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Can we have a legwear thread? I never seem to have enough tights/socks. Post your favorites or the ones you can't seem to find.

What is your favorite brand? Your favorite style (OTK, tights, ankle, etc)? What brands do you hate? What designs do you wish there were more of?
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Dumping some.

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Old thread is autosaging.

Basic Western Routine:

Starter Asian Routine:
>Oil Cleanser
>Foaming Cleanser

Some basic tips:
>Introduce Moisturizer first. As much as you want to introduce a cleanser to clean, a moisturizer helps control oil production
>introduce one product, two weeks at a time
>Unless starting BHA or AHA, you should not be getting new breakouts while introducing products
>YMMV always. Just because it worked for others, doesn't mean it will work for you.
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Basic skincare products are:

>Cleanser: Cetaphil, CeraVe
>Toner: Thayers Alcohol Free Witch Hazel
>Moisturizer: Aloe Vera gel, Cerave PM >Cetaphil moisturizer, Eucarin

Asian Beauty Starter Pack:
>Oil cleanser: DHC Deep Cleansing Oil, Kose Softymo Speedy Cleansing Oil, Banila Co Clean It Zero
>Second Cleanser: Hada Labo Foaming, Cerave Foaming, Tosowoong Powder Enzyme, CosRx Good Morning Gel
>Moisturizer: Cerave PM, Benton Snail Bee Steam Cream, CosRx Honey Ceramide Full Moisture Cream, CosRx 92 Snail AIO
>Sunscreen: Biore Watery Essence, Shiseido Senka Anti-aging, Canmake Mermaid UV Gel, Biore Perfect Milk

As always, YMMV. Just because other people like it, doesn't mean that you would.
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I don't know what to do.
I have stubborn acne on my cheeks that isn't too severe but hasn't improved much with topical treatments, including prescription medication/retinoids, high strength benzoyl peroxide, diet changes, not wearing makeup anymore, washing my sheets frequently, Korean skincare, or antibiotics.
I want to go on Accutane but idk if my insurance will even cover it since my acne isn't severe (I'd call it moderate. This photo doesn't do it justice but my whole jaw, chin, and cheeks are breaking out)
My gynocologist suspects I have endometriosis and that's the cause of my stubborn acne. Birth control cleared up my skin a little but I honestly rather die than be on it again because it fucked with my hormones too much.
A main draw back of Accutane even if my insurance does cover is that I'd likely have to go on birth control again due to the birth defects it causes, even though I'm a lesbian and physically cannot be pregnant from sex and am not even sexually active anyways.
I see a few options.
1) There are different types of birth control with different hormonal profiles, and it might be that (if you only tried one) you need a different kind to what they put you on.
1b) If you've tried multiple kinds and they're all bad, then go on Accutane and... don't take the pills.
2) If you have endometriosis, you'll need to go on hormonal medication to treat that anyway.

tl;dr tell your gyn that the birth control you used wasn't compatible with your body and ask for a pill with a different profile.

The horrors
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Is that a mustache?


Another interview of Shoichi Aoki on the decline of jfashion/'Harajuku' style. Do you guys agree with it? Do you see things changing?

I personally definitely agree with what he says about over commercialization killing a large part of the creativity. Plus the newer jfashion trends have been a lot more subdued and can be easily emulated with western clothing brands. Larme (as much as people like to claim otherwise) can very easily be emulated with F21 and C&A clothing if you aren't brand-picky, and things like lolita or mori have largely disappeared or gone the way of online-exclusive OOTD snaps in lieu of meetups.

What I'm most interested to see if there will be a resurgence in another area of Tokyo where the artsy/fashion kids hang out. I've been hearing a lot about this one area/street near Bunka, the fashion school of Tokyo, so maybe that is where everyone is headed?
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Its been "dead" ever since Harajuku became a brand for celebrities. It's sad but Im hopeful a new safe place to pop up.
I think it's 50% tourism and 50% the fact that the fashion has simply exhausted itself.

