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One month till AB. How's everyone's cosplays coming along? How late will the schedule be out? Will this year be LineCon 3: Revenge of LineCon?
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>Will this year be LineCon 3: Revenge of LineCon?


Personally waiting for Eataly to decide no weebs or undesirables in their overpriced tourist foodtrap
I will probably, be fixing and wearing some old costumes I have, school and job have taken all my time, sadly.

Can't wait to see what comes out this year's Linecon.
This will be my 2nd time. My last time was in 2013. I live 2000 miles away so it'll be a new experience. I read that the food court is gone. This is going to be an expensive trip.

File: 20130115-224109.jpg (1B, 486x500px)
1B, 486x500px
I don't think I've ever seen this thread.
Let's discuss Japanese shopping services. Discussion of Chinese and Taobao shopping services should stay confined to the Taobao thread.
Is anyone interested in helping make a sort of spreadsheet of Japanese shopping services, like the one we have in the Taobao thread?
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I use the shopping service tag on egl comm sales when I want to get something from a physical shop. You can find SS located in different city's there, so when something is sold out online or in the Tokyo shops I pay a few % extra for a SS in Sendai or Fukuoka or wherever. Some of them charge over 15% but it's worth it if it's a popular AP print that you just know will go for $500+ on the secondhand market.
What are your favourite/most frequented Japanese shopping services? Any horrible experiences with ss that you'll never return to again?

There was an interesting link about some experiences with FromJapan's new fee system in the Larme thread here (along with more ss discussion within the Larme thread):

I like Tenso (forwarding service, fee by weight) for general shopping orders but now that I use ZenMarket (300 yen fee per item) I noticed fees are generally lower for bigger orders (i.e. if you're buying anything heavy). My friend purchased using FromJapan and they ordered/received the wrong item, but refused to do anything about it since she didn't pay for the protection plan (I guess that makes sense but it sucks).

I'd be up for helping out with the spreadsheet if you'd like, but I've never gone about collaborating on a spreadsheet lol.
Buynosaur has really stepped up their game. I know a lot of seagulls have had shitty experiences with them early on, myself included. But their shipping is really cheap compared to other taobao sellers and I've got two big orders with them now that we're both easy and pleasant.

New one and don't fuck it up.

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Anyone else falling out of love for cosplay? Its like, Ive been in the scene since 1998 and its like so shitty now. There isn't a point.
Fuck people who start dance groups and then refuse to dance. It happens so often in love live groups. Some girl just told the group 'she can't practice at any moment the next two months because her school is sooo busy'. Why did she join then? Why is no one speaking up? Ugh.
Its happens. Ive noticed so many people just not caring about cosplaying anymore. Especially the ones who put in tons of detail in their work.

This is why No Flutter designs just don't work in person. Also unless I told you would you have any idea this was supposed to be Sailor Mars?
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The fanart for reference.

And I'll be the first to say the construction of the cosplay is solid but the proportioning of the pieces is pretty bad.
>the proportioning of the pieces is pretty bad.

This. The girl not suiting the design is part of the problem with that, but the issue is mostly that all of the detailing is out of scale on the costume, it's all oversized and chunky when it needed to be somewhat delicate.

The paint on the bow is a problem too, it's such a prominent prop that it really detracts from the whole thing. I think the only way to do it well would have been to lightly mix paint in a large trough and then dip the parts. (Or cast it out of dyed resin but that would have been a nightmare.)
I do think fanart cosplay can work, but it's definitely not working here.

Not sure where to ask, but I'd really like to commission metal armor for a cosplay. I saw some cool metal armors at AX, and also some good EVA foam ones, but I'd really prefer a metal one if possible.

Anyway, are there people that make metal armors on commission?

What's the ballpark cost?

Pic related, armor I want.
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Dropping in from the LARP thread.
Depends on what you're trying to get done, the quality you want, and how fast you want it.
Armoring is never cheap, though. A full harness, even at the lower end, can cost a couple thousand dollars easily. EVA or thermoplastic is almost always going to be the cheaper and more practical option.

There are a lot of smaller armorers out there who take commission work at fair prices. Id recommend getting in touch with your local chapter of the SCA (they usually have a facebook page) and asking around.

Also dropping in from the larp thread

If you don't want the admittedly large cost of a custom made armour, you could go for this one (see also pic related)


Be warned, it's armour made for larp, so it's not as strong/thick, not as heavy, not as durable, not as comfortable, but for the most part it's not as expensive and more than good enough for anything cosplay related.

