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I graduated college in UX design and had a contract job. After that was up I let a resume gap happen, and was too idealistic with what job I wanted. Anyway, I've been an EMT for the last 3 years, and I'm getting sick of it.

My question is, is 3 years too long a gap? What should I tell employers.

tldr: idealistic 20 yo out of design field for 3 years. plz help
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Just tell them you went to explore other career options. Being an EMT is an admirable thing, it's not like you were just fucking around couch surfing for 3 years.

Before you start applying, take a few weeks to brush up your portfolio. Honestly, as a legit UX designer you have way more opportunities than any of the pixel-pushers here.
I just want to be clear that you actually have a diploma on it from an accredited university that says B.A. UX Design?
Well it's a B.S. in interaction design, everything was just building interfaces for iPads, online applications and shit like that

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What would it take to make album art like this?

I like the title near the bottom, the font fits in with the artwork perfectly. I know a little bit about Illustrator, would I have to get a professional graphic designer to get something like this?
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just look for hand made fonts till you find something you like
I was messing around in illustrator trying to put a title over an oil-canvas painting.

Every time I tried writing something it looked like shit, I tried Times New Roman and stuff like that.

I am an illustrator noob though. Can anybody give me some advice on how to put text over a picture and have it look natural like in the OP picture?
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>how to put text over a picture and have it look natural like in the OP picture
I don't think the text is that well integrated in the first place but the only non-obvious thing I see is the offcentering kind of miminc the owls (even though there's no way that's a real picture in the first place)

File: beachfront_adventures_logo.jpg (783KB, 1500x1500px)Image search: [Google]
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What font is this?
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read the sticky, retard
I think its called "it's not fucking hard to find one that's similar"

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I like it. Works well.
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Is your friend Paul Newman?

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fuck you

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Evangelion 02 Profile.jpg
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I want to design a miniature helmet and armor set and 3D print it. But I'd like the model to be about 3 feet tall. I've never 3D printed anything and I've only just started with 3D modeling. Been using Cinema 4D for the time being.

Here are some questions:

1. Is C4D a good program for modeling characters and preparing them for 3D print? Or should I be looking at AutoCAD or Zbrush?

2. What is a great home 3D printer that can print something that large? The largest piece is just over 30 inches. Would you know of a good one to buy?

3. Back on software, I need to be able to build parts and possibly animate them minimally. Which is why I thought C4D was a good choice. Does C4D have 3D print capability? Is it print friendly? Or should I go with another software? Ideally, I'd like to be able to stress-test joints and parts of the model using material presets or parameters. I know I'm kind of out of my field right now, but that is what I am eventually trying to get to.

I think that is it for now. If you have questions for me, let me know.

>pic unrelated
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ask at /3/
for modeling usually zbrush is better but it takes longer to learn (not as long as maya tho)
also on youtube there's some talks about 3d printing and modeling with zbrush just search for zbrush summits
Gotcha, thanks.

File: vaporwave_cover.png (2MB, 1280x720px)Image search: [Google]
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So I made a logo as practice, what do you guys think? I'm pretty new to graphic design and am trying to get better. Made for a friend
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That ain't Vaporwave.
That ain't a Logo.

I like the squares in the background though, makes me think of Master System
>>not vaporwave
>>not a logo

what even

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Kenny Dorham.jpg
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Have a question about a function in AI? I might be able to help. Ask me something, I'll be checking in on this bread often.
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Don't have a question but you are very kind :-)
File: c1474e54535981.596c6dcb31bb6.png (245KB, 376x688px)Image search: [Google]
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how do i make this effect on illustrator? or is it photoshop?
Not an effect, those are brushes

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I'm working on an EP and after weeks of struggling to make a fitting album cover I made pic related. Is this any good or have I just sunk to the point where i'll accept any old shit as a passable idea?

The music is pretty cinematic/orchestral with some songs leaning very slightly towards metal (think the Halo theme music). I'm trying to give off a cinematic vibe with this current cover art, but if you have any better ideas i'm open to suggestions.

