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>Really love ties; love the way they look, love how they feel when wearing them, love having that little extra accessory to play around with.
>TFW you never get to wear them because everyone in business is getting rid of ties, claiming they're stuffy and old fashioned, no one wears them casually anymore and wearing a tie looks strange as fuck.

Are ties going to be like fedoras are nowadays?
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then don't wear old fashioned ties

stick with slim (not skinny) solid/dotted silk ties

go for knitted if you want to make that extra statement
>claiming they are stuffy and old fashioned
that sounds like old people trying to be hip with the kids these days
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Men used to dress like pic related; No problem, just another day.

Now they're literally afraid to wear neckties in fear of being called stuffy. Marxism in action, gents. Soon we'll all wear some kind of homgenised unisex trashbag.

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In need of a good quality laptop backpack, preferably nothing too edgy/wild.

Nothing too expensive since on a budget. Any suggestions /fa/?
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Honestly you posted it yourself. Incase is a reliable brand. Minimal, Sleek, Modern, at a decent price
my friend bought one and its pretty nice
i tease him that the things on top of the straps and the handle are the same exact seat belt material tho
North Face microbyte is pretty good. I've been rocking a charcoal one for the past couple of months.

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What's the name of this hair cut? It's pretty.
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That's the character you silly bum.
bobbed cut

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Instagram- msmorgssss
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I'll follow back
But you don't post anything of quality.. You've barely posted anything at all. It's one pic of metal scraps.

Come If You a Bad Bitch

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Is it true that scandinavians are the effayest people in Europe? What is that 'scandinavian minimalism'?
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does effayest mean gayest
ecks dee
fuck you OP you're dumb
nobody consciously thinks about sandinavians
Yes if wearing nothing but H&M is considered /fa/

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More of these
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Damn if that did not upset me.
>I bet everyone thinks I'm like most girls
top kek

overall not a great one tho, it needs to be more focussed on a specific subtype - this seems like a weird mix of basic bitch and feminazi.
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Are side burns still cool?
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that guy would literally look less gay if he was wearing lipstick and a wig
This look is from the future. Get used to it. The old rules will no longer apply.
why does he have the body of a thin girl but the head of an energy drink guzzling chubby douchebag

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Showering in the morning vs showering in the night
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Why not both? feels good, doesn't cost much.
costs twice as much as doing just one

Cole sprouse halloween outfit is on point tho
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I would let him bust inside of me.
we literally all would

Skincare General.

Post everything related to skin care ITT.

Skin care basics: http://tuxbell.com/index.php?title=Grooming#Skin-care_Basics
Acne treatment: http://tuxbell.com/index.php?title=Grooming#Acne_Treatment

Skinacea Links:
Retinoids: http://www.skinacea.com/retinoids/retinoids.html
Sunscreen: http://www.skinacea.com/sunscreen/sunscreen.html
Ridding dark eye circles: http://www.skinacea.com/how-to/get-rid-of-dark-circles.html

General Guide: http://hastebin.com/raw/wojuyazibo
Dark circles: http://pastebin.com/t796eKvr
Soap, pH, irritants, and synthetic detergents: http://pastebin.com/51yse1NE
Popping pimples: http://pastebin.com/MufDiSfy
Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation: http://pastebin.com/GXYPdwMf
Skin tone and diet: http://hastebin.com/raw/ehesotajaf
Causes of acne: http://pastebin.com/tudaKWmN

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not really skincare but can anyone recommend any good Teeth whitening strips?
My house doctor told me to get a tan to improve my acne.

Was he just brosciencing? Most Derms tell me to always wear sunscreen. I might do it with heavy sunscreen on my face and shoulders, but I don't know it it's worth it.
For a 2% salicylic acid gel, how long am I supposed to keep it on my skin for a treatment? I can't find info on this anywhere.

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Post all things Rick in the friendliest most accepting thread on the board

>Recent Rick Owens Tumblr Q&A

>Rick Owens SS16 Cyclops Womens show 01Oct15

>Recent Cops
>Sales/Good finds/Grailed Links


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love Rick but that OP pic is cheesy af tbh lmao

Blessings tho fam


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General inspo thread
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You're worse than Ree.
I loved Ree.

Post some good shit, discuss, etc.

What are some good all black boots? Preferably with a good sole for rain/snow
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File: collage_20151003125009798-1.jpg (2MB, 2236x2236px)Image search: [Google]
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Vibram and dainite soles

Motor Chromexcel Leather Lace Up Boots.....look very nice
I hate the ever-living shit out of any black boots that have that brown midsole
The most disgusting shit ever
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qasa edition v2.0
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where can I get the blue ones - EU but I'd be willing to ship.


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Post your silly hair related questions here.
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sup /fa/, token black guy here.

i need some beard advice, it's been about 4 weeks so far and i'm going for pic related, any specific oils or conditioners i should use?

this is what it looks like now, not so much for 4 weeks: http://imgur.com/a/xILo1
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i need a haircut so fucking badly. i really don't want to hitler youth

How old are you?

Not sure how black guy's beards grow, but it doesn't look full enough yet. You're also missing the mouth region.

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