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Hey seagulls,

When you see a great cosplay, there are many surface level thing that stand out as to why the cosplay looks amazing. Things like garment construction, prop craftsmanship, and attention to detail, etc...
But one important aspect I don't see discussed very often is proper undergarments. As is true with a lot of period clothing, a lot of cosplays either depend upon or could be improved by using specific garments to shape the body to the costume.
Things like shape wear, corsets, dance tights, even lingerie tape, etc... can add a whole other level of quality to your cosplay that most people probably won't even know to point out or compliment you on.

So let's discuss!
What kind of special undergarments have you used for cosplay?
Best brands/retailers for various products?
What are some cosplays that definitely would require special undergarments to achieve 10/10?

For myself, one thing I do is wear a special bra for larger breasted characters. I'm about a b cup and I have a bra that can pad me out to a DD, works really well for those busty anime girls.
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I wear this under everything.
Even your swimsuit anon?
I usually wear shape wear shorts or one that looks like a onepiece bathing suit.
Just having something smoothing out your shape is such an improvement.
I'm interested in buying a body dance tights, does anyone have any experience with those?

Closet of frills thread: March Edition
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Hey /cgl/, I'm moving up to New York from the south and basically leaving my entire community behind in less then a week. I just wanted to collect some thoughts from some Northern gulls about what conventions are worth going to and which ones I should avoid? It'll be my first time doing a big thing like this all on my own so I wanted to start integrating myself with the con scene as soon as possible when conventions start rolling out.


>Which cons are worth it?
>Any events that happen regularly?
>Anything interesting I should I visit when I get there?
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Cheap cons by NYC- CPAC, Liberty City Anime Con. You can take public transport to get to CPAC, and it's actually a decent growing convention. LCAC is very weeby, but it's in midtown so easy to get to.

There's also NYCC, but it isn't cheap. If you've never been it's worth going. Also, this year Crunchyroll is starting up Anime NYC in November, so I expect that to be good. There's not a whole lot of cons in NYC, but there's some groups that do cosplay bar events and hang out.

NYC is great because you can pretty much travel to any Eastern con through trains, so I'm jelly anon. Welcome!
There are a decent amount of meets and things and happen in the NYC area, especially in the Bryant Park area since Kinokuniya's there. They tend to pop up on the FB events.
Thanks for the for responses!

I'll check out CPAC when I get down there then! Getting to Jersey isn't very hard if I can manage the Long Island Express properly. I'm actually pretty interested because Rookiez iz PUNK'D will be there.

I actually went to NYCC in 2014 and 2015 but I stopped in 2016 aftemror the costs went up and the hassle of even getting the tickets became so tedious.

From where I from there used to be an over-saturation of conventions, it'll be a pretty interesting experience from what I can tell. And I actually saw Anime NYC on a list of cons but I didn't know it was from Crunchy so that's kinda cool to know.

I had no idea what Kinokuniya was until I looked it up. Definitely going to make it a thing to stop by when I get there.

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Old thread >>9247053
I'm expecting to see a lot of lucky packs this time around
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I bought a hair tie from Wunderwelt's Rakuten last week, and this is the email they sent me:

Hello [my name]

Thank you very much for using Shop "Wonderwelt Rakuten Market Store" in Rakuten Market.
For the following orders, change procedure has been done, so I will contact you.

If you have any questions about this change procedure,
Please contact the shop "Wonderwelt Rakuten Market Shop".

And I mailed them right back that I'm ready to pay.
It's been several days, they haven't sent me a paypal invoice yet.
I'm getting concerned that I don't understand what they mean.
I've always had good customer service with WW so idk wtf is going on here
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updated mail list! i feel like i'm at the point where i'm less bent on acquiring main pieces and more on getting accessories/filler to work with

New year new thread!
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>tfw newfags make a thread about other people's mistakes

>calling some else a newfag for making a bad makeup thread, which we've had for literal years

OP made a mistake while creating a topic about mistakes

that's all

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Opinions? Rants?
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does anyone even do this anymore now that avatar fandom is dying
I'll never feel okay to cosplay Mulan and that makes me sad
This article is from 2015. The comments section has already told off the writer for being racist and having double standards.

But the thing that really stuck out for me is she called Korra an Asian-American. If you ever watched the show, the water tribe is based on the Inuit and Yupik. If you're going to complain about cultural appropriation, at least get your cultures correct in the first place!

What is cosplay anymore? All I see is cam girls trying to make money, boudoir shots for "empowerment", "me first" cosplay attempts, and the occasional wicked prop or armor build (not including the jnig boob armor stuff).

Are the rest of the "I actually just do it because I love the character" people disassociating themselves from this pop-culture part of the hobby?
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I feel like in general, people are a lot less friendly at cons and less willing to hang out with people that they don't know. Which is a shame, because it used to be a great way to make new friends.

They aren't the ones you hear about. In a lot of trash fandoms, sports anime etc, people are still definitely in it for the fandom. But nobody's chitchating about decent but uninteresting animu character #5 character when there's sexyfemmearmoredvikinggenderbendboobwarcraftdragon.
If it isn't the cosplay moral authority speaking on behalf of the innocent cosplayers.
If you don't like it, choose not to associate with it, it's that simple.

Cosplay as whatever you want, but understand sex appeal obviously gets a level of attention that normal shoestring cosplay won't attract. Sex sells, gets used to it.

>Are cosplayers disassociating themselves because it's no longer niche?
no, normal cosplayers still cosplay, they just don't get the 6 figure follow counts the boudoir models will get and most don't care.

