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Fam, being an effay thug aint easy
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w2c shoes

Please don't come back to this board
i do what i want nigger

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what the fuck am i supposed to do with this
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be blacc
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go fast
throw it away

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Is Swaglord /fa/?
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i like his yee
but moots buh buh-buh buh buh buh buh buh buh-buh buh buh buh buh buh buh-buh is sub-par
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memelord is cool t b h

Who /uuuu/ here?
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always has been, always will be :^)

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which vans are decent
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vans sk8hi black
vans sk8hi all white
vans authentic red
old skool ones

Hey /fa/
Got a question for ya:
Are undercuts/curtain cuts still in?
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they fuccboi now, we're waiting on new shit. This is the transition phase, much like the entirety of the 2000s.
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not really, at least not the super clean cut ones like Brad Pitt has, longer on the sides young Stalin shit is more in now but way harder to grow out and manage
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I thought shaved head was in

I need a product, specifically a mousse, to help me make my hair more wavy, maybe even slightly curly. My hair is already a little wavy and it will look good if i don't take a shower but when i do take a shower it becomes so dry and brittle (i even do no poo too)
I have a pomade that will make my hair more wavy and less dry looking but pomades just makes my face greasy. Which is something I don't want.
Over all I need something that

>makes my hair more wavy
>won't make my hair dry
>won't make my forehead greasy

I heard mousses was good for this but I don't know what do buy.
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try this
yeah that guy is very based. conservative cuck faggot. nobody shuts up a feminazi like him.

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Vest or no vest? homecoming at my school.
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that fit is not quite my tempo
honestly it's all pretty bad

the vest worsens it

just go with shades of blue and greyscale for the shirt/tie

the suit fits poorly but that's to be expected i suppose

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mirin dat fit
10/10 stance
Looks like those yesstyle compilations

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What does /fa/ think of my everyday style? Is it good? Is it bad? Need some advice please.
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why didn't you just take a picture of yourself?
too lazy to do that right now, although this is what I wear pretty much all the time.
You need new glasses.

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shia thread
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I can't find these shoes being sold anywhere.

Please help
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no one?

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Long story short, my dad got me this backpack for my birthday (I'm 26, but we don't talk much so he tries to make up for it by buying me insanely expensive things).

Problem is, it seems kind of ugly to me. Am I wrong? Is my sense of style broken? Is TUMI a fashionable or even just a good-quality brand?

This backpack apparently retails for ~500 dollars, and the receipt I found inside suggests he bought it at DFS at an airport in Italy, so I sure as fuck can't just lose it, and I doubt I can return it.

Thoughts? Suggestions?
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>Buying a Tumi backpack.

To be honest the quality is great (well used to be, zippers have gone a bit shitty since 2010)
The warranty is also great (well used to be, no longer lifetime no questions asked)

The look? Their big failure, I have an Alpha briefcase for carrying my laptop in an urban setting, it's an amazingly well built bag and maybe even iconic, but good looking?Not really.

They try to apply their "business" look to anything, and that's why the backpacks look so weird, they are designed to look passable in an office and not like a high-schoolers one.

It just doesn't work in terms of looks. It will be well made and probably outlast your old man that it will do.

(unless their quality really has taken a turn for the worse, it's been on a slippery slope since '05)
looks alright but it would look better on black
what i would do is bring it in to somebody to paint the leather black or do it myself.
I think it looks really nice. The zippers are a bit big though.

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how to look more edgy?
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very funny
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Cop or not?: I've been looking through a bunch of boots and found these and I just love them so much, but I want to know if they are too fuccboi. I have no sense of fashion outside of generic stoner type shit so I don't know. A friend of mine was saying that they're too feminine, so I don't really know if I should get them. Also, what kind of pants would look good with them?
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They don't look feminine at all. Does your friend even dress well?
My friend wears a sweatshirt, basketball shorts, and sketchers. He was pointing out the cloth bit at the ankles and the sharp angled heel as being feminine.
Personally I think the strap looks ugly but not feminine

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w2c this outfit (especially the vest)? Lurker and creeper, saving from waywt threads tbh
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