anything other than ANY grade of engine oil is foolish.
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The high clay content in the local dirt / gravel roads make my chain self cleaning. After a few rides the chain is shinny and dry despite me using Triflow and not wiping the excess.

Chain gets dirtiest riding strictly asphalt.
>Also using anything other than ANY grade of engine oil is foolish
chains rollers are low temperature, low force, and very sensitive to viscosity
car engines are high temperature, very high force, not sensitive to viscosity
so you're just a dumbass
I used to lube my chain with parktools grease

I did that for 3 years of city commuting.

sanded down those cassettes real fast boi

Wow! Just had the pleasure of seeing Starcross Station. It's a train station where erosion has removed any gap between it and the sea, leaving it exactly on the side of the sea. Unfortunately I'm in a car and not a train, still would like to take a train near it.
Very pretty sight though.
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So the station will be kill in a few decades?
The station already was kill a couple of years ago, the land underneath it was completely washed away and the rails were just hanging in mid-air.

Tsk, you'll be wanting electrification next!

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Curious, how many anons on /n/ can read/watch something in a moving vehicle and not end up with a damn headache?
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I do.
I do too
I don't get a headache, but I do throw up.

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We're going to re-open the webstore if there's enough interest. If you want a gen 1.1 jersey, send an email to anon3140 at hushmail dot com. If there is enough interest, a webstore will be opened and everyone who emails me will be sent the link. Jerseys will cost $75-$130 (including shipping) depending on style and what country you live in.
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This is what the jerseys look like irl.
Just give me a cheap ass chink version ffs
>jerseys will cost $75-$130

anyone who orders this go ahead and send me your info as well, i want to beat the fuck out of you.

I'm the S-Works abortion guy. I've made it back to Iowa after building a car. I'm currently waiting on correspondence from my insurance to get into my doctors and figure out what's going to help me. I've been reunited with some of my old creations and I'm working on more, also found out that my only decent bike had been nicked and later abandoned with heavy damage, so no road bike now.
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Wow this blog sucks, where are the webms
The S-Works bike was taken by a scrapper. No webm was ever made because I simply couldn't ride a bike at that time. I can barely ride a couple of miles now.
sounds rough, hope this shit doesn't get you down. Some random brit rider thinks your bikes are p.sweet

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old one's getting like a post a day
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>The PYBT is really dead, but it's not at the bump limit yet. I know, we need TWO dead threads!
>I totally, absolutely did not create this thread just so that it'll be MY shitty bike that's at the top of the PYBT for the next month.
>Speaking of my shitty bike, look at how I ripped two of the front chainrings off because I'm easily influenced by memes and too much of an idiot to figure out how to shift across a triple. Whooo 1x8! I sure love not having any gear range!
Lol wtf is wrong with you. Problem is no one wants to post their bike on a nearly dead thread so it just sits there stale
There is absolutely nothing wrong with that and you know it.

Anybody like my <800 dollar daily/cross bike that I've pieced together over 5 years?

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"L" curve.jpg
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Reminder that:

Chicago "L" > Poo York Subgay
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Brown vs Red.jpg
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Depends, lines like the Brown is worlds above any NYC line but lines like the Red, I would say is on par if not worse.
Never been to the States but L looks pretty stylish.

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Dad didn't get me a car when I could legally drive so been saving and wanna know what the best car to start with is, looking for something that looks nice, cheap to run, but also fast I'm thinking Ford Fiesta or something along thoughs lines

Need suggestions
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aut/o/ is that way --->
if you're thinking Fiesta though, gotta get Fiesta ST

Oh dam didn't know there was a board for cars must have gone past it, and yeah should have added that I was thinking about the Fiesta ST looks like a machine and has a great little engine

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First of all. Let me state I asked in two generals before I posted this.

Here's my bike. I wanna do 20mile total daily commute on it. Until my motorcycle is fixed.

Pic related its well loved. Someone suggested some road tires and I think that's a good place t start.

Obvious things it needs.
Hand grips
Possibly handlebars?
A few new cables.
Rear brake caliper reattached (two bolts from ace)
Someone also suggested locking the front suspension. How do I do that?
And seat, currently this one is ripped a little and as hard as a rock.

Also the rims are somewhat out of round.
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First let's start at rubbers. Do I need to get new rims? Or does a smaller rubber fit on the rim just fine?

If no rim is needed it says here it's 26 x 1.95 so. What are some road tires that are gonna work?

Also if I scrape off the stickers on the bike do I loose 5 HP per sticker?
Check the tire size, not the rim - although they're probably 26x1.95 anyway. So no - you won't need new rims, just get slicks that are roughly the same size.

You can try and scrape off the stickers, but have fun not scratching the frame.
Meh I got sticker disolver that works good. And the frame is already scratched in places. But it's "6061 t-6 aluminum" so fancy.... LMAO but sarcasm aside. It won't rust scratched.

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Considering upgrading from Shimano HG50 to 105 groupset. Worth it? Should I just jump to Ultegra?
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Jump to Ultegra. 6800 is cheap as chips now that R8000 is a thing.
dont bother "upgrading" your bike. just get a new bike with the groupset you like next time. even cheapo shimano groupset that are tuned well shift great. 105 has always been the sweet spot of even new tiagra is like 5 year old dura ace.
Don't upgrade until your old groupset needs replacing anyway.

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