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Attending large cons on both shores (AB and AX) and many smaller cons ranging from intimate hangouts to awkward cringefests i'd like to hear the variety of opinions seagulls on cons.
Name a con and give either an anecdote or a short sentence verdict.
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Florida Supercon - Gets a lot of shit for being a Broder con, but is probably the best convention FL has behind Megacon. Not all the guests are the most relevant, but there's a large variety of them and you're bound to find at least a couple you want to see/meet. Nice dealer's room, standard panels, friendly people. They don't always abide by their own rules, which is usually good for the freedom of the congoers. Not the most exciting atmosphere though; if you want to party you'll probably have to find a group and do it off convention grounds.
I feel like comparing AB to AX isn't really a fair comparison. They're on different con tiers in my book even if you consider it "large".
I wasn't comparing them, just stating i've been to a variety of large and small cons.

I'd love to compile some sort of guide to US cons full of the stark honesty only /cgl/ can deliver.

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ITT: Do foam weapons need to be checked?

Find out all info in this thread
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better to just bring it weapons check if you are unsure, but generally yes they do
is open carry legal at conventions?
Foam weapons need to be checked.
Wood weapons need to be checked.
If you're carrying a giant prop it needs to be checked.
If you're carrying anything that remotely looks like it could hurt someone it needs to be checked.
Weapons check all the things.
This has been your daily dose of weapons check.

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Grinch Stats are coming right up! Though guessing from the last thread, it won't be pretty.
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>see OP and suddenly reminded of almost Grinching my giftees last year because someone decapitated my mail box and nearly got my mail sent back to China
I think I sent my gifts to the wrong recipients.
To continue where the last thread left off:
Received their gifts!

Santa's Helper is willing to lead White Day but needs help! Send them an email if you want to pitch in and help by assigning matches!

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Looks like >>9246227 has hit sage. Let's get a new one going for 2017.
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Anyone planning to attend AM or are you still on strike?
I'm still waiting for AM to get actual guests. No one cares about youtubers or cosplay guests.
John keeps cock teasing on the AM group about something big surrounding Sailor Moon but they've yet to deliver.

Did anyone else notice that voice actress for D.Va was quietly removed?

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Korean Routine.jpg
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Old Thread >>9240843
Basic Western Routine:

Starter Asian Routine:
>Oil Cleanser
>Foaming Cleanser

Some basic tips:
>Introduce Moisturizer first. As much as you want to introduce a cleanser to clean, a moisturizer helps control oil production
>introduce one product, two weeks at a time
>Unless starting BHA or AHA, you should not be getting new breakouts while introducing products
>YMMV always. Just because it worked for others, doesn't mean it will work for you.

See below for some product suggestions
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asic skincare products are:

Cleanser: Cetaphil, CeraVe
Toner: Thayers Alcohol Free Witch Hazel
Moisturizer: Aloe Vera gel, Cerave PM Cetaphil moisturizer, Eucarin

Asian Beauty Starter Pack:
Oil cleanser: DHC Deep Cleansing Oil, Kose Softymo Speedy Cleansing Oil, Banila Co Clean It Zero
Second Cleanser: Hada Labo Foaming, Cerave Foaming, Tosowoong Powder Enzyme, CosRx Good Morning Gel
Moisturizer: Cerave PM, Benton Snail Bee Steam Cream, CosRx Honey Ceramide Full Moisture Cream, CosRx 92 Snail AIO
Sunscreen: Biore Watery Essence, Shiseido Senka Anti-aging, Canmake Mermaid UV Gel, Biore Perfect Milk

As always, YMMV. Just because other people like it, doesn't mean that you would
So, has anyone tried anything new in the past few days? I've been trying out this moisturizer from Etude House called Pure Water Baobab Cream. It gets my face really tight but other than that, no bad reactions.

Looking forward to trying the oil cleansers soon.
File: 1343078971962.jpg (1B, 486x500px)
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Am I supposed to wash my face before I go to bed and apply aloe vera to it? I'm not using any makeup, just moisturizer

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something interesting there?

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Hey cosplay and anime fans im not /pol/ but i just want to hear where most of you buy your cosplay items and other anime items or stuff of all kind.

If you could post websites here or stores that would be great I just want to see whats popular and whats not by taking a quick poll
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most of us generally make our costumes, so, fabric/craft stores. for accessories and wigs and whatnot, it varies depending on the cosplay

as for anime items, amiami is pretty solid
aahh thank you for you input
Cosplayers usually make their stuff but Google translate + yahoo Japan auctions will get you some great weeb stuff

Right, so I've never bought from any Taobao brands before, but I really like this JSK (Infanta's Chocolate Carousel) and I am heavily convinced about giving Infanta a try.
But I decided that it is safer to ask any of you guys about it. Firstly, is this a replica? I searched and couldn't really find anything on it.

Secondly, do any of you own this JSK or anything else by Infanta? What is the quality like? I don't expect it to be as good as AP or something, but I have pretty high hopes for it. My main concern is the fabric. Does Infanta use cheap, shitty fabric? All pictures I've seen of this JSK look pretty good, but I'm kind of weary of non-burando pieces because from what I've heard they're hit and miss... The close up of the fabric seems decent although it does look quite thin (not always a bad thing, but yeah).

Sorry if this is boring, but I have done some research too. It doesn't change the fact that I would really appreciate to hear your first hand experiences with Infanta.
One last thing: I'm thinking of buying from Lolita Wardrobe, but is My Lolita Dress better? I have no experience with these sites whatsoever, sorry if my lack of knowledge is annoying. Thankyou so much in advance.
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