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Took an entry level Photoshop class this summer for elective. This was a project (of student's choosing). What do you think?
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>What do you think?
Entry lvl
Keep going and amaze us
Probably won't. Degree related to mechanical design not graphic.

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I created myself for animation but i'm too lazy to animate so i will keep it as artwork. (using illustrator)
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>as artwork
it sucks
>for animation
it might work
use DUIK, easiest shit ever
thx mate i'll check it

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/gd/ vs /int/
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I wanted to try drawing again after 4 years with my Wacom Bamboo tablet, I have the table but I absolutely couldn't find the stylus.
I'm a poorfag and stylus are almost as expensive as when I bought the tablet and stylus together. Is there any way I could nigger rig a stylus or are there some websites which I haven't found that sell styluses cheap as fuck?

I just want to draw again.
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sorry yo hear that anon, but all the fancy stuff is in the stylus, the tablet is mostly a sensor with a couple of buttons.
so I don't think you can get the stylus on it's own
tablet is transmitter and receiver with wacom (hence no battery in the pen - it is not a source of signal)

had a quick google for 3rd party wacom pens and no luck - ebay was not forthcoming for replacement bamboo stylus either as wacom also sell standalone smartphone styluses also called bamboo (not confusing at all honest)

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>That guy who always says designs he likes are "sexy"
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>That bearded man-child who thinks his customized icons mean anything.

my girlfriend is a graphic designer and i want to buy her a new screen like a present.

any recommendations on any specific model?

budget is good but not for pointless + 4k displays. she doesnt enjoy huge hyper bright panels.
should be able to be moved by her daily laptop, gtx 6xx. hdmi only unfortunately.

lg?.. acer?.. lg with a glass in front to simulate Imac? im confused as to what is good for graphic designers
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Without getting into specific models (because I honestly have not researched that shit since I bought mine almost 5 years ago), you're definitely going to want something with an IPS panel as they generally have better brightness and color reproduction (as opposed to TN panels which are better for gaming/movies and the like). If she's actually serious about her work you'll probably wanna pick up a Spyder or other calibration tool as well (see pic). They're expensive but it's an investment in the quality of your work.
buy her an asus 4k 1 with 144hz

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I've made some mistakes in my life and I'm a 29 year old neet without a degree.

How do I turn around my life, get some certifications I can put in my CV to land a job?
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Consider a life of crime
this but unironically.

time to fight back op

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Are there any artists here who are willing to do free artwork?
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>for free
I worked for a long time for free, or at low cost, in the name of "getting experience" and "making myself a name." And it worked.

I got a reputation for being happy making low-cost art. When I tried to raise my rates, every client who had been behind me before dropped me. They don't care about your art. Nobody does. They care about getting a cheap price, and once you give them that they will only expect that from you...and become offended when you try to advance yourself rightfully.

Don't ever work without getting fairly paid. Find out what it means to be fairly paid and demand it of your work.

There is no such thing as a starving artist. There are only the starving unemployed who want to be artists someday.

I've recently came across a creative block and can't seem to think of any ideas. I'm a amateur graphic designer trying to build my portfolio and I'm in need of some "mock" company names, logo designs, etc. I basically need you guys to give me some fake work that I can create to add to my portfolio.

Bring it on. :)
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This is how you get /g/ and /biz/ in here going "What a coincidence, I never even knew there was a shitty etailer called that!". Work with dead trademarks and proposed rebrands.
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c o o l v i b e s.gif
3MB, 498x494px
here kid, I know it's not exactly what you're looking for, but I'm sure you're creative enough to make it what you need.


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I did this logo and i just wanna know if i did it well or wadup
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could be worse marcos
not a logo though

also, add an S to hack
marcos hack sounds like marcos is a hack which is far far away from the edgy cool you are aiming for
Thanks for the feedback
if its not a logo how can you call it

Best lossless image format?
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but I'm not taking photos

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I am trying to make a cover art for a song I like but I suck at doing that can someone make me a new one or make mine better. the pic is my attempt at it. The song is Die a King by Jake hill. please help!
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USD, EUR or Bitcoin?
I don't want to spend any money on it.
>acting like a spaz
>the cover isn't bad really

Stop posting here

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Any one know how to track down an artist? I'm need album art, but not sure how to find the person. Pic related.
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If you're willing to pay, you might find luck here. Otherwise you'll be escorted to >>>/wsr/
Actually, no. Disregard that address, it's not working anymore. Here's my actual one: [email protected]
It's a dog eat dog world out there, man. I'm afraid you either eat or get eaten.

Judge my drawing.
Also, make your own assumptions.
One more thing, if you had to post though.
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Let's see if they're smart I might have to hop boards with this one gd don't get it..

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