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File: achjamieson.jpg (319KB, 487x519px)Image search: [Google]
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Hey Anons ! Does someone can help me to make my coat of arms. I am a crap on photoshop...
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I'll do it for $1k, but I don't recommend PS for it.
only a complete moron would pay that for a coat of arms of any quality.
File: Upper_Silesia_coat_of_arms.png (1MB, 466x577px)Image search: [Google]
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Good stuff is expensive.

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Is it possible to create this in PS/IL, or a 3D environment is required? If so, how?
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on c4d add a landscape object play with the settings, add the landscape into a hypernubs (change 3 subd to 2) import a texture with the letters then play around with glitch textures and different mapping types and then add the chromatic aberration on post. if the object doesn't look right use the brush tool is very easy.

File: hi_sonic.gif (720KB, 360x420px)Image search: [Google]
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Best way to subliminally Photoshop a penis in a picture? Leaving my job and want to leave this everlasting mark on a website that's about to launch soon.

Pic unrelated
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It's all in the shadowing. There you shall place your penis
overlay a big penis over a picture. Then, look at the objects in the photo. Can the lines already present in it be made to match the dong's outline? Do that, but only in some spots. That way it's not a dick. It's just a tribute.

File: Snapshot20091009213521.jpg (59KB, 720x544px)Image search: [Google]
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Anyone know how the grain/sketchy effect on the hand is done?
I've seen it in a lot of places but this is the only one i could think of and i have no idea where to begin on doing it.
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I'd say cut the object out and use image>adjustments>threshold, you can layer different levels of threshold for more depth. You use try using image>adjustments>posterize before hand to simplify the colors too.
One of the ways that comes to mind is: (if you're using photoshop), get a photo of a hand, turn it greyscale or use black and white filter, then use levels or curves to change the contrasts, then go to hue/saturation and check colorise in the bottom right and choose a colour
My first attempt would probably be turning it greyscale, up the contrast, then play with either threshold or posterize. It seems there might also be a slight gaussian blur on it; at that image size, can't be more than a px or two

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I've been working for Youtubers and starter t-shirt clothing companies and I wanted to know the best way to get into the real professional scene where you're not dealing with pissed off 12 year olds.
Any suggestions?
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post your work to get an idea, maybe make a portfolio (printed+pdf+web), learn web dev, get really good at one or two things, developt your own brand, also watch all the vids on this channel
Make portfolio.
Gather list of places in your area were you would like to work. If you are into diagramming, search for editorials, or production companies if you are into film. If you don-t know/care, go for advertising agencies since they are always up for fresh meat since they can pay you little and demand a lot.
Redact a simple yet attractive letter (or video or graphic or comic or whatever) that explains who you are and why you want to work there, it can be super generic but it should sound deep without turning corny nor edgy.
Mail that shit to everyone on your list.
In case it wasn't obvious beforehand, grab the local newspaper and search for job listings and mail those too.

>Let's say at this point you got a crappy entry position that will make you hate everything
You need to hang on there and make good shit
It sucks but the only real way (imo) to get better jobs in the field is by word of mouth.
>agency makes you work for a third party
>third party is happy with your work
>third party contacts you directly for the next job

So move your ass OP.

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I'm making a website and I love the minimal two column look of the NIN site. Can anon recommend a good Wordpress theme that could look similar to this?
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>download bootstrap
>make 2-column layout
>slice it up into header/footer/sidebar/etc., paste the paths into a blank wordpress file

That's like 20 minutes of work, tops, even if you don't know anything about HTML/CSS.

File: Untitled.png (97KB, 431x148px)Image search: [Google]
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Hey /gd/. I have a really simple request, that i just can't seem to get right. I need to turn this into a simple tranpsarent png, so it only says Light Bar. So i can stick it onto other things. Pls help. If anyone can spare a few minutes and knows how to remove the background, it would be greatly apprecieted.
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not gonna happen, who's gonna post emails/paypal info on 4chan? it needs to be private.

File: edgy.png (227KB, 456x330px)Image search: [Google]
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I made this oc 1~2 years ago, and only now I noticed that I made a little change on the MTV logo that only made sense in the place in which i aimed this oc for.