(Also the album has no title yet which makes it more difficult).
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By the thumbnail I got a 3rd wave of post-rock kind of vibe and thought it looked cool and that I would totally listen to it. But I'm a simple man, give me a clean cover with a landscape and I'm in.

But at full res I notices it wasn't an adulterated nice picture.
I don't like the jagged edges, glitchy-vibe nor the scratchy doodles.

I get that you are trying to create new things into this landscape (like rocks) but I think it's much more effective if you just leave it as it is.
A simple photograph makes it look huge, this shop makes it look pretentious and underachieving.
File: UntitledAlbumSimple.jpg (152KB, 1465x1465px)Image search: [Google]
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Thanks, I made an unedited version (except for the colour treatment) but do you think it still looks weird? The original photo i'm working with is a screenshot from a game, thought it looked cool and I certainly don't have any land like this near me to photograph. But that means some of the odd jagged edges, particularly on the shadows, are unavoidable. Is this fine or should I keep the template and just find/take photo of something else?
File: 1500986340301.jpg (317KB, 1465x1462px)Image search: [Google]
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I see, so it's literally an anti-alising problem.
The problem is that it looks like a bad shop.
Maybe softening the focus a little by bluring?

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what yall think? done in illustrator
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I hate the green text on pink background you got going on. Maybe with different shades of either color, it could work. Also I don't like the shade of pink for the background color. Your little dude in the corner doesn't pop out well the way you have things. As far as the little dude himself, the helmet and arms are great, but why all black for the face and eyes?

The problem with your graphic is color. Make a second draft with a different approach to the colors, that's my suggestion.
Graphic designer here.

It's terrible. 00's newgrounds-style flash drawings and 10's post-irony doesn't melt together very well, people start to think you unironically suck at graphic design that way.
it hurts :(

File: ~Lucid~.png (1MB, 790x584px)Image search: [Google]
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Please do not post vaporware here.
Nice "art" faggot. (Protip: It's not)

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I see a lot of people wanting to have icons made for their websites/apps, and I get a lot of requests to make them, but I don't understand exactly why. Seems like everyone wants to have their own, but since individuality in that specific element doesn't really matter in most cases (that I've seen), why not just use Google's MD icons?

They're under Apache 2.0 and they're really good in my opinion, so why not save the money and just use them? I'm hoping for a bit more perspective from others on the field.
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If you want to stand out, you have to be unlike others.
I work at an advertising agency and I learned this the hard way –we made a video to a client and (well, to cut costs) bought stock music, some stock video. In their web page we used stock photos and icons from the IKONS package.
Needless to say, the client loved it as did our team. But wasn't until years later I heard the same stock music in two different occasions, saw the same clip in another page and saw at least five pages with Ikons on them.

Normies eat that shit up but at that point I (as a professional) was ashamed – we didn't really make anything beautiful anew, just a cut 'n paste job with beautiful parts. But if that beauty is accessible to every motherfucker out there, what are we doing?

It doesn't matter if the icons* look good. If everyone else is using them as well, you're no better.

*) photos too. See the Unsplash effect.
Yes, it's pointless, especially when they only change some icons, as if that Bootstrap theme doesn't look identical with thousands of other pages. Or as if a customized logo differentiates them from the competition. Honestly, design identities are only for the rich. Small companies with no designer employees can't compete.
I am doing an icon pack at this moment and have to say... there is no fucking point to it... in the end there will be the social media icons that are the same as everywhere else, you wont get a prize for the plus-minus icons either... you can play with the rounded corners and line width, but it all has been done... it pays nice though

Hey does anyone know how to replicate this effect?
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fuck off, we've gotten this thread every week for years now. There's a billion websites you could have looked at instead of making this thread.

If somebody answers I'll come to your house and rip your balls off
H'HAAAAA u funney :)
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lurk moar

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know any redesigns of this site?
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someone long ago did a material design of the gd board, it looked too much like g+ tho
sounds like the April Fools' Material Design. Haha, was a good day

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