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I'm based in the UK and looking for a good site to buy cheap knockoff designer, any suggestions?
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Thanks, that's really helpful.
Don't do it. Save up

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Can Jim Morrison hair be pulled off today?
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only if you're an actual rock star
Christ I really hope so.
I'm aiming for a scaled- down version of this.
Why not?

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Having this suit made. What do you think?
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When you went into the tailors and showed them this picture on your phone did they give you a funny look and smirk before overcharging you?
What anime character are you trying to cosplay as?
larp larp larp larp

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post cool backpacks
i need so buy some for uni
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whats worng with my nigga clank? looks crazy af
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>hey guys, post cool backpacks
>posts lunchbox
stupid faggot OP

Where can I get pants that fit roomier/higher? I've worn jeans all my life and they tend to be tight and low waisted.
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for jeans, levis 501,502 and 505 are your best bet. For pants, dickies 874 are easily the best for roomy and high waisted
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>he didn't post the original image

I think I've just found conclusive proof that Reviewbrah is a time traveller or vampire.

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Recently copped these for $30, are they effay? What could go well with them?
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yeah they r awesime

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Damn Daniel is a true fashion icon.
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My name is Daniel and this meme got old for me quick.

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Modest/Conservative Female Clothing

I am looking to recreate my wardrobe. What are essentials for a modest or conservative female closet? I'm modeling my definition of modesty on the Hasidic style of dressing, though obviously with a bit more leeway as this is not religious as much as it is an aesthetic. Are pants modest or conservative, or are dresses and skirts the only option for a woman dressing modestly?

Post other modest fits and any material you might have on the matter.

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I wish you luck. I find women who dress like this very attractive.
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I'd help but I just got a new phone and this is the only picture I have right now. Maybe she's wearing comfortable jeans and comfortable shoes who knows.
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That's because they're dressed like women! ;-)

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Are there alternatives to traditional formal wear? The idea of dressing well to show respect, or "dressing for business," is great, but does a more modern alternative exist?

Pic modtly not related. I figured this piece of shit would grab your attention.
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So the answer is to go as modern as possible, so it doesn't really resemble the traditional stuff at all?
Sadly no. You're expected to be "in uniform" at all times.

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Tfw no aesthetic scandi gf
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I did a drawing of her a few month ago
mouth saggy on her left face side, otherwise i like the hatching you did

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what does fa think about this shirt
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very highschool-gamer-core
can work with shoes in the same colorway

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Anyone got an id on these shades or something similar. Thanks.
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those are clearly raybans, so you could look around their site, otherwise they also look like persol caligraphers

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its total bullshit. no one in highschool dresses like that and if i did then people would think i was a bigger faggot than i was. that being said, the best outfits are Zach, Keith, and Eugenes would have been good if it werent ruined by the fishnets and faggy boots.
(gif unrelated)
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you gotta kys pls
Please end yourself why are you watching buzzfeed
trusting buzzfeed for fashion tips is like trusting the nazis for a nice, warm shower in auschwitz

How do I into 1970s/bohemian look as a dude?

/mfa pic unrelated
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Try wearing dark eyeshadow/eyeliner and wearing brightly colored dresses/kimonos and have long feminine hair
How embarrassing
id on shirt or image source?

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Love this store, the clothes, the style, the meaning behind how they operate. Also helps that I like white minimalism as a representation of my depression because light minimal spaces envelope and comfort me. What other brands have a similar style and feel? What other brands are conscious of the waste they produce?
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Japan has the idea of continual improvement it really shows in even their most popular franchises and fast fashion like Muji. Uniqlo is another easy one that comes to mind, just look for stationary and craft stores. Environmentally conscious however, I don't know about that.
I feel like every time I go to uniqlo it's a weird mix of overly designed things and simple things and it just confuses me.
Uniqlo is quite minimal, although some of their newer stuff have been following some trends and moving from their focus of timeless pieces to some new designs. It also the vibe they produce when going to their website or going to their stores, it's always full of color while compared to muji is more tame and subtle.

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