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How do you feel about the fact that Seoul's new Ui line subway will open in a couple months?

It will be Seoul's first completely new subway line (not an extension of an existing line) since 2011.
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this isnt /v/ faggot
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Only because you saw the meme there doesn't mean it's /v/

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Pump up your tires
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NO I like em soft, DANGEROUSLY soft
>not riding flat
I have airless tires... what now?

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Hello /n/

I have recently started to daily ride to work, so far it has been a blast, but I got an issue I can not fogure out on my own

I ride a cheap bike that was just around at home, and in the last few days my rear brake became slippery (V barke)
It feels like I only got 15-20% brake power on my rear wheel, which is not good and no matter how thight I get the cable, it does not really improve
I can not get that wheel to lock up, even if I lean forward. The braking feels like it does not have that bite when I pull the lever.

I have two suspects
1) The rim got slippery from some gunk/oil (I have tried to clean it tho)
2) The brake pads does not seem to be worn out but they are old and were unused for years, maybe it aged and could not handle the daily use

It only has to last until the end of month, will get a proper bike then
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Picture of the brake pad in case it helps
1. Clean it and the rim with degreaser to get oil off.
2. Replace the pad

Those are the operations you should do to fix the pad.
can you recommend a kinda diy degreaser?
I live in dorms atm so my options are limited

Thinking about like soapy water or diswasher

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post it
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thx anon
Happy riding!

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I currently only own a bicycle. It's fine for distance but sometimes I need to haul heavy bulky items around, which is difficult on a bicycle. I'm considering buying a milkfloat, are they any good? I don't want a car or a van.
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You could get some type of cargo bicycle or tricycle. Possibly with electric support.
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Kei Van
Piaggio Porter is a very similar van to this one for european markets btw.
Born form an italian/japanese collaboration.
Someday I will buy one for shits and giggles.

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The accuracy of this is so true, but for some reason I love riding on metros no matter how shitty. Why do trains with graffiti look better?
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there's something about graffiti riddled trains which is so tragic yet so comfy to me.

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>blocks your path
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*livest in eastern europe*
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*ruins your fun*
>rumbles your asshole till you cum

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>get a flat
>take off the wheel
>there's smelly loose dogshit on it
>mfw it's deep within the treads and can't wipe it off
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>eat broken glass
>take a shit
>there's jagged shards in it
>mfw some fag on a bike runs over it

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I'm tired of walking and taking buses and i never bought a bike before so what should i look into and how much do they cost pls help
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