Tourism has turned Harajuku very commercial in a roundabout way; Takeshita is still rammed with alternative fashion shops, but a lot of the old ones have died because it's become a 'cool japan' hotspot, the rents have gone sky-high and a niche fashion brand can't afford a highstreet presence anymore. This is only going to get worse in the run up to the 2020 olympics, the old station building is being pulled down and replaced with a shiny glass/chrome one so it's looking more homogenized.

As for the fashion itself, I don't really think that fast fashion has killed Harajuku styles, I think a lot of it comes down to music and culture. Lolita and gothic styles were always tied to visual-kei which has slowly died. Oshare-kei brought all the colorful punk styles and that's now dead. If you look at current styles of clothing, none of them have a surrounding culture, movie or a soundtrack or anything to inspire people to wear them - they're just different ways to wear clothes and that's it, there's no reason to wear pop-kei (for example) other than the reason that other people are wearing it.

I'd say the only way that fast fashion is contributing to Harajuku style's decline is the fact that a lot of fast fashion shops have opened up in Tokyo fairly recently and the fact that smartphones and twitter/instagram have put more and more Japanese kids in touch with Western culture. Harajuku style was a Japanese thing and now that those Japanese kids are broadening their horizons, they want to try something new that has conveniently landed on their doorstep.

If you look on Tokyo Street Fashion's street snaps, most of the styles are heavily fragmented and the favorite bands listed by the models are often just western pop stars or K-Pop groups.
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Yeah it's dead. When I went last March all the tourists (yes I know I'm one of them) were flocking around the bridge, clearly waiting for those Harajuku kids and were pretty stoked when this group showed up. Everything is pretty tame and you can tell half or more are gaijin. I wish I got a picture of the people taking pictures. I just happened to be coming out of the Meiji shrine at the time. Takeshita street was so packed it was impossible to move. I'm glad I stuck to it and made it to the smaller back streets where things seem more chill.

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I'd like to do Brak, but make it look scary and realistic
with a prosthetic cat snot/jowls and for his teeth, vampire teeth on top and orc tusk on the bottom.
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FĂ«anor would be pretty dope
A really, really good Iron Man.
Guys!! Don't just dream about your dream cosplays!! Get out there on the INTERNET and r e s e a r c h!!! You wanna do Iron Man?? Better learn pepakura! You wanna do Brak with prosthetics?? Better learn SFX skills!! There's nothing stopping you from researching these areas. There's so much info out there!!! Don't just dream, do!! :)

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How about we get a general thread going for "casual" girly styles?

Defined styles like himekaji, roma gyaru, otome-kei/soft lolita welcome as well as undefined street style.

Try to keep larme, fairy kei, etc in their own threads--but let's not get too hung up on thread policing.
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I need jeans. What kind of jeans should I get
File: image.jpg (73KB, 500x332px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I like light wash jeans because they pair nicely with pastels. I generally don't wear pants, though, so I don't have much jean inspo.

When it comes to a lolita wardrobe we're all agreed on the basic basics (petticoat etc) but what are your personal essentials?
What can you not live without?
What are you planning on adding to your wardrobe over the coming year?
Let's chat wardrobe expansion!
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Personal essential: A basic, versatile, practical purse. I have a lot of cute, decorative purses that go to a specific outfit or print, but I also have a "main" purse that is more design-neutral and storage practical that I can grab for almost any outfit and I know I can fit my purse, phone, keys, and miscellaneous stuff into it.

Sometimes I see lolitas with these tiny adorable extravagant purses that they have to struggle to fit their wallet back into, and i'm like, girl just get a reasonably-sized solid colored one if you're gonna be out all day! I feel like a lot of people underestimate the convenience of having a purse that can store all of their stuff plus any extra crap they might end up needing to carry around. Especially at cons. Hell, at a con I might even suggest getting a cute backpack. If nothing else you can keep a bottle of water in there.
1. Always get a matching blouse when you buy a main piece. Even better if it also matches other things you own.
2. Have a few petticoats for layering. Different dresses and situations call for different levels of poof.
3. Have a few high quality universal accessories that match what you own, or are planning to own.
4. Don't buy shit impulsively. Don't forget that the dress is just a part of the outfit. Make sure there's some cohesiveness in your closet, unless you have unlimited $ to get brand new accessories/shoes/socks/head pieces/etc every time.
>What are you planning on adding to your wardrobe over the coming year?

