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I like to call this one low but still on the autism spectrum. What's your shitty outline?
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Take away the baseball cap and you're probably alright. Depends on if your head shape actually compliments a buzzcut.
Skinhead starter pack

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Is it /fa/ to obsess over model faces?

pic related makes my dick hard
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like, goddamn fampai
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I only obsess over very few model faces, but one of them is Cara's.
>tfw Vlada is getting old
>Never see her in shows anymore
I just want to go back to 2006, family.

what's the name of this haircut?
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It's like an undercut
the dylan roof

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Post effay musicians

Starting with the GOAT
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the true GOAT
desu lmfao
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literally the GOAT of all GOATs

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real vs fake.jpg
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With those pics nobody can tell which are real and which are not
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real vs fake 2.jpg
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real vs fake 3.jpg
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What are the best body types for women?

I will never get men who like super huge boobs with no ass
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It's ez, I'm bi

fuck her from the front and it's big titty city
fuck her from behind and I can have dat sweet boypussy

best of both worlds f a m
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God Tier
Fat ass with slim wait and medium boobs
Athletic build but not manly(volley ball player build)
Slim but not build like a straight lights, still has a dip in the waist(Rihanna)
medium boobs medium ass

Good Tier
Small boobs fat ass
Slim and curvy hips but not anorexic
Petite with a little thickness (has to have a cute face)

Shit tier
Boyish stick figures
Big ass with pure boy chest
Ultra huge boobs with absolutely no ass
Build like a man/linebacker

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Come on kiddos where is the tumblr thread at?
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>Stuff I wanna wear
>Places I wanna go
>Girls I wanna hold
>Lives I wanna live
>Random shit

right here retard, ever heard of 'search' ?
ooo baby thats where i need to be

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I need a decent looking pair of combat boots that aren't a meme yet. pic related, don't suggest docs.
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Frye has some nice combat style boots. When I save enough I'll probably cop a pair.
Why does it matter if they're a meme or not? give me an honest, clear answer free of passive aggressive "he doesn't get it lmao" shit
What's wrong with docs?

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cop or not?
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Get them thru Zappos. I think they're the same price + free shipping/returns if you dont like them.
dnc. just get the uniqlo miracle jeans in similar wash. cheaper, fit better, comfier. levis are shit tier
cop, they fit perfect on me and nothing like what that model looks like, also super comfotable

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are turtlenecks effay
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I like'em. I recently ordered a black turtle neck and Im waiting for it to come in. I think coupled with a nice coat/jacket you'd look pretty good.
Yes. Very.
File: foucault_chair.jpg (72KB, 460x308px)Image search: [Google]
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yes, wear them all the time myself

dumping inspo

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So, I kinda pregamed a bit too hard and decided to crack a forty and watch the game with some buds instead.
Believe it or not I was the best dressed!
Talked up this chicky for a while, but thats a stoty for another day!
Hows my shooting day attire look?
Got some skeet to shoot to prepare for the real thing
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nice rafdidas big guy, did u get them from grailed?
What and what?
Rafdidas, like adidas? Theyre New Balance, got them at herb philipsons
Pls be counterbait

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What is /fa/'s opinion of Lacoste?
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Has a preppy image for me.
Once, a tracksuit chav asked me where the Lacoste store was. Sums up the brand today.
File: 1241842757.jpg (63KB, 360x360px)Image search: [Google]
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pretty nice, but ultimately you're just paying for the lacoste logo

I mean, I've seen a jumper like this in ASDA for £4 but the lacoste one costs like £75

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File: puma-court-star-.jpg (57KB, 650x435px)Image search: [Google]
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image4xxl (1).jpg
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Can we get a British thread going?
Where's the best place to buy clothes?
Best brands and shops.
How do other British people dress?
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044 - jI2jhaO.png
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>mfw winter is here and i cant wear tanktops any more
Tfw can't wear them in summer

File: 123351075.jpg (52KB, 640x640px)Image search: [Google]
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Whats /fa/ wearing for winter time?

Im super late, thought of
copping a Hilfiger Sailing, any good?
I have no ideas otherwisely,
my style is not fixed and a mess so idc really

micture related
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everything for snow im finding is ugly and i dont know what to get. recommend for cute girl shoes and jackets pls
>tfw you've tried to look for a winter jacket for over a month now
I'm bad at making decisions but this is getting ridiculous tbqh.

I don't even know what I want everything just looks like I shit and I can't shell out >300e right now. I'm going to die in this climate soon if I don't buy something .
I usually just wear a black coat from Wal Mart for winter

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