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Do you prefer sans-serif or serif fonts? Why?
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Do you prefer pens or pencils OP?
>Do you prefer pens or pencils OP?

^ This, I like both as well
It depends.

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romanian draco.jpg
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Hey /gd/ i need buisness cards and im not very familiar with the programs needed to design one, anyone wanna design my cards? it has to contain pic related and im gonna use vista print to make it metalic and shiny
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lupul dacic.png
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or pic related
budget? otherwise >>>/wsr/
When will people fucking learn or read the sticky or not be cunts jesus fucking help me anons.

File: Shitty render settings.png (486KB, 926x523px)Image search: [Google]
Shitty render settings.png
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Alright, guys, I'm a little stumped here. I've used the exact render settings that a lot of different sites claim are the best, but no matter what I do, I can't seem to get (mostly) flawless Youtube videos. So I've come here to ask you guys for some help understanding render settings directly. I need to know the best settings for rendering 1080p 60 fps / 1080p 30 fps videos on Youtube. I see videos with nearly flawless quality on Youtube all the time.

>Does the length of the video affect the optimal settings?
>Is the filesize of a video that looks crisp and clean (after uploaded to Youtube) generally enormous?
>Is H.264 a no-go?
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Ask gentoo
I'd rather just ask you guys.
That's not how you use meme pointers you fucking retard.

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I'm going to follow their Motion Design curriculum as a self study experiment.
Will I get guud? Anyone ever done this? Who's an alumni?
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Don't do it unless you have money to burn and/or plan on moving to someplace in California, NYC, etc.

The curriculum and teachers are great, but the price is ridiculous.
misread your post...

yeah, you should learn quite a bit by following along.
SCAD might be better.
B.F.A. in motion media design

Foundation studies: 35 hours

DRAW 100 Drawing I: Form and Space
DRAW 101 Drawing II: Composition and Media
DSGN 100 Design I: Elements and Organization
DSGN 101 Color: Theory and Application
DSGN 102 Design II: 3-D Form in Space
— Studio elective
— Studio elective
General education: 65 hours

ARTH 100 Survey of Western Art I
ARTH 110 Survey of Western Art II
ARTH 207 20th-century Art
CMPA 110 Advanced Survey of Computer Art Applications
COMM 105 Speaking of Ideas
ENGL 123 Composition
LIBA 288 Media Literacy Theory
— ARLH or ARTH elective
— ARLH or ARTH elective
— ENGL elective
— General education elective*
— Mathematics/natural sciences elective*
— Social/behavioral sciences elective*
Major curriculum: 70 hours

CLC 580 Collaboration†
GRDS 205 Typography I: Anatomy, Form and Space
MOME 115 Survey of Motion Media Design
MOME 120 Concepts and Storyboards
MOME 130 Motion Media Design Techniques I
MOME 206 Motion Media Design Techniques II
MOME 309 Concepts in Motion Media Design
MOME 369 Time-based Typography I
MOME 390 Motion Media Design Professional Development
MOME 400 Senior Motion Media Design Project I
MOME 408 Multiplatform Media Brand Packaging
MOME 448 Senior Motion Media Design Project II
Additional electives: 10 hours

— Free elective
— Free elective
Total course of study: 180 hours

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New logo thread, the old one is a month old and is going almost a day between posts.

Anyone else conceptualizing for 2017? - Don't be shy- post stuff, even work in progress or concept stuff. This board is desperate for content.
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File: P1070111.jpg (578KB, 1280x960px)Image search: [Google]
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something I did for school. Still a work in progress of course. I'll probably make the colours flashier. Is it readable? Are there fonts that look like what I've drawn?

Man that's a solid foundation you have built there. I don't have a ton to add - but I will say this - I have built fonts with similar "brush logic" to yours and I have a feeling it's going to be too thin and sharp to the eye - although that can be addressed down the road.
Is it hard to build a font? I'm a complete noob in graphic design

File: cushion-wall.jpg (151KB, 960x786px)Image search: [Google]
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Hey /gd/ can you help me find a texture in the background of this image? I need it for a website, how do i even search for this? What is it called?

Thanks in advance.
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Padded leather wall

do you know how i could make a repeating texture out of padded wall?

you could find one in real life and take a high quality res picture then manipulate the image and use it as a pattern. or use a stock photo i suppose.

besides illusltrating or gradient mesh in illustrator, thats probably the best route I'd suggest to go.

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Can someone edit his face on all everyonehead
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I know the quality is shit its a pic of a newspaper
First off, learn to say please before asking for something
Secondly, how much are you willing to pay?
goddamnit, read the sticky normie

File: 1421253203971.jpg (291KB, 700x700px)Image search: [Google]
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Ah damn, my friend just asked me to make her a tattoo. She wants me to make permanent art to put on her skin. I'm fucking nervous.

I didn't know where else to put this topic. And tatttoos are sort of like graphic design on a human body.
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better make it count.
go to a /fa/ tattoo thread
do your best, don't put too much detail, and most importantly, tell her it isn't your job and that she should let the tattoo artist make it better if he thinks you fucked up, he knows how tattoos age.

t. Designed a few tattoos since age 16

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NBA season has started up.

Which NBA team has the best logo?
Which has the worst?

What does /gd/ think of the Sacramento Kings' new logo? (on the right)
The old one reminded me of hockey for some reason, the new one seems generic, idk.

