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Is Digital Media Arts College in Boca Raton Fl a good college?
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>pic related is a 2014 student project in their gallery

lmao stay the fuck away
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pretty amazing how these kinds of fake 'design' schools can prosper completely unchecked just on the fact that there's no non-profit institute to say "teaching kids to use the adobe suite does not qualify as a design education".
It's no wonder that the graphic design industry is a mess when there's some hundred of colleges like that handing out BFAs across the US. It's also no wonder why people on this board and outside claim "art school is a waste of time" when this is what passes as one.
To add a nail in the coffin, this school's accreditation is no longer recognized by the US Education Dept because they helped too many scam schools. This tells you all you need to know.

(these things cost a shiton of money so if I can help someone save theirs it's really worth it)

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Can anyone share ideas on what they'd do if they were assigned to make a zombie rock poster? like zombies playing guitar or whatever
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everyone should stop the awkward 'lets relate 50s hollywood monsters craze with rock music'. I mean, I`ve seen the concept of using zombies, aliens, godzilla shooting lazers out of the eyes so many times so its now a lame meme.
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>it's a meme
True, but punk is kind of a meme itself.
And photocopied zines made out of other photocopies being photocopied and mailed overseas was like old-school memeing.

>zombie rock
The cramps set the canon here, mostly because they sound just as if it was sounding at a zombie swamp party with ugly caribbean decorations and hula-hoops.
First, push play
Then google their posters
Then google b-movie zombie posters
That should help spark an idea
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Zombie Liquorice-guts.jpg
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probably an illustration like pic related but with a graveyard for background, it seems hard but with a tablet and some reference pics it shouldn't be that hard, plus is only the half as you can duplicate one half in the other side.

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Can you please make a simple graphic with an R in it like this what I posted? It can be colored
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lol dont pay >>316481 no mind, OP.

here you go. graphic design is my passion.

happy to be of service. enjoy your free R.

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lcd american dream cover.jpg
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Is this shit?
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This is boring and don't fit the band. DAMN at least tried something, I don't really know what were they thinking

Would using mspaint to make parody flags and shiposts be considered graphic design, or is there a board dedicated to that sort of thing?
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>or is there a board dedicated to that sort of thing?

Not really, but for your political shitposting needs there's always >>>/v/
If you actually focus on the design itself
yes, it's relevant to /gd/ regardless of what software you use
however, you are posting some copy/paste shit that isn't even centered and just leaving it there
/gd/ is for talking about design, asking advice and helping each other out and you are doing neither.
if you wanna go
>hey i did some dope flags, wanna see them?
we have a general /critique/ >>>315809
but put some fucking love in what you make and don't just shitpost our board

remember this is a blue board so don't go full /pol/ because we aren't up for fascist shit
most of us are oldfags and have seen /pol/ change through the years (you might be a refugee from /int/ but the point still applies)
i will greentext it since it seems to be the language of your people
>/pol/ was about triggering people
>it was amazing at it and many lulz were had
>kind of like oldschool /b/ with people organizing through irc
>then came the newfags
>instead of playing along, they fell for it
>thinking they are redpilled and just consuming propaganda without even questioning the propaganda itself

>inb4 being this triggered

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I've just discovered about Photoshop actions section and it has allowed me to do cool shit without putting much effort in.

Do you guys have any secret and quality actions? Would prefer if it isn't the usual shitty image filters.
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"psdkeys OR graphicex" actions
whats the action for the pic related OP?
I went on a three week downloading spree when I first found psdkeys.

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Can someone tell me if my system is possibly bottlenecking somewhere?

I am making a small 5 seconds animation using lots of 3D layers, lighting and animation in After Effects.
Pic related is a screenshot. All the people in the buildings have precomposed animations, the flames are precomposed aswell, yet when I render the whole scene it shows 5 hours of estimated rendertime? I work with AE a lot and expected this to take some time, but 5 hours seems excessive to me. Could someone who maybe works with after effects aswell give me his opinion?
My CPU and GPU aren't that bad either (i5-3750k and GTX 1070).
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Aw shit I didn't mean precomposed I meant prerendert.
those are a lot of 3dlayers so it's not surprising it takes a long time.
what format have you prerendered the animations? Quicktime based formats (such as h264) take some effort if you are on windows (since you have to run everything through qtserver before actually being able to work with it).
What about render settings? Do you have all ram allocated to it?
Try rendering with mercury playback only (might seem counter intuitive to take the gpu out but usually solves a lot of problems).
Make sure your "windows" renders don't interact with lights, you will keep the shadows as long as the backgrounds accept lights and is a lot less to calculate.

