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Pepe XSXS.jpg
1MB, 1092x1037px
So I need someone to follow what this guy did in this tutorial to the image I have posted


My email is [email protected], I need the image complete by 3PM tomorrow.

I prefer to pay through paypal.

I should be checking my email a couple hours after this post.

Thanks /gd/
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OP here, I want the dispersion effect to be on the left side of pepe, that being the back side of his head exploding.

If you're unsure this is OP you can email for verification.
Thanks so much for the offers, I suppose I should let everybody know the job has been completely filled.

Thanks for your quick responses.
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there's usually photoshop actions for those effects
also just wondering do you really make money from that?

I know my way around the common softwares but my design skills are sorely lacking.

What do you recommend?
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lynda's gd foundations + specific courses for your interests areas of design.
is coursea a good one?
have you checked udemy?

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Can you help me find what is that font?

(Pai para filho)
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Probably something custom made and not an available font
File: pai filho.jpg (50KB, 711x249px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
pai filho.jpg
50KB, 711x249px
I cut it up and tried a few reverse font sites but didn't find anything. Here's what I used if you want to try to pursue this further.
Found... and it's free...


File: AcolytePresto.png (39KB, 490x200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I am an amateur graphic designer. Please rate my design.
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File: IvoraEQ.png (19KB, 680x250px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Anyone has suggestion at getting back to a toad of a client?

I've not gotten the access to their hosting anymore so that's out the door
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Go where they live and break his legs, that would be hilarious
yes. always take advance
Spread false ads in their name, ruin their reputation

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I don't know if this is the place to ask about this but I need to learn autocad, unigraphix and so, for CNC projects.
any advice? tutorial, something? I'm pretty lost in this matter
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I saw something like this, but every autocad tutorial I see are oriented to architecture
better try >>>/3/

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Pic related
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not a style, its just japanese kanji on solid color background.
It's not a style. If you like it, try and emulate and grow it. Make it fit many situations. But it's not a style
It's called gay as fuvk

Anything created with voxels
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do yo mean isometric designs? that's more /ic/ related i think
pray gam


what kind of jobs do you guys do?
what kind of money do you make?

i was a designer for like 6 years but got out because the pay was so shit and the clients were so annoying.
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Liquor delivery driver, meme page admin selling t-shirts, selling fine art
Not enough but I enjoy life
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Currently jobless. Left my gov job because I hated dealing with negative coworkers and cubicle atmosphere.

Want to get a graphic design job, but there is hardly any around. I can only image how hard it is to get one in Seattle and Portland.
Recent grad (< year), bachelor of communication design and post grad comp sci.
Working as UX designer. On 65kusd

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>so I paid this guy $600 to design a cover for my new math rock album, I told him to "go crazy" and "experiment a little" and this is what he sent me.

what do you guys think? Would this album cover turn you off? I'm not sure how to feel about it.. I mean I spent 600 fucking bucks on this thing and it's kinda cheap looking. not sure what to do.
who is wrong here? The designer or the client?
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This can't be true. If it is though, thanks for the laugh.
>The designer or the client?
probably both, the client for not checking the artist portfolio or for not asking to see some sketches before moving on, and the artist for not questioning the client and guide him or her through out the process.
>the client for not checking the artist portfolio
he said it's a good designer so he must have checked it

If I needed a quick 5-minute lesson on how to vector properly, where would I find it?
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This game is pretty hard, I don't even know what I'm doing.
If I need a quick 5-hour lesson on UI design, where would I find it?

I'm tired of designing stuff using CSS, I want to draw sketches using wacom, but I have no idea where to start.

Okay, so I got some temp agency dude asking for my resume and portfolio. easy.

But the job he is trying to place people in is for Lowe's and he is asking for an infographic for the hiring manager. He isn't giving me a lot of time to fully develop the graphic, and he is talking about 4 other designers doing the same thing for him.

He found my resume off of fucking CareerBuilder.

Is this guy scamming me? Is this a pyramid scheme? He has a link and company and phone number to an actual building in my city, the offices look nice, the Glassdoor reviews seem cool, but temp agencies give me the heebee-jeebees.
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Never do work without a contract and an advance payment. Never.
Thanks for the reply.

Another quick question, is this sorta preliminary design work standard issue for finding employment? Do bigger companies usually do this sort of thing?


Any architects or arch enthusiasts here?
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Yes, and I really do hope that this reckless faggotry is a shoop.
Gotta disappoint you. I quite enjoy it as a provocation, though

What are you into?
hey, im an architecture student, 5th year

Can someone make this look better please. I am currently unable to due to my equipment being damaged and I need this for a school activity. So can someone be nice and help me. Thanks /gd
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>Can someone make this look better please
you mean redo it?
>>>/wsr/ is that way
File: ivefappedtoworse.jpg (136KB, 626x1041px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
136KB, 626x1041px
>Can someone make this look better please
Pretty as fuck in that tight red dress

I recently started a new job where as part of my work I have to use the magnetic lasso tool to cut complex shapes of our products out of photos, then watermark the pictures.

I take the photos on a white background, but shadows can sometimes mess up the way the lasso tool detects the edge. I'm working with jpegs, should I be using raw?

Would you guys share any tips that could improve my workflow?

pic unrelated
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For excluding object from background, you can use magic wand tool and then right click on the selection > Refine Edge. Should at least leave your object + shadow nicely.

For watermarking and other related things with about playing with your object, I tell you to use Actions. Record an action and simply play it by hotkey everytime it's needed. You can play with actions and create one action for the whole process of excluding from background and watermarking.

Post results. Thanks!
ADD: Also use whatever suits you best, JPEG is perfectly fine if it's large enough resolution. But ofcourse, depends where the pictures go after editing them...
>use the magnetic lasso tool

fucking why?

I do a ton of cut-outs for my personal work. Here's my process:
bring the photos or whatever into illustrator
trace the object using the pen tool
create a clipping mask
save the file, bring it into photoshop
use the clonestamp tool where needed around the edges


doing it the way you currently are must be a nightmare.

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