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Red pill me on the relationship between color and fashion.

-Why does Fred meyers not sell yellow shirts?

-Why are red cars more likely to be pulled over for speeding?

-Why are jeans blue?

-Do workmen wear orange because it's easy to see?

-A black hat and a red shirt and blue jeans says something different than a red hat and a black shirt and blue jeans.

-Don't even get me started on underwear or multi colored clothing. That's day two.
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are you asking or do u have the answers senpai i need to know too
>red pill me
Not when you phrase it that autistically
>-Why does Fred meyers not sell yellow shirts?
yellow is a disgusting color for clothing. its really hard to get it to pair well with skin tones.

>-Why are red cars more likely to be pulled over for speeding?
a bold, vibrant color will always appear to be moving quicker than a dark or muted color. other colors tend to meld together into the background.

>-Why are jeans blue?
why not?

>-Do workmen wear orange because it's easy to see?
see your car question above. similar thing applies here.
obnoxious colors are spotted easily.

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Who makes good suits for men? Mine look cheap and suck.
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suit supply is the only acceptable entry level suiting
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Depends on your budget and style of preference. Some common producers that make good quality suits/jackets in a style I like:

Liverano & Liverano
Brunello Cucinelli
Sartoria Partenopea

Are you in a big city? Best budget option is to buy secondhand tailoring in good condition, then have an alteration tailor you trust put the last touches in. Typically this is cheaper than getting a midrange i.e. bad suit new, and lasts literally ten times longer.

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pic related
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Honestly, anytime one of these shootings happens I feel indifferent towards them. In no way was I hurt, or effected, so why should I care?

You always see the "I feel sick" comments on the red It posts, and I honestly don't understand why they give a shit.

Please help. I feel sick about not feeling sick.
the only thing that makes me angry is that this shit is politicized before they even count the bodies. fuck every human on this planet.
the picture is from 2010

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What are memes and what are staples
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>black skinnys
chucks: staple
cdg play chucks: meme
>caring about whether or not something in the physical world is a meme

Are backpacks /fa/?

Rate my bag
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>are backpacks /fa/
Please leave. Just go.
backpacks can be /fa/

but why the hell did you post that backpack as an example?
0/10 supremely disgusting please return
Herschel in general is a big no-no....

Is he effay?
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Probs more than you Pham
2016 will be all about the chub n' tuck

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What are some general tips to give to people who are looking to take preventive measures towards aging well?
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>be male
>don't eat like shit
>exercise a few times a week
>drink water

Pretty much it desu senpai.
Excercise, use moisturizer and don't get sunburn. Also don't sleep on your face.
Buzzcut and grow beard if you are receding. I just did my first buzzcut, 24 years old. Felt shit at first but with the fullbeard it looks pretty good.

Thanks dad and granddad for giving me awesome beard but shithair.

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Alright /fa/, I haven't seen a thread like this in a while so let's try it out again.

Go to TheFedoraLounge and bring something back.

My find...
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Those fucking pants
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ey you rat bastard.jpg
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I think that is litterally just an old man.

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>tfw objectively prettier, better-dressed, and more refined than girls you hook up with

anyone else feel bitter they've put so much effort into looking good and being interesting only to attract girls who are clearly beneath us?
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you have problems
I know tf..

Some of them are just naturally beautiful and are not investing any effort into their appearance
I think his problem is over self esteem spiced with an ugly as fuck face and dressed as a random thread of this board

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Why is she so perfect, bros?

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w2c thighs?
I love her! I'm going to marry her!
No. I was there first.

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there's no hell and no better thing in life than doing what you enjoy
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Probably, but I would argue that this board goes well beyond fashion.

Also I would say Daria is pretty fucking /fa/ either way, not just fashionable in an antifashion sense, but aesthetic and is a bit of a self indulgent teenage apathy angst fantasy.

are face tattoos /fa/?
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yeah anything on the face, neck or hands is called a jobstopper, i think its german or something.
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If its a nice small one and you literally never have to work and live the most effay lifestyle possible. It doesn't exactly suit a trip down to the shops

Most /fa/ rappers to listen to? Not their wardrobe.

pic related ofc
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Drink more water
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Joey Bada$$


Are ushankas /fa/ or will you just seem like a pretentious communist
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no you'll look like a slavaboo
Unless you live in Canada or Russia or someplace else where it gets extremely cold, just don't do it imo.
so /fa/ t b h zaddy

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