The link shows the closes approximation to your depicted armour that I could find. Adding the dragon would be up to you, but if you craft a lot, I'm sure you'll manage.

For pauldrons, I would suggest these.


If getting them delivered by a German company seems a hassle, don't worry.
These things are all mass produced and sold by several retailers in both Europe and the US.
i am the metal cosplayer you saw in anime expo?

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Been a while since we've had a secrets thread.

Posting some of the classics.
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Commencing dump

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Previous thread. >>9410165

Who has some feels to share? Specifically, cosplay and lolita-related feels??
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Current gf was way into cosplay and was pretty keen on lolita, she borrowed her friends coord for a con and I thought she looked great.
but I can tell now that she's losing a lot of her energy and she seems really unhappy, the happiest I remember her was when she was cosplaying and talking about lolita and stuff. I really want her to be happier so I've been trying to talk to her about doing cosplay together or something and she'll start off really positive about the idea then shoot it down later. I think this stems from her lacking self confidence because shes gained some weight in the two years she hasn't done any cosplay.

I just hope she gets back into some of her hobbies so she feels better about herself, because I hate seeing her bummed out all the time
tfw no /cgl/ gf
Gathered all the materials for my latest cosplays but get panic attacks whenever I try to start making things, and I'm not smart so I keep trying. Lost count of how many times I've thrown up today.

I'm filming my first photography info/ tips and tricks video and will be detailing some things I tell all my first time, experienced, shy models/clients/cosplayers as well as how I shoot particular things.

Is there anything you would like to hear some insight on in regards to modeling, photography, or cosplay, approaching strangers, con etiquette, etc.?

I'll be elaborating on more niche areas after the first video, but I see photography threads on here frequently, so I thought some of you may have some questions.

Thanks! Looking forward to making this, should be fun!
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Cosplayer roping her boyfriend into cameraman here. How can you make a photoshoots with a single person interesting? I always liked the dea of narrative photoshoots like Annie Leibowitzs' Killers Kill, Dead Men Die, but I cannot fathom how to do something like that with just one person.

I've got the costume, I've got some pretty cool settings (a nice gardenesque getaway and a desert) but I'm still worried that with just one person in the same costume, it will be boring to look at, you know?

I've been looking at like Pre Raphaelite paintings for posing ideas, but I'm worried it will turn out like those wedding dress adverts that are just... Boring. Person in pretty outfit staring at camera.

The photo example you posted is a gorgeous example of how to make a single person shoot interesting! Absolutely gorgeous! How can you do something that cool and interesting for multiple shots? Do you have any tips?
Those are some solid questions. What kind of photos do you typically enjoy taking? You said your gf roped you into cameraman. Does that mean you are only taking photos for that reason?

I'm happy you like the photo example I shared. That was one of the last shots we did at the end of our shoot as it began raining.
Different photog here, but I've always liked using Japanese fashion magazines as inspo. The poses tend to be a bit more "dynamic" and the general look goes over very well within the cosplay community.

My shots might be what you'd call boring, though. My rule has always been that making the cosplayer and costume look good is my top priority and overrides every other concern, and it's difficult to do that AND take interesting photos at the same time unless you have a shitload of lighting and a team of assistants. (It's a different story if you're shooting costumes that aren't supposed to look cute/pretty, but the people I work with mostly do cutesy anime girl stuff.)

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When will Mana-sama bless us with a new release?
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So I'm the anon who posted about the WW $20 coupon last general thread.
I bought an AP barrette, and they send me an invoice for $20 shipping.
This things a barrette so I got the epacket or whatever, cheapest shipping option. Is WW shipping usually this expensive? Or are they trying to get their $20 back?
Oh I might as well post the code here too since this is a fresh thread.

>coupon says $20 in points, but it really is $20 off current order.
>also says 2016 but ignore that.
>see a cute accessory on LM
>seller uses a picture of a particular efamous drama-whore as one of the proof photos
>look at her feedback
>"hello, could you maybe ship this to me sometime soon?"
>"I had to wash the jacket because it had a strong mold-spore smell"

No, thank you. Why are people so afraid to leave neutral or even negative feedback? This is why I check feedback of absolutely everyone I buy from, even if it's 100% positive.

Is anyone thinking about attending this event?
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I'm only going on Friday. How is the cosplay at C2E2?
Next time you may want to use the official logo for the thread. I'm sure most anons who are actually going would notice it over fur.