Good luck OP, that looks really nice

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Second Draft Relay Sketch.jpg
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This girl from work found out I am going to school for Graphic Comm. asked me to design a logo for her relay mom's team, in this relay for life to promote cancer awareness, didn't charge her anything. what do you think of it? (original sketch scanned and traced in photoshop, her mom wanted a group of five people standing together, with a "70's gang theme" everyone wearing leather jackets or mini skirts, 3 guys, 2 women, cartoonish style, and i don't draw cartoons often)
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File: Relay BG01.jpg (1MB, 2200x1700px)Image search: [Google]
Relay BG01.jpg
1MB, 2200x1700px
I have Adobe illustrator CS6, I have only used it a few times for a type communications class I took last semester. The team captain (her mom) wanted five cartoon people, and not a more modern logo.

I do not see a connection either between the five people and cancer awareness other then the one bald guy (who was requested by the team captain.)

Thank you for the text suggestion, am going to read. Also I know... it looks like shit... but after spending hours at school trying to use the waacom touch pads, I ended up tracing my original image with a mouse in photoshop.
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preston blair.jpg
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>that's not a logo
praise him

praise bob
not dubs but dobbs
>he speaks the truth
>don't fall for pink-boy's opinions
I salute you fellow subgenius

OP, your main problem is that you are trying to build the whole thing around a kickass illustration that you can't draw in the first place.
If you want to pursue this route:
>Draw it on paper with a pencil
>Start with basic shapes (pickindofrelated) and make it so all characters frame everything nicely in a nice composition
>Google images of people in those kind of poses and draw over those basic shapes/stick figures
>erase and redraw as much as needed with no fear of messing up
>At this point you should have a bloody mess of lines everywhere, for the head, you have 6 different circles and so on...
>Grab a black thin sharpie (or something to that effect) and trace over the good lines
>Erase all pencil lines
>Scan it
>paint it on Ps or run it through VectorMagic and color it in Ai

Still not a logo

Does anyone know any good free stock image websites? I've been having trouble finding one.
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which are you?
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lmao at GA.
The virgin minus mock cover letters.
Isn't that what you're supposed to do.........

oh god, this is every design school ever

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Is blue the only entrepreneurial color?
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No but it's the only color you'll see male dominated industries choose because muh masculinity.

Blue was always a color of "competence" and "professionalism". For my taste all these meanings for colors feel often just tacky.

hi guys

do any of you know what font this is?

really appreciate it
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Timm Henger-3.jpg
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not op but i got a dumb question i couldn't find an answer on google.

should i make the favicon backgrounds transparent?
yeah, favicons have transparent backgrounds, you can test your icon by sticking a <link> to it in a dummy html page and checking how it looks in your browser

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Proudly made in ms paint
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Good Job
File: shrik.gif (6MB, 500x500px)Image search: [Google]
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nice work OP

File: sox.png (19KB, 500x500px)Image search: [Google]
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some make me a logo with the sox logo with xxxtaknation it
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with xxxtaknation on it
no put xtn
go fuck yourself

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Since there was no luck on /ic/ I think this will be an appropirate board.
So I've bee looking at blotter art. Upon closer inspection I think there were two main processes of producing it:
flexography and something like linocut.
Does anyone know about some history how it was printed in the beginning? Somehow those blotter designs look really cool to me, some of those graphics encompass a lot of creativity, yet being quite simple. Maybe someone know stories about people who done this? Who were they - artists? Art students? People whose hobby was art? Really fascinating stuff, because at the time there were no computers to be used for graphical design.
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hey dude, so like, you know, bump, maaan...
last bmop

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