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Affordable effay place to shop online? (Broke college student)
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> /fa/
> online
> cheap

You'd better find your local thrift shop.
not op

I live in Macon Ga, went to plato's closet which i had good luck in when i lived in Cumming, ga because it's the richest and whitest area in probably the south but anyway here in Macon it was all boring shit or black people fashion. Have yet to explore downtown to see if the thrift store there are any bit better but i'm not expecting much.
h&m? lol

I know everyone on this board is like 13, but what's a good method for choosing cologne?
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scientific studies show natural pheromones are the most attractive to women
have the most fashionable girl you know pick one for you
I use axe spray and bitches on my dick 24 7

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Is copping replicas effay?

Wanna get my hands on this hoodie but not trying to shelve out >$600+
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a lot of people cop reps and only salty people with no lives bother to try and call em out on it

fact the reason you see expensive designer shit everywhere is because most of it is fake
sad stuff senpai

don't waste your money on fake shit when you can just buy it at the drop. The fake shit all looks like shit

I have that hoodie OP, bought it for retail
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no it doesn't nigga. shit looks the same

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post fits
Post skin routines
Post yourself and we roast the fuck outta you
Post hair inspo
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bix nood?
AYYY YOOOO *lip smack* *lip smack* *lip smack* *eats PB with his finger*
I honestly tried going through my Fashion folder, trying to find a good pic for this thread. I couldn't. Long story short, fashion is for white people.

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I have a problem.

EVERY pair of skinny jeans I try on keeps "popping" when I walk. It's the fabric between the legs. It makes a popping/clicking sound.

Guys with skinny jeans can you please put them on right now and tell me if they pop? Seriously every pair of skinny jeans I've tried on in a store is popping. I am skinny btw.
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wear looser jeans
your thighs must rub

I have a pair and they arent even that skinny(levi 510). my raw denim does it as well.

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What do you do if you live in an unfashionable city?
I want to dress nice but I don't want be the guy who comes along in rick owens and looks like a fool
That and there are almost no stores here
Just mall chains
Because I live in the south all of the real stores we have cater to black people fashion AKA adidas sweatshirts with japanese symbols on them and bucket hats
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yooo i feel u, i just want some nice cdg and common projects, yet jordans are the thing, etc. Where in the south are you, im in houston
Baton Rouge, Louisiana
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the struggle is real... I thought houston would have at least some stores that sell other brands, the south struggling bro, desu i would just not deck out everything in all rick if you dont wanna get laughed at, even if u know u ballin, or find a g money crew who dresses like u

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I want to buy Calvin Klein boxer briefs. I can get them for around $10 a pair right now. Do they get any cheaper than this, like during Black Friday?
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where are you getting them for 10 dollars
You can get them for less on amazon sometimes.
But it's usually the shitty ugly ones.

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parajumpers mallory.jpg
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I moved to a rainy, cold town recently and I don't know what's cute in this environment. So what are your favourite items for wet and chilly weather? Do you prefer a waterproof jacket or a separate poncho/cape?

General rainy weather inspo too.
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pricey synthetic fibers will be your absolute go-to, man. I'd be curious to know what people say about wool / wool blends cuz apparently they're great for rainy weather
you don't need a variety...just one nice jacket
I'm in Scotland so you don't get much rainier than that.

I think it's really easy to overthink it, a good brolly is going to be your best friend....sorry umbrella.

Seriously with a good umbrella you don't need to worry too much as long as your clothes are warm.

Stay away from folding ones but I generally think golf umbrellas are rude impractical and dadcore. There is a happy medium though, a cane like one with a crooked handle will be most convenient as you can hang it on things/your arm/your bag to gain a free hand. Also go for one with a composite material for the structure instead of brittle metal. I've had my current brolly for 3 years and I love it.

John Lewis have great ones I find I hint they're called Fulton or something. Wherever you live you'll surely find equivalents.

All waterproof everything

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Is baldness /fa/?
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Its on the come up
is that basil?
who's basil?

What's the word for the thing he's wearing in his head?

and yes English is not my first language
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can you be more generic?
its called "beret"

google it

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If you had to come up with a Rock Band name that is not already taken, what would it be ?
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Eagles of Death Metal

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Starting Uni soon, what are the most /fa/ majors/careers?
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gender studies
african percussions
we already pick out your clothes for you, now you want us to choose your major for you?
i just need a direction, really lost and confused a the moment

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What core is this?
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syrian refugee trying to look american core?

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Is wearing a graphic tshirt inside out effay?
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only if you aren't sober
Gosling constantly effaying on these niggas like its nothing
this desu

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>sweater with a skirt

that shit is cute. I wish i were a girl
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shes ugly for azn
>tfw too insecure to wear a skirt like this

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