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Is it normal that people who scout models change their mind and never talk to you again? YSL still haven't emailed me like they said they would. Should I give up or should I send them an email or something? I got a business card. What should I say in that case, should I include pics? What do /fa/
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I got the "we'll call you" and never got the call back. Emailed them with a really average headshot and they replied straight away to schedule some polaroids. Been with them for about a year now just doing casual shit.

Just send an email.
How much you makin homie?
Op the model in your picture looks anorexic

no self harm pls

Is there a way to make metalcore effay?
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Who is that penis pumper
Yes, by being effay. I don't know how you could pull it off without looking like a metalhead pleb. But Joseph Gordon Levitt looked pretty effay in Hesher in my opinion. Just don't be fat I guess
looks kinda like matt heafy desu senpai

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What is the most effay fruit? I vote pomegranate
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All other fruits try to be all sweet and shit. Avocado don't play that.
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Has to be raspberries, and I have proof.

what the fuck is happening to this board

My goal is to reduce stress in daily life and to have a balanced mind. I thought meditating and yoga would be a good start.
What do you think?
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You already know.
Yeah man, definitely try it. It may not work for you, but it's worth a try. I'm glad I got here before the nay sayers.
Yoga have been pretty good to me. It might not be for you, but give it a go.

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effay, whats the consensus on the best cut of levis jeans?
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looking for black skinnies kinda like these

your wrists

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What other boards do you frequent? I'm trying to find an alternative but I can barely relate to any other board I've tried
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the rest are either too empty, damage your mind or just post the same shit every day
/mu/ /x/
/mu/ /sci/ /diy/

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So what exactly is this style of boot called? A service boot?


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Yes, if you want some in amazing leather try Viberg. Pull tab is not appropriate for service boots though.
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Any that don't cost $700? The UO boot and the Dayton boot are sold out. I'm trying to stay under $200.

how to cop? it looks like they don't do international?

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Hey /fa/m

I'm going to Disneyworld in Florida with my girlfriend next week so I was wondering what shit I should cop from there?

This can include clothing, memorabilia, etc
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Quite a fan of the classic Disneyland sweater. Shame that it's Hanes though
Check out Epcot senpai, they've got cool shit in the countries, esp Japan.
OP here. Never been to disneyworld so pls elaborate. We talkin kimonos??

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what is the perfect wallet? holds coins cards and bills, and accessible fast, no folding of bills.

in other words, I can buy something with cash and complete the exchange in the shortest time possible
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I like my Bellroy wallet
Got it used on eBay for like forty bucks and it's organized perfectly
Credit cards in one pocket, IDs in another, insurance cards in the third, and everything else in the fourth
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I use my trusty ol' prison wallet. Still tight as ever...
Cardholder in on pocket and money clip in the other

Tfw going bald, what do /fa/gs?
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own it; everything other response is embarrassing and pitiful at best
this, shave it all off, maybe go for the ripped bane look, grow a beard if you can
mfw everyday my hairline is going back, hair is constantly falling out when i touch it and i have a weird skull shape

to top it off i just turned 18 and i literally cannot grow a beard (hair doesn't grow between my side burns and chin. AT ALL.)

i go from being like damn it's inevitable ill just go bald and not give a fuck to being wow my good looks are centered on my hair i am going to be an ugly fuck

balding is a great way to lose any feeling of attractiveness you've had about yourself in a way that you have absolutely NO control over. FUCK LIFE

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ITT: clothes that look way better used then they did brand new.
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Yellowing white sneakers is always a good move imo
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not those
maybe these
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Aged to perfection

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Have you converted /fa/?
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enjoy having terrible farts.
week or two till they are gone
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sickest of fita.png
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Does anyone know w2c this jacket or a similar jacket?

Also interested in bombers if anyone can recommend a site or store for them.
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M65 jacket?
think its the German parka. Look for a surplus store. beware the seizing and the fact that there are shorter and longer versions. This one looks short to me
Bro that's a sick fit. W2C everything?

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Where does /fa/ buy their jeans?

I'm 6'4" with a 30" waist. American Eagle 30x36 are the only that fit, but they suck shit.

Where can a tall skelly get decent jeans?
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not a tall skelly nor could I know about where to go for your blessed problems, but consider cutting and patching jeans for yourself, it'd look pretty cool if done well and it could add to your own style
Pretty sure Zara has all the skelly basics
Pretty much all raw denim brands and most midrange to expensive fashion labels make jeans with a standard size inseam, usually around 34-36, that are meant to be tailored. Specifically I'm pretty sure Naked and Famous jeans come with a 37 inseam.

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I want to buy a pair for Nudie Jeans. They are super expensive but I will fork out for a pair. Im not sure what model or size I would buy.

1.71m. I'm skinny I wanted a fitted jean that works with boots. Help
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I just got a pair for like 140 what are you talking about
$140 is a lot for people who are used to spending $15 on a pair of jeans
stop spending lunch money on jeans; union made heavyweight american denim was more than 15 bucks back in the 40s, man

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