Definitely more blouses/cutsews/boleros/cardigans, accessories and possibly shoes and bags, but I feel like I'm already drowning in the latter two despite not even owning that many. Probably because I have no space.
Basically anything but main pieces, as I have this bad habit of always just buying them.

Previous Thread

> Cosplay Masterpost: http://pastebin.com/ekZP1fhg
- Tutorials and links that can help with Homestuck cosplays. Refer to it if you need help. Any contributions welcome.

> Crunchy Cosplay List: http://i.imgur.com/QRRWqRn.jpg
- A list of suggested Homestuck cosplayers to follow and check out, as they have great cosplays and some also have good tutorials on their blogs.

> To discuss:
-List Updates
- Favorite Homestuck Cosplays through the years
- Hiveswap drop date limbo?
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> Hiveswap drop date limbo?

I'll wait as long as I have to, I'm just excited.

I'd prefer to have a bug-free game and wait an extra few months, then have to download a messy first attempt before it's really ready.
continuing with the tag dump then!

WTF sales thread, didn't see one in the catalog
people can really sell anything on LM huh
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She's got the "idea" down... But that's like someone's personal first project; not something to sell to other Lolitas.
This is sold as a quick cosplay and not actual lolita, right?
File: 1480524133172.jpg (1B, 486x500px)
1B, 486x500px
it's supposed to be a replica of an AP set

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Rather than derailing the feels thread.

Does anyone else enjoy looking at pictures of slutty male cosplayers? Like, not that guy who does the occasional shirtless cosplay, but proper Nigri-esque fanservice with good bodies. Are there guys with a name for this sort of thing?

I've only ever seen one, but I'm hooked, and hoping others know more.

also, post sexy male cosplayers, obviously.
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While I don't know of any guy doing it professionally, I sincerely enjoy taking sexy photos of my bf during cosplay sex and smugly hoarding them as good porn of [character] that nobody else can have.
sooo what's the difference between this and the eyecandy thread?
Reasonably obvious for the non-autistic, anon- I'm asking if there are specific cosplayers who are known for this stuff.

At what age did you star cosplaying?are you male or female?at what age do you think is appropriate to stop?oldfag here,just asking because thinking about retiring soon(pic unrelated)
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I was kind of a late bloomer and started around 2014 when i was 21. As of today I have no intention to quit cosplaying, but I'm starting to feel a bit old - especially at local cons, where the majority of people seems to be 14-18 yo.
Eventually you'll feel out of place,like I do
I guess it's already happening. I'm always trying to laugh off, tho.
Asking your questions back at you: are you m or w and when did you start?

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I know this is probably the most autistic thing y'all are going to read today, but I need help.

I need to construct a Cosplay for Rudol Von Stroheim, by April first.

Not only are there like, zero options for a full costume online, but the jew in me wants to make as much of it as physically possible actual German memorabilia, or at least a realistic reproduction; That way I can have a use for it when my group of jojo friends aren't cosplaying.

Any and all help will be appreciated.
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I think /pol/ or /fa/ would be better to ask for help.
I'd actually ask /k/, but real German stuff is pretty expensive
What would I say though?

"Hey homosexuals, help me look like a legitimate nazi"


I know its expensive, thats why I came here for help uwu

Thanks though

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send all the drama you have
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to start off: frances is back yet again
mods no ban please, we all established frances is a fake name
>not knowing who Frances is
Gtfo newfag

There's been a few drama/discussion Katsu threads, but nothing with photos from the con. Let's post some. What cosplayers were your favorites? What are you sick of seeing?
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>Starts thread implying too many Katsu drama threads
>Starts drama thread asking which cosplayers we're sick of seeing

This girl was a bitch. Tried to talk to her about her dress and was snubbed off. Whole thing is hotglued together anyway.

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