I've been at war over a full weekend or 1 day because the price for Fri+Sat is pretty much a full pass. The cosplay is a mixed bag. Last year was my first time going and there was a mix of /co/ icons of variant qualities (Korra/Gravity Falls/DC/Mahvel). Also a lot of kids there too to add to it. Surprised to see so much anime and vidya included.

I really wanted to do Foxxy Love but my body isn't ready for it. So I'm debating between /mlp/ or Lana Kane. Likely going for pony because the shoes I have for Lana are incredibly painful to wear for more than 10 minutes.
I'm really looking forward to it. I think it's probably the best con in Illinois, even though I do have a soft spot for Acen and still like it a lot. I'm not super into comics, at least not as much as I am into anime/vidya, but the past two years I've been there I've enjoyed myself immensely (I even ended up going alone last year and still had a lot of fun)

Cosplay wise I was really impressed, I saw a lot of "big build" cosplays with huge armor/props that took up a lot of space and they were really cool and impressive, with full LEDs and everything. Of course there are lots of mediocre spidermans, deapools, and random crossover disney princess things too but I also saw some dudes riding around in mad max bike things and it was so cool. The convention center is better than a usual hotel for photoshoots. The fountains are pretty, would be nice for a water-theme cosplay.

The McCormick Center itself is a nice place too even if its a little big and overwhelming. Since I'm not really into a whole lot of comics or western animation and stuff I mostly just went to cosplay, see friends, do shoots, look around the show floor and the show floor did not disappoint me. It's massive and there's a lot to do and look at.

There's a cafeteria area in the middle of the show floor. It had really long lines, so I ended up going to the McDonald's instead which was crowded but less of a line.

So yeah, I recommend it. I also think the badge prices are pretty fair. I ended up procrastinating last year on ordering my badge and pre-ordered the night before I think and only had to wait for 5 minutes in line. It seems to be organized and run well.

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I'm not really sure if this is a nitpick but the combo of that dress and the blouse looks super weird to me, is it supposed to be an op?
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She is wearing a blouse under an OP. I agree, it looks strange. Looks like fluffy sausage arms.
Fully shirred bodices look like shit on everyone except really thin people with no breasts.
I have that dress and I pretty much always wear it as an OP because it looks weird with blouses under it. You could maybe do a long sleeve blouse with it, but you definitely aren't supposed to wear short sleeve blouses with it.

Welcome: discussions about unpopular brands, "indie"
Not welcome: Angelic Pretty, Baby, Innocent World, Meta etc.
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File: 201008280081.jpg (11KB, 160x240px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Booys in lilita
How does it make you feel?
Post some
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I think it's super cute if they're not creepy. I don't even care if they wear it for fetish as long as they don't act obnoxious about it.
File: IMG_0134.jpg (189KB, 686x746px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Doesn't bother me as long as it's done right.

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1) Is it still safe to place an order, or is the strange state of the store site a sign it is not safe to order?

2) Does anyone have ANY idea what's going on with the company?

3) Discuss anything else Bodyline-related below, including recent orders, any issues with them, or Bodyline hauls, item reviews, so on.
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I placed an order for shoes a few weeks ago, everything was fine? Low stock on everything though. :/
Good to hear that. I'm in this place where I could afford to do one last big order and I am / was on the fence if it's safe. Something is definitely going on with them as a business but I haven't heard anything about what it is. I mean, I almost wonder if Mr. Yan died and they're not sure how to proceed with continuing the company.
Nothing is going on, they just don't care much about foreign customers anymore, their Rakuten gets restocked frequently.

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Inb4 "bait", I'd actually really like to have a discussion about this.

Every other street style evoles and changes noticably, except for Lolita.
While oldschool and "newschool" are very different, the change took the best part of a decade. Outside of fleeting trends, change and innovation is so slow. We're so reluctant to accept new standards or ideas. Remember when polka dots were ita? Remember when tights were ita? Remember how it took until brands literally spoonfed us those two ideas that people started accepting them?

This isn't a "screw the ruelz I'm gonna make a bedsheet dress if I want!" thread, I just think it something that would be interesting to discuss. What keeps the fashion so rigid? What do you love/hate about it?
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Every fashion has rules, even if there are some detail changes or new trends throughout the years. It's not exclusive to Lolita.
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>Every other street style evoles and changes noticably, except for Lolita.
Yeah lolita hasn't evolved at all over the years
>outside of fleeting trends

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