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File: 333 header smashcast.png (41KB, 800x595px)Image search: [Google]
333 header smashcast.png
41KB, 800x595px
>What is this?
There's a tournament called the 4CC (Four Chan Cup, other variations of the name are spamfiltered so watch out), which has AI versions of each 4chan board compete in simulated football (soccer) matches. The teams themselves are representations of each individual board's culture. /gd/ is one of the teams competing in it.

/gd/ is one of the boards renown for having a small, but loyal following. We already have a few posters over at the /vg/ thread, however we always try to keep the actual board informed and involved, as well as alert any new people to the concept of the cup, cause it's just fun times and they might like it.

>I'm not interested / fuck off with this thread / this isn't /gd/ / etc
If you're not interested, that's perfectly fine. The cup itself isn't a real e-sports event and is just something done between friends that people can be a part of. Threads on /gd/ related to the cup will always be called "#333 thread" in that exact spelling fashion, so just add that to your spam filter and they'll never show up again.

>I'm interested
Links to the channel where the games are streamed live is in the OP image along with the dates for the games which you can find in the link below:

>Recent events
/gd/ finish Winter once again at 6th place, tying their previous record of the Winter before.
Summer begins Friday 28th July, with /gd/'s first match being starting on the 29th, looking to finally make this the cup where they get past that Quarter-Final stage that haunts them so much.
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We're also looking for a new manager to step up after this cup, either to assist or complete replace our current one.
Help will be provided to anyone interested, requirements are obviously to be a /gd/ browser and owning a PC able to run PES or it's Editors.
If you are interested, hit up the current manager on Skype: basedsmugleaf or Discord: Smuggles#1197

/gd/'s first match is against /g/ and starts in about 3 hours, here's to a good cup campaign this season!
File: 4ccwordartlogo.png (4MB, 5363x3904px)Image search: [Google]
4MB, 5363x3904px
Here's your (you)

As I said before I'm kinda interested in it, but until the PES 18 system requirements drop I'm gonna say I probably can't run it.

Also there may/hopefully be someone more invested in /gd/ around, of which I only occasionally check (it's /gd/).

Ironically if /gd/ gets regulated I could be pretty confident in doing it since I know I can run 17 in the fall. That said don't TRY to get regulated!
Normally I make these threads a week in advance because the board is slow damn slow, so I wouldn't be surprised if not a lot of people turn up today but whatever, the offer is still at the top of the thread for any latecomers

And yeah, I'll wait until the end of the cup to see if there are any more responses, it's not like there's only one position up for grabs anyway, hell the whole board could manage if they wanted to heh

File: JOKE.jpg (415KB, 1000x1000px)Image search: [Google]
415KB, 1000x1000px
I made this flyer to put under the order screen. I've been laughing my ass off at the confused employees who keep wondering why they are getting asked for SzeSchan sauce.
Feel free to redistribute.
I'm not responsible for any damages.
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it looks like shit
If you only look at it for a glance then you might think it was real but its too cluttered to get the information that quickly. I'd go way more minimal if you're wanting to improve it. Find sole random McDonalds flyer/poster and copy the style/arrangement.
this is good advice.

everything is a cluster fuck and once you start looking at it, its just more and more obvious

Do you all actually do all this shit when designing a logo?
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Sometimes, when it comes to just making logos constructed entirely out of simple shapes (that I could just use the shape tool, pathfinder, trim, etc.) I do have to take a mathematical approach, ensuring the dimensions are correct.
when you're first making it it's not like you're calculating all that shit

when you arrive at the look you want, that's when you make sure you were taking note of all that shit because it needs to be reproducible to perfection by anyone who needs to make use of the logo in any other fucked up format you may not have thought of

File: 1499465159784.jpg (124KB, 750x926px)Image search: [Google]
124KB, 750x926px
How many of you could even create anything decent without computers and adobe?
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Implying you created something decent? Show pix.
sometimes when I take a giant shit, it looks like modern art, so yeah I could.
File: Atlanta.jpg (29KB, 363x236px)Image search: [Google]
29KB, 363x236px
i can create with pen and paper , what is ur problem pajeet

File: Zman.jpg (4MB, 3000x3000px)Image search: [Google]
4MB, 3000x3000px
Enjoy my latest piece.
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No one can enjoy this garbage.
This new age design crap needs to leave this board immediately.
Why don't you show us some of your work then?
Maybe different proportions of elements. Different styles applied here. I'm a fan of japanese fonts. Some weird saying about death that triggers issues in my brain. Hebrew font at top, and beneath three letter in nice style. Some textured colored planets as big element. Some vector elements at bottom. All in space. I'd rate it as a try. Good try, work some more on it, with proportions.
Anyways that's my opinion. Show us more work.

