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sorry the image is a little suss but does anyone have any idea what typeface this is? many thanks.
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How do you get this kind of look in pictures and videos too
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Screenshot the screenshot 100 times
This plus applying different filters and sharpening/contrast
Just save the image as a jpeg in photoshop and lower the quality setting.

anyone makes custom streamoverlays for twitch ?
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I'll make one for you. $200.
that's nothing, contact details ?
[email protected]

do you think memes have affected graphic design outputs in the last decade or the way gd is perceived or done?
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Hello there.
I create my own t-shirts, that are unique.
Nothing really special, just my own stuff.

I really want a Deus Vult t-shirt which is not so political, but to the right person, will understand the significant.

I googled images and most are /pol/ images.
Anyone have something unique and cool looking?
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No. Would you like me to try something? I am by no means a craftsman, but would like something to work on in free time, short term.
Love it you could
lol if you think this will let you lowkey signal your nazi ass to other nazis. 10 year olds know who fuckin Pepe is, you retard. /pol/ and all its memes are mainstream.

Props tho for basically admitting that any "art" to come out of /pol/ is the oppositie of "unique and cool looking". For all their shallow admiration of Roman sculpture, they couldn't create anything of worth to save their sad incel lives.

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Any tips on improving my skills would be greatly appreciated. Obviously I'm a complete n00b!

background: Someone asked to "remove her top" so I thought I'd see what I could do.
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use the pen tool for creating selections that are more complex than just basic shapes. you can outline more complex objects using the pen tool then right click on the path and convert the shape to a selection and from there you can have more accuracy in masking out backgrounds.
Goddamn OP I'd like to remove her top too
>remove her top
i don't think that's what they meant OP...

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What is it? I've been looking for a resource/reference book on type, as well as something a bit more introductory that serves as an educated crash course
It's a huge analysis and reference on anatomy of letters, the most famous typefaces, etc.. Also a bit of history if I remember well. Great resource to choose and compare typefaces or for type design. Basically, its a type encyclopaedia.
thanks for the sharing

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Vaporwave Ocean1.png
3MB, 2000x2000px
I usually work with realistic materials and compositions, but I decided to try something more "graphic design"ish. Thoughts/improvements?
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looks bad desu sage
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>shitposting on the slowest board on 4chan
Too blurry.

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you guys need a refreshment
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Damn, Mike, thanks for the pep-talk. Who knew that if I'll repeat "Pay me!" to my clients, they're going to obey me instantly. I've never thought of that before. Throw an insult there just to seem brutal too. Now all my problems are fixed. You're such a wise person, how can I repay you for your knowledge?
seriously though how are we going to realistically have a lawyer on tap like that?

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Hey /gd/, how much would it cost to commission a nice, google-quality banner image for a website? I'm thinking something like pic related.
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I could do it for $120.
I would find a professional on Dribbble and ask them for a quote. I imagine it would be at least $200

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Post your favorites
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Foetus - Hole.jpg
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Hi, anyone knows the Name of this Font? Thx in advance :)
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Hello I'm a student working for design research in Japan and I would like to ask you some questions.




1.So, this is a manhole cover but imagine that it is a portal or door that brings you somewhere.

2.Where would it be?

3.Who is behind it?

4.How does it look like?

5.Would it be pleasant?

6.Please tell me everything in details using your imagination to create a story.

1.Now, imagine that it hides your biggest fear or a nightmare. Please describe the atmosphere, and what is in there.

Thanks in advance!
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Saved, will respond when I get home
I imagine it going to a locker room where there is two strong men, they are obviously fit and one is standing one is sitting. One of them is wearing a tank top and sweats and he is looking at the other one oddly because the other one is wearing a quite unusual leather strap with studs on it. He tells I don't know if it's me or hes talking to the other man but someone got the wrong door leather store is a few blocks down
1. the sky
2. unknown
3. nobody at first
4. blue and sunny with fluffy clouds
5. you need a parachute to jump in, float down and there is a world like this one, but untouched by human greed
6. there are people but they are happy and have family and are doing what they love. there is food and nature and activities.

this universe, this planet, nothing changed.

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Hi guys!
/mu/ freak over here.

Need some help, figured you are the perfect humans for this.

I need to know what font is this (pic related)

I would be grateful
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Bondoni MT Condensed

not quite bolded but it's streched a bit.
Ambroise François Bold.
Beat me to it

Bondoni MT Condensed

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