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I'm a basic bro and want to get some nice flannels to wear for fall.

I find a lot of flannels are really shitty. I only have one right now from Brook's Brothers, and it's been discontinued.

Where should I look for good flannels? Gitman Vintage? I like the BB's fit and material, but their other patterns are pretty boring/ugly.
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Try Uniqlo
went in uniqlo the other day

all their flannels were shit tbh

got a decent one from marks a few weeks back though
i dont know if they actually make flannels now or in the past but if i wanted to make guesses for you id say

thom browne
junya watanabe
wolf vs goat
engineered garments

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the ones you wear lmao
w2c all black w/ short tongue
nice meme frienderino

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what are some /fa/ fragrances for men? are there any infographics for someone whose only ever worn his dad's old spice?
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Is it weird to use a women's deodorant as a man?
do what you want

just lurk warosu tbh

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What kind of fits can I pull off with my KVAs? Also how should I go about cleaning the laces?
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>buys expensive sneakers
>then asks 4chan what he can wear with them

>you will never cuck yourself into this situation
I wear them with drapey clothes right now, but I was just wondering how other people wear them.
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/fa/ help pls

i need to buy new shoes, but kind of tired of wearing sneakers all the time..

need something i can wear to work but also hanging out with [email protected] on the weekend. so nothing too fancy.. also black or white only!

i've only owned one pair of dress shoes my whole life, everything else has been sneakers, so i really have no idea what is good and what's shit..

something like pic related? that one is pretty ugly though lol. idk.. advice please
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just get some black derbies
Yeah but will those go well with jeans / hoodie ?

is it even possible to have one pair of shoes that'll go well with jeans and also chino/dress shirt for work?

just bought a pair of derby's need some inspo. What are some go to clothes to pair these with? I was thinking, black trench, 1 colour crew and grey wool trousers.
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more doc martens mono's
monitoring thread. bought redwing postmans recently and realized i don't really have great fits to put together with them.

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I need help /fa/

I'm the south american fam
Little refresh on my problem, from a thread some time ago:


> live in the third world
> Inflation and taxes make clothes more expensive

I can't stand to buy clothing withour trying it out and feeling it first. Any shitty online purchase takes a month to arrive. So I don't buy online anymore, also you sometimes have to pay half the price again in taxes...

Just to get you an idea, I paid a black Levi's 510 $121 dollars.

Almost what some nudie jeans worth.

>tfw no Nudie jeans

The best brands here for jeans are Levi's and Diesel (and we only get the most niggerish of the models, and über expensive)

Forever 21, and Zara aren't super cheap here, but "regular".


Now I'm trying to buy shoes, I have handmade Gallarate, an old national brand. Italian immigrants bla bla bla.
Bought them for a wedding, for the classical look. Are they any good for other things than a suit?

cost me 110 dollah, fair price
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This are for sale at my size.
Is f21 footwear even worth it?
price 60
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Dr Martens, $126
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clarks $40

Anybody got any good fit pics of any of the things from here?
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the shirt and the pants are
actually really like this.

did anybody cop the shawl cardigan? i haven't seen any pics of that where it wasn't buttoned up all the way
what kind of shoes is lemaire wearing in that pic

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Hung out with a girl I haven't seen since High School and she said I "look really good".

I asked what she meant and she said I dress myself very well.

This is what I was wearing. Is this okay? Also, any tips on how to improve it?
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There's a lot of black, possibly introduce some colour? The style just seems really boring, don't get me wrong it's okay but there's nothing interesting going on! Finally, that jacket I'm not a fan of, idk if it's actually the jacket you're wearing but try to steer clear of black manikin stuff it's virtually all shit
Are those black jeans? I would guess so but I'm not sure.

If I had to change something, I'd swap out the shoes for light, earthy-toned boots and switch the pants to grey chinos. I'd also replace the black v-neck with a white crew neck tee or some low-key, dark colored one.

Then again, I've never owned a leather jacket so idk. Not sure how well non-earthy colors work with leather jackets.
Yeah I've been thinking about bringing in some color.

Maybe dark/forest green and some gray?

Dashboard is getting a bit stale, need new tumblrs to follow.



>black & white

>hot grills




>general aesthetic

Will follow back similar

pic related
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How about no
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Real niggas who hit purp only

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Is Marty Mcfly /fa/?
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looks pretty fly to me


this is even worse than holocaust
way ahead of his time

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What does /fa/ think of these glasses??


Also general glasses thread.
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heres another pic

they are prescriptions with a clip-on.

Are clip-ons for old geezers, because I like them, and I am currently in Japan so I can get them for cheap, they are Masunaga GMS 07


pls respond
only a very few people would be cool and european enough to pull these off. seeing how ur speaking english on a yank shitposting forum, id say you dont meet the requirements

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sambas tbh.jpg
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Are these shoes effay? Or were they an elaborate 4chan meme?

They look pretty comfortable tbh.
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are they or not
I like them, but others would disagree.

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fishtail parka.jpg
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fishtail parka/military parka thread, post more of pic related
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>olive parka
why do want to look like a basic bitch white girl on every college campus
File: vEZqRl74RCw_nsilci.jpg (62KB, 454x685px)Image search: [Google]
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the fishtail in supreme's F/W15 collection is fuckin beautiful, pic related
if only I had £700 to buy one from a reseller :(
because I'm just trying to upgrade y wardrobe bit by bit. what would you suggest that's better for a similar look?

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People always say I look like Ryan Gosling.
Me? I don't blame 'em
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I see it
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I see it
I see it

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