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Is it okay to wear these if you're not in the "military"?
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People wear skating shoes and they've never picked up a skateboard in their lives so I think it should be okay to wear these without being in the military.
Who are you quoting?
yeah i have a friend who wears shoes like this all the time just because hes poor and he wears the shoes to work and anything social

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Cos has collaborated with Mr Porter to create a 23-piece capsule collection with "the modern traveler" in mind.

According to Mr Porter to collection with feature a monochrome palette accented with considered colour, clean lined silhouettes, and an effortless feel.

"We wanted to create a collection that reinterpreted function for every occasion,” COS’ menswear designer Martin Andersson. “ A collection where the tailored suit can take you from a business meeting to an art gallery opening in the evening.”

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Opinion on these?
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>all my friends have roshe runs
Are they just a bad version of roche runs?
nah, they're just shoes and they're trendy looking.

Cop something that will last a bit longer. What kind of shoe do you need?

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Thoughts on uniqlo /fa/? What do I buy from them and what do I avoid?
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Uniqlo jeans are pretty dadcore
t shirts
long sleeve button downs
jeans and chinos

don't buy
probably any outerwear
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In general, if it is under 30 bucks it is fine, but over that is a grey area. Some of the light outerwear like parkas are fine, but that's about it.

I really want to grab a pocket parka for the rain

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anyone else feel alone? i feel like im missing something

>silhouette always on point
>nothing too flashy or trendy but dressed in around 1k worth of clothing on the reg
>everyone who talks to me is vapid as hell
>girls interested in me are tumblr garbage so i just fuck it and dip
>buncha fuckin normies all around me still wearing vans hi tops/converse/givenchy fakes/joggers/trying too hard
>can't tolerate people being around me spouting dumb shit
>spend my time reading and eating expensive food
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It's cause you're a loser too.

Have fun with your superiority complex Napoleon.
wow she actually looks really good there
post fit and face

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c/n thread
others are dead and gone

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Should I cop?

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Is dying your hair white /fa/? How do you go about doing this? What are the setbacks to it?How much does it cost? I'm really considering it.

inb4 hair thread
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Only if you're Christie from DOA or Storm
Go to a salon and have it done
Ive been thinking of going white but im a black girl with okay aesthetics, should i go for it?

most /fa/ alcoholic beverage?
pic related
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as far as beer goes, i agree
for widely available beer, I guess stella is the least trashy. Just explore crafts, it's not like they break the bank.

As far as cocktails go, I like negroni's and gin & tonics. Dunno if it's /fa/ but they taste good so there's that.
How tf do u drink beer and still be skinny /fa/

What is the lowest calorie alcohol? Vodka?

/mu/ here. Is Kanye's fashion choices (at any point in his career, but especially in the past 3-4 years) actually good? Is he to be taken seriously in the fashion world, or is his clothing career/choices, from his "high fashion" stuff to his Adidas Yeezys just…you know, without substance?

Personally, I found some of his stuff to be bland, others to be a bit more interesting. He's been on GQ and shit, hasn't he? (Your better trained/informed) opinions, /fa/?
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My GF says he doesn't pick out his own clothes.
…is that an insult and a compliment at the same time?
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Kanye's status in fa is similar to his status on mu: he's a meme, and has his circlejerkers and haters. He definitely knows his fashion and he has some cool outfits, but like anyone else he shouldn't be copied exactly (s/o ktt and sufu).

That being said, his own products are shitty; that's the general consensus here at least. In the streetwear scene he's big and his sneakers are popular, but here they're looked down on. His previous collabs with APC weren't bad, but the line he's doing with Adidas will be overpriced hypebeast shit.

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w2c pants, in the market for some techwear pants but outlier ones dont go great with roshes or zx's
Any backpack recommendations? Want water resistance, minimalist (not too many military refs), under $350.

Don't know those pants specifically but look at Arc'Teryx's offerings for pants, feel like they would go good with those shoes

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I feel like there's too much hate towards MFA, and the hate comes when people post about the top of MFA monthly WAYWT and choose the worst photos.

So here, I chose a couple of my favorite photos.
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File: viSOr2X.jpg (1MB, 2592x3872px)Image search: [Google]
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File: bokbLYn.jpg (858KB, 1667x2500px)Image search: [Google]
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goddamnit /fa/, the barber fucked up my HY

how do i salvage this shit?
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fucking lol

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Post hair and hair reated advice.

Is manbun still a thing lmao?

last wun three hunna
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File: Curtains.jpg (51KB, 500x651px)Image search: [Google]
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Going to start bread with godly curtains
You guys ever seen good looking straight hair on a black man before,I have alot of hair and am considering straightening
I don't think straight hair looks good in black people. Try dreading b4?

File: image.jpg (108KB, 527x789px)
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How would a yung asian nigga like me get the young dicaprio hair
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What do I ask for?
"yung asian nigga"

...fam what the fuck kind of hair do you have?
i didn't used to have an opinion on curtains but now that mofos are doing them i realize they look horrible

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How do I dress myself? I have no idea what I'm doing.
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inb4 tripsk to the rescue
Read the sticky, learn your measurements and buy basic cheap clothes that fit you well, lurk and learn what kind of clothes and trends interest you, develop a personal sense of style.
Did all that. Now what?

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