File: colors.png (3KB, 900x600px)Image search: [Google]
3KB, 900x600px
How can I create a good color scheme?
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I see what you're doing there, bro.

a simple option is to pull the immediate left and right analogs for your main colour's compliment.
For example, Green with Red-Orange and Red-Violet.
It looks neat desu. Are those Pantone colours?
I would personally remove the 2 colours on the left since they look little muddy, those three colours on the right I like a lot.
People can have different tastes for color. There is no wrong way to fantasize.

Need to make a circle with exactly 88 dots, all same size.

How do this? (preferably in Illustrator)
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File: dots.jpg (223KB, 1366x716px)Image search: [Google]
223KB, 1366x716px
seems pretty easy to make on c4d -pic related took me a couple of mins, if you want that variation like a spiral just set the cloner to random or play with the offset value

here's the c4d file, after rendering the scene just bring it to illustrator and use image trace tool.

The circles on the outside are cutoff, sadly

Need the dots to be all same size and distance, like pic related

The biggest problem is how to get exactly 88 dots in the circle, while fitting perfectly
Appearance panel my man

File: 38a.jpg (44KB, 398x500px)Image search: [Google]
44KB, 398x500px
>Was always told I would have to take drawing and VCD classes to be a graphic designer
>Take none through HS and uni, just focus on mixed media
>Now have a 110K start job at a fortune 500 company
When did you realize drawing is a complete meme and isn't needed in design at all?
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As long as you can express your ideas somewhat coherently through sketches you're fine.

Sometimes when I'm working on logos I wish I could draw better, or create nice hand-lettering. There's lots of areas of design that don't require drawing but there are definitely a few that can benefit from it, but it's not like you'll be at a severe disadvantage if you can only do basic sketches. You just have to choose your areas of focus around your strengths.
You know I planned this to just be a shitposting thread but that's honestly a very heartening and well meaning response.

And I completely agree with you. I can create layouts, animations, banners but there's always been a few things I've been not so great at namely 'handmade' stuff. Creating a logo from fonts in illustrator is one thing but I've always wanted to be able to do it freeform as if it was a sketch on paper. I can definitely see there's holes in my skillset and I hope I can fill them one day.
muh nigga. Giving me hope. Suck at drawing, good at Graphic Design.

File: 1498161668712.jpg (106KB, 958x960px)Image search: [Google]
106KB, 958x960px
Is there a certain technique to making logos? Any books you recommend? Saul Bass was pretty damn impressive, I wonder how he was able to make so many great logos. I'm sure it is lots of trial and error, but idk where to even begin.
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It takes no skill whatsoever. Literally anyone can do it. You can learn how to make logos in 5 minutes. Graphic design in general is a joke desu.
try reading logo design love by david airey
Some logos do seem really simple to make, though you can only get lucky so many times
damn I can only find parts of the book for free online

File: Buddhabrot.png (1MB, 1200x1600px)Image search: [Google]
1MB, 1200x1600px
Soon after starting working in the field I got to a point, where I just ran out of ideas.
I was questioning if I should even be in such a position since I don't seem to actually be that creative.
Then I decided to try psychedelic drugs to get inspiration. Now I did enjoy it a lot and it actually helped me to get ideas.
Now I've gotten to the point where I do this every two weeks (when the tolerance is gone) and it's literally the only way where I get any creative input.
Anyone of you had similar experience?
Is there a way for me to break out of that cycle and not be dependent on getting high?
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Fuck off, junkie piece of shit.
File: honkohonko.gif (5MB, 540x540px)Image search: [Google]
5MB, 540x540px

Oh! Nice question here.

There's so many approaches to drugs and creativity as a whole. When you're brainstorming you couldn't be under psychedelics but maybe on some methylphenidate (small doses). When you are drawing/sketching or doing artsy stuff you could smoke weed/pot or doing psychs and shrooms. When you're dealing with other persons well, coke is your thing because you could sell ice cubes to the eskimos...

Buuuut thing is: first you've to feed your head. Read history books, philosophy books, literature, geography, arts, science, whatever. Learn how to approach every kind of topic differently and objectively.

I suggest you to read De Bono's "Lateral Thinking" and give the "Oblique Strategies" a go.

Drugs are nothing more than an "addon", they show you nothing you couldn't achieve by training your critical thinking in solving visual/communication problems, or designing.

