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How bullshit is H&M footwear? I can get pic related for 40% off, marking it down to about $60.

Am I retarded for considering this?
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it's not great quality, but kind of mid-tier. Buy it if you want, half the people on the board will just call you a meme because everything is a meme.
All I can tell you is you get what you pay for. Don't expect them to last very long or fit particularly comfortably.
It probably won't last long, but If you're aware of this ahead of time go ahead.

I've bought a lot of footwear that will last for decades (assuming they're worn infrequently and taken care of / resoled ).
It doesn't stop me from wanting more.
Having pairs that wear out so you can throw 'em away doesn't sound like such a bad thing anymore tbh.

Just remember completion is an illusion (in all aspects of life)
You're never going to buy the perfect boots, or jacket, or pants and suddenly lose the urge to shop for clothes.

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whats ur fav hobby
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so /fa, what this type of fashion called?
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Okay /fa/ i need ur help. I live in Poland which is known for its hard and cold winters. I am searching for some boots which will last me the whole Winter. They should be reasonable priced (150-200 euro). Im counting on u, pic somewhat related
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rick owens tech runner
Jesli nie chcesz płacić kroci za przesyłkę timberlandy to najlepsza opcja. Chyba że masz trochę więcej kasy to na spartoo pl są red wingsy
Why don't you just get your pic related?

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Julie Hoomans edition
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getting qter with age
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i liked her hair shorter

How do i properly thrift?
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Someone suggested I go to the goodwill on the upper east side (I live in Manhattan) and I'm really excited to try it. So maybe go to the richer areas of where you live I guess and try looking at thrift stores there
Just keep on looking.
Just look through everything and you'll be surprised every once in a while. If you can sew you have a lot more options. I usually look for stuff that fits waist and shoulders, then choose based on fabric.

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What do you wear if you don't like jeans, don't have a job that requires a suit/slacks but you're also too old to walk around in sweatpants?
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chinos obvs
But they feel the same as jeans tbh, is there something that feels like slacks but has a coarser, more casual look?

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What do you think about that ?
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jak si na to přišel ?
protože jsem na queensu ztravil tolik času a peněz že toho modela poznám z dálky
jinak já myslím že je to celkem dobrej fit, osobně jsem přemýšlel o těch urban classics šortkách.
od kud jsi?

>tfw sticking out ears
>tfw I'll always look like a monkey no matter how effay my fits are
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we're all gonna make it bruv.
It is sometimes cute.
Much better than big nose or no chin, believe me.
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Don't go on this board to much but i wanted your fags opinion what do you guys think of this sweater i got as a present?
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It's shit but you'll be fine since the rest of your clothes are shit anyways.
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Thanks for your opinion m8
I wouldn't buy it but it could work depending on the rest of your ensemble

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hey /fa/.. need a little advice

ok i'll start with a little about me:
>work office job w/ no dress code (besides look presentable)
>never in my life wear a dress shirt except for weddings/interviews/etc..
>daily attire: jeans / hoodie / sneakers. usually all black (pic related kind of, not me tho)

so.. my question is.. how can i transition into a nicer daily wear? nothing too crazy, maybe dress shirt untucked, black/beige/brown pants, decent shoes.

i don't wanna just show up one day, it would be to weird.. how to make this transition a little more subtle? slow..

i'll probably get ripped but whatever figure i might as well try.. also if you'd like to post recommendations on what types of clothes to buy to achieve end goal that would be cool too

thanks /fa/
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Afraid to get ripped for what? Dressing well? Tell the h9rs to piss off.

I'm moderately overdressed for my office (If the average "dress" level is around a 5, I usually dress an 8), but my reasoning is I actually go and see patients and convince them to take risky drugs for testing purposes. Everyone else just stares at a computer screen or is on conference calls all day. My point? I have the highest data and am setting records way above anyone who has had my position before me. In fact, the CIO is in the works in creating a position tailor fit (pun intended) for me, because they don't want me to leave after my 1 year temp is up. I attribute some of this success to my ability to present myself confidently and professionally, and this includes how I dress. I've been mistaken for a doctor on many of occasions, and I take that as a compliment.

tl;dr, dress how you want and if people rip on your, rip on them back for being dirty plebs.
Lol r u retarded bro... h9rs lmao smh

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What are the best black skinny jeans under 100 dollars? I usually wear levi's but since mine are getting fucked up I was wondering whats better?
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I have some topman jeans and they're alright, i'd reccomend just saving up and just buying a nice pair tbh fam
Cheap Mondays

Hope you don't buy down jackets. smh tbh fam
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I don't, but mainly for the reason that they look shit.
Some of them look dope, but I can't be fucking with this. Primaloft gold all the way, baby

Not this.

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images (1).jpg
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How to clean and maintain Stan Smiths/shoes of a similar make?
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collect your semen in a jar and then rub it on the shoes
Thankyou all

Any good products to use for protecting them?

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are curly girls effay
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yuss love curly hair
sadly all the girls in california straighten it...
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all the lightskin hoes look exactly the same, but damn they're hawt.

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