Check out past and present logos for various NBA and ABA teams here:

This is a thread about graphic design, please take trash-talk over to >>>/sp/
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I personally enjoy the newer Milwaukee Bucks logo

>when you realize the deer's neck is an "M"
File: hj3gmh82w9hffmeh3fjm5h874.png (28KB, 825x830px)Image search: [Google]
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pic related is my favorite logo
>never changed it
>never had to

truly timeless
The small inside part of the antlers form a basketball as well.

I like this logo but I feel with a bit of tweaking it could be truly great. I don't like the colors or the typography. I don't think I could win any arguments over the colors because I get that they are going for a woodland type scheme to compliment the buck. I still find it somewhat unappealing. The type is awful tho.


What have you been working on /gd/?

General Critique thread I guess.

Give advice as to how fellow anons could improve etc.
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File: Synth Girl Edit2-01.jpg (262KB, 1920x1080px)Image search: [Google]
Synth Girl Edit2-01.jpg
262KB, 1920x1080px
Trying to get better at Photoshop, I like how it's looking. It still needs some cleaning around the edges though.
how'd you get the font?

File: 1471261674359.jpg (424KB, 2880x1800px)Image search: [Google]
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Let's have a new design resources thread.

Find and share sites with free to use stock photos, videos, motivations, vectors, guides and infos, fonts or whatever.

If you want to share your own pictures or designs make sure to specify whether you're okay with it being used by others or not.

I'll start with some places that maybe aren't that known:
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Nice thread OP.

Here some mock-up.

File: 9sIDjqL1.png (55KB, 400x400px)Image search: [Google]
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Who AE here

What plugins you recommend
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wunkolo pixsort
>all red giant suites
>element 3d
>optical flares
Boris Continuum Complete
OFX Sapphire
Trapcode - Particular - Form - Tao - Mir - Shine - Lux - 3D Stroke - Echospace - Starglow - Sound Keys - Horizon - Colorista
Digieffects - Aura - Damage - Phenomena - Tweak - Delirium
Frischluft - Lenscare - Lensfeed - Fresh Curves - FL Glow - Flair - ZBornToy / Field Fixer - HSL Selection - NormaliZe
Instant 4K
Beauty Box
RSMB - ReelSmart Motion Blur (must have imho)
Magic Bullet Looks / Mojo
Ease and Wizz
Frischluft Lenscare
Plexus 2
Data Glitch 2

not to mention vst3's and scripts...

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5MB, 2070x2940px
I am using the font Bookman Old Style for a Book Cover project on DesignCrowd.com. The font comes with Windows and is made by Monotype. Their website says following: "Bookman Old Style is a trademark of The Monotype Corporation and may be registered in certain jurisdictions." Could someone explain to me what it means and if I'm allowed to use it for the Book Cover? (I'm sorry if this is a common question, I have no experience with working for other people)
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just realised i should have posted it in the book cover threat sorry
You have a fundamental misunderstanding of trademarks vs copyright. Trademark law protects the name Bookman Old Style from being used as a name of a similar work. Copyright dictates how you can use it. You'll have to look up what its license is, but from memory, most Windows builtin fonts have some sort of royalty free license as long as you're not distributing the font data itself.
>most Windows builtin fonts have some sort of royalty free license
srsly? Bookman (and quite a few others) are licensed for use in Windows from Monotype, which certainly dont mean you can use them license-free on a book cover..

Either buy it, prob $30 single weight for non-publishing use, $60 if publishing (because, kikes) OR just do what any sane person would, Google 'Bookman Style free font' - making sure, your getting a rip off (slightly modified) font that has a FREE USE license, from a FREE FONT site and not some pirate copy of the original font file. Use that instead (or pay up..) - you good.

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Ok gd, bit of background information. I'm a freelance illustrator with a degree in design, throughout my degree I specialised in illustration so even though my degree says 'graphic design' on it, I'm a pretty sub-par designer.

With that being said I'm bored of working freelance and have applied to a design job at a school - schools generally don't have great graphic design anyway so I see it as an entry level design job.

Backstory aside, here is my issue - specialising in illustration and being a freelance illustrator I don't actually have any decent design work to put into a portfolio, if I end up getting an interview I'm probably gonna need to take one along so here's my question - can you guys give me some advice, prompts or (let's be honest here) shortcuts to creating a quick portfolio (say a week minimum a month maximum) that'll impress people who don't know a lot about design?

TLDR - Applied for a design job at a school, don't have a portfolio. What are some really quick, easy designs I can do to impress some school administrators?
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"Quick and easy" designs will never be impressive.
OP here, I think you need to bear in mind that I'm not being interviewed by other designers, I'm not looking to create new, unique, cuttings edge designs that can win awards or get me a job at a marketing company that rakes in millions.

I'm applying to a school, it's a basic day job on a basic salary that requires a basic designer. I just wanted some suggestions on quick ideas to put together a solid portfolio that shows I'm competent - not something that will necessarily impress you or any other professional designer.
File: image.jpg (24KB, 462x663px)Image search: [Google]
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Create like really simplistic movie posters.
It's so hard to get simplicity to work correctly and very subtle things can be very impactful.
Pic related

File: HP Konzepte - ABC.jpg (168KB, 1024x768px)Image search: [Google]
HP Konzepte - ABC.jpg
168KB, 1024x768px
Which one looks the best:
Row A, B or C?

And why does it look the best?
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I would say the Beetle A and the C are okay, but get rid of that ugly yellow, what is this btw?

The ugly yellow needs to be there.
And to answer your question it's a exotic giant beetle called Hercules beetle, or more specific Dynastes hercules hercules.

Pic related.
File: maxresdefault.jpg (214KB, 1280x720px)Image search: [Google]
214KB, 1280x720px
Those are columns m8

What's it for anyway?

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