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My two front teeth are broken. Going to the dentist tomorrow - what will he do? Anyone else had their teeth broken before?
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they can actually reattach broken teeth pieces together

otherwise they will replace it will composite filling material

if you broke a significant amount they will put a crown on it and if there's any nerve damage they will do a root canal
post inspo tbh
just wait for your adult teeth to grow in

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The climate of the west coast has been so fucking dry lately and my hair is suffering for it. Is there a product out there that can give me that wet look? Tips?
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But please help me guys
SheaMoisture Restorative Conditioner. You can get it at CVS. Shit works miracles if worn as a leave-in.

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Should I get a Ron Paul or Trump hat?
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Get a Trump hat and put a Subway sandwich button on it.
I'll do it if you do.
Enjoy looking lame a f
prepare to get into verbal scuffles with some undercover tumblr girls irl

File: homeless-girl-1a.jpg (437KB, 1200x900px)Image search: [Google]
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How does a poor fag become effay?
I'm tired of looking like a hobo
>inb4 get a job
All my money goes to college. I work at target
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Use your sick employee discount along with your REDcardâ„¢ to get 10% off your 5% off all their Plaid. That shit's in season
If you get a discount at target then you can get basics there cheap. Hm and uniqlo are great for basics, topman is worth looking at but mostly garbage. Don't go near Zara. Thrift if you like the aesthetic, go for Adidas/vans/chuck 2s for shoes. Try to find the best quality stuff you can, those stores are all very hit or miss.

Check out sales, outlets, other stuff like that. Its an amazing feeling copping y3 for $100.
fuck before I went back to school I used to think that was so little

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does /fa/ have any recommendations
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leave your room and go see a tailor
ok not as much emphasis on the cropped

just need good wool trousers
What is good?

my paypal's been limited for 180 days, which means it's essentially fucking useless. can i get around this to still cop shit on grailed? or am i fucked. here is a screenshot of what happens when i just try to pay with debit card. please ignore the volume controller thing. thanks guys.
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turn it up lad
>mac boy
can't say i'm surprised, JOSEPH MERRILL
joseph merrill is the person i'm trying to pay bucko

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It's my fucking birthday and I want a mans mans watch. Have a consulting job that pays so fuck it. Never really wear one so figure it's time. Watch you think?
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any generic rolex would probably suit you well enough, tough guy
That Cartier tank watch is perfectly fine as a formal dress watch.

Otherwise I'd go for a Casio F91w because it would suit your faggot ass.
You dirty sonofabitch.

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So, are cable knit sweaters /fa/?
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is the guy in the picture /fa/?
In 2012

File: 1411952047630.gif (2MB, 239x240px)Image search: [Google]
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What's a good shampoo for men? I've just been using Axe for years but I realize it dries the shit out of my hair. I don't want to use some multi shampoo/conditioner system, I just want a good basic shampoo
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Fucking Bump
I have this too lol
head and shoulders even though no dandruff

File: 69 dresses denim.jpg (256KB, 1280x1920px)Image search: [Google]
69 dresses denim.jpg
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Post what you are inspired by style wise.
Fits, individual pieces, style photography, whatever.
The brand in the photo is 69 if you don't read about fashion, you should check it out, very limited shipping and releases atm though because they're still pretty small.
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File: 3.jpg (131KB, 800x1198px)Image search: [Google]
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Is it uncool to wear a letterman jacket after high school?

>be me
>graduated high school last spring
>get job
>have four months before ship to boot camp
>was a varsity wrestler in high school
>decide it would be cool to get a letter jacket
>doesn't really matter because going to boot camp anyway
>order jacket
>embroider jacket
>am poorfag and it was expensive
>wear jacket around
>love it

Is this lame? I promise, I didn't peak in high school, and I don't obnoxiously brag about being a varsity wrestler. I just like the jacket - it looks good with my Chuck Taylors.

>inb4 jealous losers say "no" because they couldn't make varsity
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The only uncool/lame part of this is your insecurity. If someone told you it was lame would you take it off? Beta as fuck m8.
>i didn't peak in high school

>joining the military

lol ok buddy see ya in a couple years after a 12 year old blows your legs off
File: 1444153367525s.jpg (9KB, 250x200px)Image search: [Google]
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Shut up and give me validation.

File: 66408_20Apr12_cumple4.jpg (41KB, 500x333px)Image search: [Google]
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With this cold weather coming up, what's the most effay way to wear a scarf?
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pic related is most /fa/; don't fall for meme knots

simple once around the neck is acceptable too

whats a meme knot doe
>don't fall for meme knots
posts a picture of the ultimate meme knot

File: Untitled.png (29KB, 1296x574px)Image search: [Google]
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I guess this is the closest board for what I need.

I am in desperate need for a jock strap.

Not just any jockstrap, but one that really cups and lifts my nuts. Ive tried several different kinds and none of them work- they're just shit tier clothflaps. No support at all, they just smash my nuts down.

The left is what regular jocks do to my nuts, so when i sit (or drive) i end up smashing/sitting on my testes. normally i can reach in and adjust, but if im out, or moving around a lot, putting my hands in my pants isnt feasible

the right is what im looking for, something to really crank my nuts up and keep them out of the way

can you help me out?
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i'm laughing so fucking hard
i'm glad my problems can bring a smile to your face

at least you don't have to deal with having testicles
just crank my nuts up fam

I'm looking for some ideas/inspo to wear for an interview next week, it's not a retail/fast food/teen job and will be my first interview where it's an actual career that I plan on staying in.

What clothes would be decent for the interview? They usually wear uniforms which includes a polo shirt and black pants, but I've also seen some in dress shirts. It's somewhat a government job and I don't have a ton of money . Would H&M be enough with my clothes tailored? Or should I just go buy a cheap suit?
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whats the actual job
That demographic is weak. A black suit is never appropriate for work. It's only appropriate for weddings and funerals.
Garbage man

File: jacke.png (67KB, 490x525px)Image search: [Google]
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Need your help /fa/ggots
what is the type of coat/jacket in pic related called?
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just a grey double breasted overcoat
much appreciated
don't get one though if the reason you want one is because you want to look like this anime guy

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