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Slim fit is on its way out, coming soon are the times of flowey long pants and baggy silhouettes. Dump and discuss /fa/ bros.
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yea. no.
remember when hani and the other jan jan dick riders tried to rep this? looks like dog shit on anyone not a 6'3 model

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Aime Leon Dore.jpg
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TV on Floor.png
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Bit more colour

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All other waywt's are cancer

"Talk shit post fit" applies
Give feedback to at least 2 people
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Kinda boring but I'm just going to get my free Veterans Day food
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Monday's fit because it's rainy and I'm not putting pants on today

moncler/Ralph Lauren/rag & bone
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Show me your boots!!!!
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K den.
w2c boots or similar pair
Doc boiz

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other one's 300
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i'll start - w2c this jacket?
Pls some1 help. W2C plain sweatshirt online that has a looser fit.

the whole fit.

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who else here dresses well but has an extremely unfashionable life?

is there even a point?
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i dont even go anywhere i just sit at home and maybe go to target sometimes to get groceries and thats it
yeah my style looks good on me but

>live with parents
>community college
>work at subway
>no real friends
>go out with acquaintances like once a month
>go out alone almost every night (but I enjoy this sometimes)
>no money
>bad at hobbies
>crippling social anxiety and depression
>sex with random tinder guys makes me feel somewhat ok
>I'm "straight"

so you tell me
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I dress like shit since I don't have money for cops and my life is utter shit

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havent seen one yet today, reply to two before posting
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Come on everybody, do your best Big Guy pose!
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*Blerghhhhhhhhh (Throws up)
This is more cringe than saying senpai. No disrespect to you tho buddy, this is just a cringey thing no one sees much fa potential in. js desu
I have never seen anyone cuff their jeans inwards like that.

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last one is dead !
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I will start with this april 77 bomber jacket in size M, like new

w2b prisoner pants, size XS.
raf, nlst, wait

make me an offer or looking for trades in L 33/34

itt: discuss brands that are similar to saint laurent (as well as discussing slp itself of course)
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ha, gay!.jpg
Asking again.

Anyone know what the colour is called of light bluey grey that SLP use? Wanna see if I could cop from somewhere else like april77

space wolves grey

Which color sfbs are easier to style with colors like black, grey, white, and dark green? Sage or khaki?
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i just got these desu
This colorway actually matches with almost anything.
those are the most stupid shoes ever

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Anyone else growing their hair out?

post that shit
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No, sorry, I'm not a girl/hipster/degenerate
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That's alright, everyone can do their own thing.
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Bumping with a god

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is adderall effay?
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>take adderall to get studying done
>start cleaning the house and organizing all my files on my mac
fucking hell...
since you started, i want to chime in and say aderall makes my life 100% better in every way, i actually have add and an extreme lack of motivation. but whenever i take it, i get acne on my face. its the only thing that causes it for me. im hoping someone reads this and might have some advice for me.
yes,it is great for losing weight. can fast all day on it
also it makes you more social and productive. also it's fun to snort while partying or right before going out. cigarettes taste amazing on it too, i love this drug

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tf jacket.png
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checked the catalog, no recent cop thread

recent cop thread

just ordered my size from Neimans, should be here by Tuesday

pls no memecore
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Helmut Lang

Should pair well with a white button up.


That metal chain looks obnoxious

anyone know any other sites putting up pre orders right now for SS16?

I know antonioli has some up for julius, juun.j, etc right now and luisaviaroma has their SS/16 preview up as well.
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how do raf high top velcros fit? i'm a 13, my feet measure around 12.7 exactly tho, could i get away with a size 12/45?
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C-can I model senpai? Friends and family keep telling me that I got that distinctive/off beat look and. Should I listen to them?

This is the only high-res pic of me and taken a few days ago. The clothes is shit I know
desu yes

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