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I currently only own a bicycle. It's fine for distance but sometimes I need to haul heavy bulky items around, which is difficult on a bicycle. I'm considering buying a milkfloat, are they any good? I don't want a car or a van.
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You could get some type of cargo bicycle or tricycle. Possibly with electric support.
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Kei Van
Piaggio Porter is a very similar van to this one for european markets btw.
Born form an italian/japanese collaboration.
Someday I will buy one for shits and giggles.

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The accuracy of this is so true, but for some reason I love riding on metros no matter how shitty. Why do trains with graffiti look better?
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there's something about graffiti riddled trains which is so tragic yet so comfy to me.

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fuck this shit.jpg
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>blocks your path
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*livest in eastern europe*
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*ruins your fun*
>rumbles your asshole till you cum

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>get a flat
>take off the wheel
>there's smelly loose dogshit on it
>mfw it's deep within the treads and can't wipe it off
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>eat broken glass
>take a shit
>there's jagged shards in it
>mfw some fag on a bike runs over it

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I'm tired of walking and taking buses and i never bought a bike before so what should i look into and how much do they cost pls help
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Looking into building my own bike, and perhaps buding bikes for shits n grits. The only problem is i have very minimal knowledge of bicycle mechanics.
Are there any online sources or books to help introduce me to this? Thanks in advance!

Also, hybrid frame thread ig, bc that's all ive got in my collection.
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sheldon brown.
Park Tool's blue book
Why do you want to build a bike rather than just upgrade an existing one?
And what do you mean by 'build' one? Do you mean you want to fabricate the frame yourself, too? If so, why, other than 'to do it'?

There is no such thing as a flying car. If it is flying, it is not a car but an aircraft. If it is hovering, it is not a car but a hovercraft. A car can't fly.
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OK You win.
:ok_hand: :joy:
:eggplant: :zzz: :necktie: :eggplant:
:oil: :nose:
:zap: 8=:punch: = D :sweat_drops:
:trumpet: :eggplant: :sweat_drops:
:boot: :boot:
Am I back on a 2000's forum?

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Why did the Hovercar not take on? It's 1950s technology..we basically could have had flying cars a long time ago in this form
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It takes way more energy to hold a tonne of metal off the floor than to just push it along using wheels.
This, plus one little breeze and you get blown into other vehicles or into stationary objects. Not practical without something like a gravity polarizer and computer control, to levitate you and keep you stable versus environmental forces. Of course there is no such technology so that's why we don't have them.
How would you effectively brake with one of those?

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why are people so stupid and be allowed to get off scot free
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yeah someone should really call child protective services on that woman and have her child taken away from her, its obvious that she isnt fit to take care of a child
Imagine if every vehicle collision made the news. There would be no space to complain about Trump.

Cyclists need to start crashing into pedestrians on a regular basis to normalize it.
And the 2000 toddlers struck by cars over the last year? No-one cares about that. Cars are perfectly safe.

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Why aren't you driving an lpg scooter yet /n/ ? Mine has a small 4l tank and I can drive 200 km with it, for 3 euros. They are amazingly popular in china and very safe. They blow electric trash out of the water.
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Because riding a bicycle is fun
>Chinese people on ICE scooters
LOL no probably about as safe as rush hour in New Delhi or Mumbai; you take your life into your hands and hope the bus driver who runs your ass over at least stops to find out who your next-of-kin are.

Also: SAGE the China shill. Go astroturf your communist propaganda somewhere else.

Also: >>1101433
>Not being fat and weak
Bicycle > scooter
Always wanted a lpg powered motorcycle, altough the tank is always an issue, never thougt about scooters. How is fuel delivered? Injection or shitty mixer type stuff?


At Akabane-Tokyo Station. Super active.
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Is that the new /jp/-webcam since Aizu closed?

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Hi /N/bros, i brought a nee bike and i had this thing left over, anyone know what it is?
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It's a spoke wrench. You use it to loosen or tighten spokes on your wheels.
Not sure why they'd send one with a new bike since you'll obviously fuck your wheels up if you attempt to use it.
Aw lucky, you got a free spoke key.
Don't use it. You'll make your wheel worse.

This is why.

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Post ITT if you sneer at diesel locomotives and blame them for the demise of steam on the rails.
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Congratulations, OP, you took something that was boring and autistic to a whole new level of boring and autistic.

Also, you're a Luddite. Do you have any idea how ineffecient steam power is compared to a diesel engine, or how much more polluting burning coal just to heat water is?

Go play with your toy trains, Sheldon.
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hey stop saying people are autistic, i am getting real fucking pissed off with fuckheads using the autistic word, its not a funny word, its fucking gay ok.

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I need images of trains viewed from above, preferably close enough to see detail. Doesn't matter if they're real trains or model trains, as long as they're visibly trains. Engines, passenger cabs, coal cars, cabooses--whatever, as long as it's a train. Old-timey trains are preferred.

Google has failed me, though, and I don't know of any model train sites that provide top down images with everything.
Please, give me your trains.
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What an odd fetish
I'm curious, whatcha need em for?

So, how do you break in this type of bicycle ?
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You take it to the tip
You run into a mum
First turn the saddle back to being level since that shit is retarded.

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