Is someone willing to make a better version of it? The original is the show 16 And Pregnant from MTV.
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read the rules /wsr/ for requests
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File: bX6mArt.jpg (77KB, 774x1032px)Image search: [Google]
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can someone photoshop the taj mahal between my fingers please?
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File: bX6mArt2.png (909KB, 774x1032px)Image search: [Google]
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File: 1501505170701.jpg (272KB, 774x1032px)Image search: [Google]
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I was recently introduced to adobe animate cc this year and have grown pretty fond of it. Anyone know if It's a valued skill in the industry? Mainly curious about web related animations
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File: kek_003.png (133KB, 777x777px)Image search: [Google]
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depends on the output module used. .swf is dead so ignore that. If you really want to leverage Animate, learn javascript, and output to html5. Animate is an exceedingly powerful tool if you can put in the real time needed to learn how to use it. No joke. It's not just for animation - you can create very complex interactive applications with it. Like anything else though, it's a tool and you should have mastery of as many tools as possible if you really want to make a few waves. good luck anon
If you want to do animation for webdesign purpose, just learn Js and Jquery : don't use this kind of software that just mess up the code
File: anim.webm (2MB, 1800x1080px)Image search: [Google]
2MB, 1800x1080px
not OP but I used to do frame by frame animation in flash and I see the demand still up since it's more skill than mastery of a tool

but now swf is gone, I have no idea how they are gonna implement framebyframe anims digitally.

pic related

I'm gonna enter a trade school to learn technology of comunications (basically graphic design) in one year (six month theory, six month practice).

Will get paid barelly above minimal wage, but I'm sick of being an useless NEET.

I simply want a job doing autocad shit, but I need a piece of paper.

pls redpill me on this.
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>I'm sick of being an useless NEET
that's the attitude!
we all have access to the tools and resources as well as documentation on how to use them.
the only thing that sets apart success and failure is your attitude towards it

a paper helps a ton but what really matters is a solid reel/portfolio.
work on getting that paper and try building said reel/portfolio while doing so
technical drawers and autocadfags job postings are always up (at least in my country)

>technology of comunications (basically graphic design)
prolly not quite the same but related.
guess you will have visual perception theory such as gestalt and that sort of things which is neat

>pls redpill me on this
there's no pill for this specifically
same redpill as life itself
get excited and do shit because you want to do it
that's how good shit is made.
suddenly you have a ton of good shit you made on your own that looks really good
it feels good
and if it's indeed good, things should snowball from there.
no redpill, no secret sauce, just some good old fashioned passion (and I'm not talking /gd/ passion cause that's autistic as fuck, I'm talking about doing things just because you can, DIY and shit)
just be you, and try to be the you you want to be, not the one you are (without pose)


Hi /gd/. I make abstract art. Could I get some creative criticism, please?
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File: strange_format.jpg (39KB, 768x576px)Image search: [Google]
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I figured /gd/ could help me out with this rather strange quest...

Pic related shows a laminated piece of paper. Picture was taken in Japan.
I guess Japan got there own formats? At least it's a standard Japanese format, judging by the rounded corners meaning that it was specifically laminated at this size and not cut afterwards.
Can anybody find the exact dimensions (preferably in mm or cm) out ??

Thanks in advance!
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>Can anybody find the exact dimensions
no but you can figure out the ratio by dividing x/y
there are enough different options for what it is that no one can tell you. even in terms of it definitely being a standard which is not as likely as you think, it could be a photo, postcard, or x6/x7 variant.
Check this site: http://www.papersizes.org/japanese-sizes.htm

But it looks like B6 (JIS).

File: mailbird.png (106KB, 2156x1366px)Image search: [Google]
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Should I use Mailbird
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File: Nylas.png (182KB, 2158x1339px)Image search: [Google]
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Or should I use Nylas?
>not using Mail for Windows 10
>not routing all your mail through throwaway Hotmail accounts that you only access on a VM, through a VPN

File: IMG_9352.jpg (286KB, 2048x1068px)Image search: [Google]
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Hi good Anons of this board. i was just wondering if you can help me find the Font used in this poster (the jackman part). Thanks...:)
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hello mate

a) please do this in the /fst/ next time
b) it's hand-done, not a font.

It's Showcard Gothic

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