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n7 x Stussy collab

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What does /fa/ think of Popeye Magazine?

will post scans/pics from the magazine that i found in some other thread.
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It's the best men's magazine fashion/lifestyle from Japan
Hypebeast hates it for some reason though
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Do you guys have more muscle on your front leg than your pushing leg?
Cuz I do and it prevents me from well fitting pants
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Learn switch to even it out.
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Laying in bed so fug you. But here's my leg

Pants rarely fit unless I go up a size or two
right leg only slightly bigger than my left, not noticable at all, but the bigger muscles do hinder pants from fitting well though

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Post /fa/ faces & physiques.
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Goal physique. Routine?
yas queen

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The M-65 Field Coat, aka the most versatile jacket in existence.

Pic related is what one of mine looks like, black Alpha M65 with the epaulettes removed to make it not dwarf my neck and to make it even more versatile.

Which one do you own?
Why don't you own one if you don't?
Why haven't you copped the best layering piece known to man?
Why didn't your Vietnam vet uncle give you his?

I'll post my actual jacket when I get the chance to take a pic.
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More modern m65 style jacket
Is it something you can get from Army surplus?
can you reccomend me a looser fitting variant of the m65 field coat?

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what looks classier? the leather strap or the metal links?

also watch general
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The leather strap looks cheap af.
Get a better leather strap.
Get a nomos

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black hair general
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Post fa homescreens / lockscreens
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someone post comfy art so i can get a new one pls
oops wrong pic lol

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Whats /fa favourite online clothes store?
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Barneys or Mr. Porter. Anything else and you're part of the problem

Asos sucks. Sometime ago you could even find something you could wear around without shame, but last time I took a look at the site it was full of clowney gangsta post-ironic nigga clothes.

That and the fucking guy with the neck tattoo.
used clothes off ebay

anything else and you're part of the problem

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Requesting the name of a scentless antiperspirant that I saw someone mention here. They said it was extremely strong and that you could almost go for a run and not sweat afterwards. They also said you have to be careful not to use too much or you could break out in a rash. It was in a green/white coloured box as far as I can remember. I'll dump some random /fa/ related pics I have saved.
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Mitchum roll-on pretty much; what you're describing probably has a higher concentration of the active ingredient
Getting my hair cut with this exact picture as inspo soon, thank you for reminding me I needed it done.

You're thinking of Tom's of Maine, I believe.

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Post golden era Raf
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lol yeezy rip-off
anyone know where to watch archive videos such as Safe? It's a three minute vhs video released in 2002
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Hey /fa/
I'm in London for 4 days, what store should I visit that sells some kind of original items? Not the usual fashion like zara, h&m etc.
Don't care about the price
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London is babbys first designer store tier, so there's plenty of lame obscure shit to look at, probably little worth buying
Go to Dover Street market.

What shoes could he be wearing?

also; Can anyone send me in the direction of these coats, with the slim arms.
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no one?

de fuq are these questions
He's not wearing shoes and the coat is traveling down due to gravity.

Are dubs /fa/?
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That looks ugly as fuck.
Trips are better.

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do i cop palladiums

baggy or regular hi tops
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I've got myself the baggy and I really like them, can alternitavely wear them in 3 different styles. Comfy af too fam
can you lace them all the way up fam
Just copd yesterday. Wasn't immediately sold on them but after having worn them for a couple hours I'm already starting to love them.

Personally not a fan of baggy but that seems to be the more popular style.

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