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last year I literally spent less than £50 (about $75) on clothes and I get compliments on what I'm wearing all the time

why do you fags spend so much money on what you're wearing? I literally shop at Primark and people ask me "Oh where did you get that shirt, where did you get those Jeans"....
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im interested in my own aesthetic taste, not what pleases others
>wearing clothes to get compliments
sounds pretty sad to me
Post a fit

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Would it be too autistic to wear one of these Gorkas daily?
Which one looks better in your opinion?
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how's your weather?
are you from spetsnaz ?
This would be my reaction to seeing a dude wearing a full Gorka.

>Holy fuck is that a Gorka, milsurp game strong son
>Holy fuck is he actually wearing a Gorka in public
>Get the fuck out of here because he's either starting his own beta uprising or he's Spetsnaz and they give no fucks about civilian causalities

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how would you describe this aesthetic?
is it effay?
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transgender sleepwear-core
Trannyscum core.
manic pixie dream qt

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which one.jpg
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Are rugby shirts /fa/?

Which one should I buy?
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they can be if you incorporate them right.
i saw a pretty good beige/cream based fit that had one in it and it was great

also left
yeah they're very /fa/.
left imo

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Y'all need to step up your game. It's 2015! It's about time we have a Biff Core general
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brilliant thread OP
Looks like Gaultier fw 2014 imo
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Is cyber-bullying like when you're being bullied by a cyborg?

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I am thinking of buying a submariner's/fisherman's/coastal defence jumper. Should I go for cream or navy?
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cream if you have brown hair, navy if blond, neither if ginger.
I have an authentic Navy reefer coat that I wear with mine. I went for a navy jumper to try and minimalise the military comparison.
Navy looks good w/ dark hair light skin what are you on about
Cream if you're brown

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File: IMAG0459.jpg (3MB, 2368x4208px)Image search: [Google]
3MB, 2368x4208px

Front view
File: IMG_20150203_170914.jpg (248KB, 720x1280px)Image search: [Google]
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Old pic of me with an undercut
Bald tbh

File: Screenshot_2015-10-11-08-39-26.png (2MB, 1440x2560px)Image search: [Google]
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What sort of fits/colours work well with olive skin? 6'3 brown curly hair, brown eyes, pretty lean.
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earthy, desaturated, nothing radioactive
would appreciate some inspo
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File: Fifth-Avenue-Mall-02.jpg (1MB, 2048x1363px)Image search: [Google]
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Why is it that when I go to a typical american mall I see that there are usually more stores for women then there are for men? It's hard as balls to find simple, good clothing without using the internet. Besides the fact that I should probably take my measurements and buy online, why isn't there more selection for men?
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because bachelors who don't shop exclusively at Tractor Supply Co. are gay, and married men send their wives to shop for them. Duh, men don't pick their own clothes idiot
women have more clothing options (dresses, skirts, shorts, pants, jumpers, etc.) so of course there's going to be more stores for women's clothing/more selection
The stores follow the money, and American women are much, much, much more interested in fashion - and buying more fashion - than men.

That said, the gap may be smaller than malls let on, though - surveys apparently indicate that men tend more towards online shopping:

which sandals to cop for gf ???
the Ann D's in pic but in black suede, or Balenciagas in next post
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File: $_57.jpg (212KB, 1195x1600px)Image search: [Google]
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the Balenciagas look nicer and are more versatile
I like the Demeulemeesters more

File: Toms-Shoes.jpg (77KB, 900x640px)Image search: [Google]
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Serious question.

Are Tom's considered "faggy"?
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>caring about what other people think
and no they're not "faggy" you stupid dummy
Yea they are only fags would think otherwise
I care if a girl I'm interested in doubts me being straight.

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Barber: What kinda fashion you want, fam?
Me: Just cuff my shit up fam
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I saw some cunt with cuffs like this on the bus. I don't think he understood you can fold the cuff more than once...
it sucks because a lot of raw denim only comes in 36 or 38 inch inseam. so someone like me, who has a 31 inch inseam, has to cuff like 6 fucking times for them to be the right length, and by that time it looks ridiculous.

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Did a wedding rehearsal day and although it went well for the most part my fiancée wasn't pleased with the /fa/ side of things.

How can I make her happy? I don't spend a terrible amount of money on clothes but I still consider myself a good dresser. Basically a good matching setup for the guys and girls would be nice.
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Can't tell if faces are photoshopped
Is that a picture from the rehearsal? If not, what did you wear?
Did David Lynch plan your wedding?

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ITT: autismcore
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>fencing gloves on both hands
why did you post in a 7 hour old thread

They look pretty dope fits there.
I fail to see the difference between this and Sruli Recht.

File: 141027-mens-underwear-classic.jpg (21KB, 326x326px)Image search: [Google]
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where do you get your underwear from /fa/?

it seems overpriced in department stores, and quality seems poor across the board
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this thread might be a bit more mundane than the rest on the board, but at least it might be productive

also, can we please not dive on anyone who mentions a female brand; it does us a disservice
No one on /fa/ has balls. Almost everyone here is asian too. As you can imagine quite a few people will recommend wearing women's underwear.
I've found that there are consistently better deals online through small merchants for underwear

they have next to no expenditure, they just buy from a depo and ebay it out

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