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Does /gd/ work with Adobe After Effects? I need to make an audio spectrum video, i know about the integrated effect, but i need to have the frequencies playing over an image, not on the animated colors. I can think of a few ways to do it but i don't know the boundaries of the software and exactly how to do it, since i started using it about 20 minutes ago.
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Can i just make a normal audio spectrum channel and link it somehow to the image i want to use, effectively showing only the image?
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>Does /gd/ work with Adobe After Effects?

> i need to have the frequencies playing over an image
>Can i just make a normal audio spectrum channel and link it somehow to the image i want to use, effectively showing only the image?
I'm not sure I understand.
You want something like pic related?
Yes sir. Exactly like pic related.

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How to apply for a job at a design agency when they are not hiring?

(Currently working in-house and have some experience but looking to get work in an agency)
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>How to apply for a job at a design agency when they are not hiring

Get out your calculator. Do the math. Calculate how much in income a business will need to make to afford you. Look at the actual numbers.

You need to read a book on basic business economics.

Ask yourself WHY they are not hiring, pleb.

Where does money come from?

How do jobs get accounted for?

An employee is hired to generate income....the income has to pay for the employees salary.

If you want to be hired by them, get them accounts. If you could get accounts, you should start your own agency.

If an agency wins an account and doesn't have a certain need that you fill, you're in luck.

That's how it works.
This information heavily depends on information that is difficult to obtain. I appreciate you replying to my thread, but if I was a business major, I wouldn't be in the graphic design field to begin with.
Really informative. Thanks for posting anon

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Had 2 dirt bikes stolen from my garage in indiana got the guys on cam doing the whole thing but cant make out the plates.
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sorry for poor quality in advance, i'll be upgrading my system after this.
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Seem impossible to get anything from this. Bring it to the police anyway.

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I've tried deviantart, but finding one with all these variables:
- Not overpriced
- Willing to make adult content
- Good at drawing
- Commissions available
- Digital art
... is a pain in the ass, am I missing something here?

Also tried hentai-foundries forums, didn't really work out.
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Pick like two of those at max son, what you want doesn't exist.
Hmm, I guess then it would be:
- Good at drawing adult art?
- Commission available
Polyle is pretty good IMO, he's on HF.

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What is the font for this logo?

Some notable things about it (I'm not a font expert, so i might use some terms wrong):

>Most terminals end in 45* angle
>Bowl of the 6 almost touches the decedent
>There's a round bit at the top of the 1
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try whatthefont or whatfontis or matcherator
Why /pol/

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I enjoyed dabbling with Flash as a teenager. I'd like to learn something like it, where I could design graphics visually and then add interactivity through code.

I know Flash isn't used much for that anymore, but what replaced it?
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see >>312868
Gamemaker for 2d games or Unity 3D (it's free) for 2d and 3d
I'm not interested in making games though, more like small interactive web things.

Seems like it's now just taking graphics and using JavaScript on them?

Just threw this together, feel free to post some of your work
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not op, but can anyone share T-shirt mockups like this?
I'm actually curious about this.
I'm just starting to design my own t-shirts with my own logo on my back shoulders.
It's great to have shirts no one else does.
And it's cool getting compliments on them.

This is the reason I shifted over to this forum thread.
nice shirt anon

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Hey fags, made a logo that took me 5 mins in google drawings.
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average gd quality i suppose

posting a thing i was making, maybe like 10 mins work on this image, tiger is a trace

if you really are proud of this meme nation thing make something of actual quality
Jesus Christ...

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how do i make good designs to sell on red bubble? I made this but it sold 0 times. Be honest, is it shit?
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I may be biased here, but you could avoid making shirts out of political statements that only obnoxious people with tight wallets would consider wearing.

As for the design, never been a fan of square cornered borders in the middle of the shirt. People seem to be okay with it, but I've always hated it.

Third note: Graphic tees on guys are gross almost every time
I don't think many people make enough money from Red Bubble to justify the effort.
Copyright infringement.

I really liked this one William Gibson novel illustration but couldn't find it in a large format, so I made a vector from scratch and realized some other people might want it as well.

I got a few sales before the Jew cried and I had my design taken down, but it was a rush when those shekels came in.

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thoughts on my event 'flyer' nerds?
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there's too little contrast between the scanned page and the white background. now it looks like you are too much of a shitter to align it properly.
maybe blend/multiply the type... sticks out
its like you gave crayons to a five year old

shit like this is a great way to potray how non-talented you are, just keep it up

nothing in the big picture says its 4th of the july related or catches peoples interest, its just america flag nothing special

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When will they change it? It looks like it was made by a kid on fiverr.
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The font looks like ass but the symbol looks like any other generic passable logo
My concern with the symbol is that it's poorly done, the strokes are really shaby, the proportions are off. Honestly feels like an amateur atempted to use vectors.

Hey don't bash it. I love Assassins Creed.

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image1 (1).jpg
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Whats the best way to go about making the background of this transparent? Photoshop background eraser doesnt seem to work.
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Ask this as a question at Mathematica.staclexchange and someone will do it for you.
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duplicate layer, hide original, make the image black and white, remove borders, increase the contrast and levels till theres only the black ink shapes on white, hide the layer, ctrl+click the black and white layer and click the original one then duplicate the selection from the black and white using the original -pic
Is that the best I would be able to do? I would like to keep the white paint and a bit less borders.

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ok /gd this dumb looking shit is everywhere; music, fashion, web, posters - pic related. fuccbois love it, and IG/marketing/brands are eating it up but the market is going to crash.
what are your predictions on next design meme?
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those aren't the same style tho. Mura Masa (literal who?) is straight up plagiarizing Kanye's cover and the others are just doing their own thing.

Anyway the next design meme (already there at art schools) is extended sans-serifs.

in these avant-garde hipster circles this kind of style for publications
has existed for a good while

i used to refer it as the contemporary art publication style
What the fuck are you referring to? None of those pics have a similar style and are in fact inspired by old designs.

What fucking visual library are you looking at all day that makes you think these are connected and somehow new?

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Anyone here selling T-shirt designs successfully through Print-On-Demand platforms?

P.O.D General
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I run a store and sell dye-sublimated shirts through printful... it's risky as there's no QA other than the printers, but i've yet to get any complaints from customers.
I have my work posted on multiple sites.
Make on average $250-$300 a month.

I've spent little to no time promoting the stuff on social media, so the $ isn't that great.
How many designs yield that amount of money? Do you keep updating the stores with fresh designs every month?

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Is using Image Trace in Illustrator an acceptable thing to do? Or is it 'cheating'?

Say I'm digitising some sharpie drawings, using levels in Ps and image tracing in Ai, is it now a finished work or does it need to be redone using the brush or pen tool to be a true vector image?

I've had some negative responses from teachers about using image trace.
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Use Image trace by all means; you'll never get as good results as you would by hand-tracing it. For trivial things, however, it doesn't matter because the difference is negligible. Sharpie drawings are alright to Image Trace.
It is cheating and it looks like shit.
if you're doing lineart like OP it makes so little difference that who cares?

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