Never take drugs to find relief, inspiration or a way out to any sort of problem.

A way to break out of that cycle? Commitment to design/what you love, without losing faith if you don't cut to the chase. Team up with someone, look for some design collective in your region, set objectives which are precise in what you want and you DON'T want to do.

Time flies.

Hey kiddo! I've heard your mom call you from downstairs.
i think i get ideas while im on acid but desu ive never been in a position where i could actually write those ideas down or anything and by the time the trip wore off i had already forgotten them.

to answer your question, yes op there is a way its called stop being a pussy druggie and do your shit without a crutch. no one is not creative, creativity is a muscle the more you use it the better it gets. read about design and spend time looking at different designers their work and their philosophy if applicable. then copy their shit like 20 times. then do that 20 times more for each work. then you'll start to get good without having to resort to drugs

File: frog.jpg (287KB, 1092x1037px)Image search: [Google]
287KB, 1092x1037px
I need this pic shaded to look higher quality. My email is

[email protected]

I don't know 1 thing about art, I'm not sure how to describe what I want besides making it look "better" giving it more "depth" I guess is how to describe it.

email me if you're interested I'll pay through paypal after the work is completed.
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go to /wsr/ theyll do it for free
remember when 4chan would get their tizzies in a fuss if anyone tried to profit off memes. hope you die fag boy
Le based kekistani XD.

Anyone here do sprite work?

What resources would you recommend for getting into it?
When I look at sprites for games they're usually pretty daunting. Hard for me to wrap my head around how they went from a basic idea to placing individual pixels.
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File: tamaños.gif (100KB, 1024x576px)Image search: [Google]
100KB, 1024x576px
Theory-wise: no idea but I'm interested
I've made some blocky sprites for games before and found it really fun and intuitive.
You can configure Ps for it but I really like working in Allegro (it even has the same keyboard shortcuts)
If you don't want to download shit, ROTMG's draw tool is fun and browser-based
File: nEbB4Ew.gif (20KB, 154x202px)Image search: [Google]
20KB, 154x202px
You just have to start doing it.

Start with paint.net.
It's not tailored to pixel art, but it's versatile
There are some popular pixel art programs like Pyxel or Aseprite, and they have their place for sure, Pyxel for tile sets and Aesprite (or Graphicsgale if you want to pay for a clunky UI with ALL the features) for animation.

Block out the shapes of your character and start to apply lighting, then read tutorials on cleaning up the pixels and shading techniques, etc.

Use layer, like any other art.

Animation, like any other art form will eat hours of your life at a time, so take that for what it is.
File: asep.gif (570KB, 670x551px)Image search: [Google]
570KB, 670x551px

File: rvrvrvre.png (140KB, 1000x1500px)Image search: [Google]
140KB, 1000x1500px
I'm working on this for a client, what do you think?

Post inspo and your work
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also, contrast is too low, will probably not be noticeable on print. do something nice with variable intensity where a lot of points are together
Printshop guy here- absolutely spot-on. It'd look like garbage. But a fun remedy, if you're fine spending a little extra for offset plate (versus digital), would be glossy spot varnish...
Each dot glossed up. Catches the light, would be eye catching, even if you don't up the contrasts appropriately.

I am trying to set a new world record for "The most number of manipulated versions of a single photograph".

I already collected around a thousand examples but now i'm out of ideas. I would appreciate some creativity from you guys.
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File: 다운로드.jpg (5KB, 203x248px)Image search: [Google]
5KB, 203x248px
example 2
File: IMG_5112.jpg (1MB, 4140x4960px)Image search: [Google]
1MB, 4140x4960px

File: 8369055858_b38aa7068a_b.jpg (521KB, 1024x640px)Image search: [Google]
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How does /gd feel about Shepard Fairey?
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dont come here very often but I really liked the new shirt designs that came out recently. Like the one you've pictured.
In 2006ish, my screen printing class in college professor was able to wrangle him in for a talk.

He was interesting (I didn't know who he was at the time), but the funniest moment in his presentation was "I've already done everything you can do with screen printing, so don't even bother." (slight paraphrase)

Really pissed off the TA, who was/is still actively trying to be the next Shepard.
File: Shepard_Fairey-Black-Sabbath.jpg (635KB, 1044x1386px)Image search: [Google]
635KB, 1044x1386px
his style is interesting and enjoyable but a little more /ic/ related i think,

also did you watch the movie exit through the gift shop? he appears a lot on that one.

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