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This may sound stupid but it's actually a good tip.
If you search for my name in google the first result is a cringy as fuck picture from a geocities site about the metal band I had when I was 16 with corpse paint and shit.
I've had employers tell me how much they laughed while googling me
>googling my name returns exactly zero results related to me
feels good mane

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Can anyone give me advice for starting to do some freelance graphic design? I started teaching myself graphic design over 10 years ago at a young age for fun. Fast forward I worked at my community college for 3-4 years doing the graphic design for posters/handouts for various events and clubs. I've designed everything for a small record label I manage as well for the past 4 years as well, my logo, website, some of the CDs minus the cover art, ads, merch, ect. Long story short I have experience to do flyers/posters/merch and now that I don't have my job at the community college (because I'm transferring) I want to expand on graphic design on the side, design some things for local businesses, help musicians with logos/merch/art/ect even if they aren't releasing under my label and are from a totally separate genre. My experience is in Illustrator and Gimp (I can do photoshop, but I prefer gimp and illustrator instead honestly because gimp feels better for the image editing aspect, and illustrator just allows me to save things as svgs and pdfs not constraining me to one resolution) As far as how I learned everything, I don't have a degree in gd because I'm majoring in business management, I self taught myself everything pretty much, I've taken a few gd classes at my college, but breezed through them because I taught myself so much through my job and whatnot.

How do I get my feet wet in freelance stuff? My thought was ask a customer what they want, show them 2-4 different versions of what they asked for under the conditions that they can't use any of it until paid, and then charge them after they choose what they liked in auditioned to any final edits if they wanted any.

This is my most recent flyer for my label, it's a black/doom metal label so the idea was to be simple and to the point like most of the ads I see in my mags and at shows, nothing groovy like in the hiphop scene.
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What does /gd/ think of the package?
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australian marlboro menthol.jpg
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This is how the package looks in Australia.
This is just one example the image and text are randomised.
God damn.
That's creepy as fuck, if I lived in Australia I probably would quit smoking just to not have ugly as images like that.
thats the point

ur a fag

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Which distribution has the best logo?

No need to say the worst, we know it's gentoo
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I'm a sucker for slackware. I don't know if it's that 90's hacker vibe or that I really like the name (thanks church of the subgenius).
Arch looks really neat on teminal

>No need to say the worst, we know it's gentoo
idk man, kali is pretty cringey

>elementary logo and general branding is stylish in kind of a numale hipster way
maybe because elementary is pretty much mac?
They're all shit.
Debian by far. It's not the greatest logo I've seen, at all, but it's the most memorable of the Linux distros.

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>Old threads
Also try looking in the two archives that index /gd/

>Specimen generator: https://github.com/nilesr/font-specimen-generator

Previous Proper Thread

Previous Temp Thread
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Requesting Modesto collection of fonts. Not paying for them just for my own use...
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What is that font?
Shitpost Sans.

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My first designed diploma, what do you think?
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this is so nostalgic. That rose with the dew drops... the flares... thank you OP. This really brings me back.
Jesus fuck. Get this clipart abortion out of my eyes.

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I need some system recommendation because Corel Draw lags too much on my laptop. Is it because I am doing my work on laptop?
Anyway I am planning on built my own system so I that I could perform my work without wasting any time. What kind of system would you suggest if one intends to use PS and Corel? Moreover it'd be great if I could save my money on expensive stuff.
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just get an iMac if you don't game

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What's a good site to take online orders for graphic design stuff and get paid for? Looking to keep myself busy before school and earn some dosh
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if you dont have standards, go on fiverr
guys where i go to uni they've given us access to the full adobe suit

anyone want the full programes mail me [email protected]

Democrats are looking for a new slogan for their 2018 elections - What would you say is their parties message?
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Kind of long, if you had just said Blacked it would've been better

any actual answers?
What Emails?
Do as I say and not as I do

Hey guys, I have an e-comm site where I sell book quote posters (pic related), and a decent amount of people have requested t-shirts. I honestly don't think the poster designs would look great on t-shirts, but I have Amazon Merch, so it's easy enough to throw them up there.

Anyway I am looking for input on what I should do with my poster images wrt the white border that surrounds the poster. I am sure some of you guys have worked with t-shirts, so you'll probably know what looks best.

Here are options I'm thinking about.

1) Leave the white border as is
2) Leave some of the white border (make it smaller)
3) Eliminate white border
4) Any of the above with slightly rounded edges. I feel like rounded edges might be nice. Somehow the right angles don't feel right on a t-shirt.

What makes this all a little more complicated is that the color of the t-shirt influences which option looks best. A very dark design on a black shirt might look better with some white border for separation.

I'm gonna post 6 options. I have my favorite, but I don't want to influence you guys. if you could take a second to look and tell me what you think is best, I would appreciate it.
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File: 1.png (421KB, 1174x1158px)Image search: [Google]
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option 1/6. left as is.
File: 2.png (422KB, 1186x1152px)Image search: [Google]
422KB, 1186x1152px
option 2/6. full border but with rounded edges.
File: 3.png (422KB, 1182x1164px)Image search: [Google]
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option 3/6. smaller white border

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I made this poster several week ago (for a speech) using MS Publisher, and it's look nice, simple and useful. I want to go up with but I don't know where to start, and what Software to use. I make poster in Arabic language most of time.
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Please Help!
Hi, I'm a designer and studied in a school, if that is something you can't or don't want to do my recommendation to you is to learn GIMP and Inkscape, (basically free photoshop, for poster work) instead of pirating software, I assure you that those two will be sufficient,
look for youtube tutorials and try to improve and maybe new techniches from time to time.
Good luck!
Thank you!!!

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Sin título9.jpg
761KB, 1184x720px
What do u think?
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No replies in the DB for this post!

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Hi all. I used photoshop on my Mac but have recently gone to an ipad. I want a powerful photoeditor like photoshop but have found photoshop touch discountinued by adobe. They have seperate apps buts thats very inconvenient as you have to edit each component in a different app and then combine them. Is there an alternative thats all in one that you like?ive read about pixlmator but all the reviews say its not as powerful nor as many tools as photoshop touch. Anyway to dl photoshop touch that works? Im on ios 10.3
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Affinity Photo
Described by some as close to the desktop version of PS, without the subscription fee.
Excellent, TY

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Hello /gd/. I'm doing a homework for marketing and the teacher told us to make a logo for a fictional company. Mine is of home products, so I made this bird close to his nest resembling the home and shit. What font would look good in it?
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Actually your design makes me think of Nestle so I can only think of the Nestle font.
Wow you're right, it does look like Nestle. I better change it then
What about this?


The bird makes me think it fits... And it's a free font. But your logo is very solid and bold so maybe this one can work:


What's the best place to start learning calligraphy/hand lettering, /gd/? I would love to be able to actually draw out logos etc without having to use fonts all the time.

Any advice, websites, pdfs/books, youtube channels welcome.
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File: ChiCqloWIAAy8zx.jpg (92KB, 600x600px)Image search: [Google]
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there's a course i followed not long ago called skillshare typographic logos, it has some great tips for the process of hand-lettering logos but it doesn't teach anything about typography/calligraphy foundations for that i would suggest maybe try some books instead as there's tons of things to learn.

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