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Cant deside between a Desert boot or wing tip. I wear dark blue jeans and a black jacket and bright 70s shirts. I normally wear ro-search jungle boots but im thinking about changing it up.
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I need you guys to decide for me, leather or suede?
And i will not be rolling my jeans cause only faggots do that.
What comes in size 15

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how to be fa

1. throw out anything with colour
2. be a pseudo intellectual 20 something who hates themselves and loves themselves at the same time
3. never be in a fight in your life
4. culture a fake personality that is all about trying to be unique for the sake of being unique whilst being devoid of any real substance
5. be fucking stupid, narcissistic, materialistic, and believe that there is nothing wrong with that lifestyle
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I couldn't agree with you more. Take everything you see on this board with a grain of salt. most of the people here have to be heavily autistic to think the way they do.
Dude fuck I wish I could be in fights more often!
if OP is available to answer pls tell:


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w2c glasses like pic related?

Also, do prescription sun glasses exist?
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>Also, do prescription sun glasses exist?
are you really asking that question?
i mean how would they fit the sun blocker tech and the anti myopia tech on the same thing?
God fans it

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What does this remind you of?
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two dresses

fat girls at high school dances

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Waiting on this in the mail. People who own it/have seen it, what's it like? Good cop?
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qlomaire outerwear was notoriously awful
like, serious shit
expect to be disappointed
sorry fam :/

What did you try
is this true guys?

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>That feeling when your wardrobes getting old and you don't feel fresh and you need a haircut and you don't feel like you look as good as you normally do and you're too broke to re-up on freshness
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if you need to re-up your freshness you were probably never fresh to begin with
Cool story bro
maybe you're right anon, maybe you're right

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Post people with cigarette. Most of our Inspo features someone smoking anyway.
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And so fashion

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whats your favorite inexpensive high top sneaker?
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meme highs
meme force ones
meme projects

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i want to buy a simple gold necklace with a little bit of personality to make my fits a little more interesting.

i'd buy this one but shipping to the US is ridiculous

anyone know of any good stores?
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bump for interest
w2c necklaces that aren't edgy or religious, I am neither

also is rose gold a good look for a chain for males??

File: Fotor_144486641113330.jpg (404KB, 2200x2200px)Image search: [Google]
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halp me

Left: H&M wool mix coat (70€)
Right: Pull&Bear """ oversized """ coat (80€)
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File: Fotor_144486643415572.jpg (580KB, 2200x2200px)Image search: [Google]
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Zara oversized coats ( 70€ )
+ should i buy this jacket? ASOS ( 38€ )
whatabout spending actual money on an actual coat? If you're truly broke, okay, but do understand they won't make you feel content.

And no, don't buy that jacket. It's hideous.

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What are some inexpensive, fashionable shoes that a white sophomore wouldn't get made fun of for? Asking for a friend.
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Stan Smiths
Adidas stan smiths, vans sk8 hi or Nike AF1
ok, /fa/, this is a perfect opportunity to avoid perpetuating meme culture

don't call stan's a meme

You can say they're played out in certain regions,
but don't say they're hideous, a mistake, a meme, etc. because everyone knows
that you thought about buying them at one point

best move,
ignore the post,
and move on.

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What are the next meme shoes?
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File: common-projects-UNIS-sneaker.jpg (54KB, 800x400px)Image search: [Google]
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They'll be some sort of low top, brown shoe.

Like pic related, maybe a bit more sporty. Idk what exactly they'll be tho.
File: Adi-SambaWHT.jpg (144KB, 1500x977px)Image search: [Google]
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Adidas Sambas.

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So, got mines today and they... squeak. I can't say they are too big, fit is nice and it's a bit narrow around toe-area. They squeak only when I walk beacause of tongue seams to cause rubbing. Will it go away when I break the leather in or are CPs not made for my feet? How long do they need to break-in because if this clown-shoe sound won't go away, I will send them back and buy Svennson or National Standard.
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>They squeak only when I walk

There's your answer, fam. Just don't walk.
Why I paid 300$ for shoes I can't walk in?
File: smug enoch.jpg (39KB, 336x381px)Image search: [Google]
smug enoch.jpg
39KB, 336x381px

>he fell for the CP's meme

good job chump

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What should I do with my hair /fa/? I'm thinking of either growing it out or shitler youth...
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very nice hair friend, like a nicer version of what i have. i would keep it.
get those fucking abominations out of your ears you look like a godamn retard
either a lesbian or an ultra fuccboi

Lenny is /fa/ as fuck
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nxtlvl house, might post this in an interior thread for sick inspo
Victor is effay as fuck.

People always say I look like him. I'm very tall and skinny

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