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Post your rare Manas

make Mana reaction images

Mana-fy some memes


Starting with this fine elegant gothic Snoopy
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Mana with donut
how old do you think mana is now? 50+?
This is god tier

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Last thread is autosaging >>9391987

It's Mana's birthday today!
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Wait is it really?! Out of nowhere I decided to put on Malice Mizer Merveilles, which I haven't listened to for close to ten years probably. Mana's telepathic, clearly.
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happy birthday you old fart

did Wunderwelt ever do that interview they advertised?
He's still so nice-looking for his age. I know a lot of it's makeup and shoop but his skin doesn't look wrinkly and terrible.

I hope he continues to age gracefully and doesn't let the pressures of society and the fashion industry get to him.

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New thread.
Any upcoming plans? Who is your favorite zero escape cosplayer? Discuss here!
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I hope the remasters get more people into it
I live for @melissa.mercury (on Instagram). She's my canon Luna and is now working on Lotus, K and Quark too! I love that she and her group (especially @bunsonbunscosplay where the thread pic is taken from) are spreading ZE word!
These guys have been posting in every recent ZE thread. I get you're trying to be THE ZE COSPLAYERS. But christ, this is really average.

We've got a sweet thread and a gothic thread but no classic! Post your favorite classic coords. Bonus points if it hasn't been posted before
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Dumping my pics of cosplayers from the land of Flips. So glad we're now having at least three conventions/cosplay competitions a month in places all over the country.
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last thread: >>9382434

>NEW! Frequently Asked Questions
>Taobao/Alibaba services (broken link)
>Artist Spreadsheet
>How to order from Vograce (now with video on how to set up files)
>Convention List (WIP)

A-Kon scary long lists, new discord channel, more drama, more salt.
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Has anyone ever had an instagram user with a decent following advertise your shop? I'm sending this one person with 40k followers a $30 item to show off on his account and mention my Instagram and etsy account. Think it'll get me much attention?
Yes and yes. I didn't actually gift them the item, though. I just had a very cute and bubbly customer, so I asked her if she wanted to exchange Instagrams. She ended up having 100 fucking thousand followers and promoed me without me even having to ask. It was awesome. To this day I still have a lot of followers from her, and I would say it's a service I'd pay for too. Network with your customers, anons. You never know who is secretly e-famous.
This! Didn't quite get a 100k person, but I've had quite a few 5k account customers do stuff like this.

I've contacted a few people about sponsoring them but they never responded to me so I guess it's a no >:

This is Xavi from Spain. He is my English student. He has made this cosplay. Tell us what you think and ask us some questions to practice his English!
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Not bad, dude. I've definitely seen worse.
If he is Spanish, why is his calendar in Mexican?
They speak mexican in spain you ignorant piece of shit

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Old thread hit image limit...

General thread for "casual" girly styles--Defined styles like himekaji, roma gyaru, otome-kei/soft lolita welcome as well as undefined street style.

Try to keep larme, fairy kei, etc in their own threads--but let's not get too hung up on thread policing.
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Yet again a larp thread which is for discussing everything related to Live Action Role Playing and the like.
>"Ask and ye shalt receive!"

"crying because not enough good games" edition.

Previous thread
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Spoopy medic.
To turn last thread's mess into something slightly more productive: assuming linear xp progression (twice as much xp makes you twice as powerful), after how many (weekend-long) larps do you think a player should have twice as much xp as a starting player? For me, the "sweet spot" is about 15 events, granted that after at most 30 larps a full xp reset is done.
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pic related is my short answer.

I mean these things are not that easy to answer as looking at one specific thing saying AHHA! and done with it. If it would be that easy every halfwit could make a good game.

But here is my first trick question: how often are events happening in this imaginary game?

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SFE's Omnia Vanitas is this weekend in Barcelona. I guess talk about stuff here.
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I already saw a lot of costumed people but can't find many pictures
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What print should AP rerelease next?
I think it's about time for AP to drop a cinema doll rerelease.
Feel free to include other brands as well.
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non bleeding Milky Berry

>things that will never happen..
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I wish celestial got a re-release but it's too new, AP made similar but inferior prints after, and the cross hype train has just ended so I don't think it would happen...

I second the Cinema doll
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Honestly I really want the bag, as well as the fact that it's a dream dress

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Is this going to be the new MEMEME?
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Be prepared for all the obese women who consider themselves 'thicc' to cosplay this.
There are already a few on my FB feed.

They're the exact same girls who posted pics in the Virgin Killer sweater and cat lingerie, of course.
What bothers me most is it's so simple and I already know people are going to be even lazier with the horns and wig.

Let's talk about cosplay contests!

What do you feel should be the morst important factors in judging? (Construction, Modeling, Wig Styling, ect.)
How important is theme to you? (Western video game characters competing at an anime convention)
Have any fun stories to tell about competing/judging larger regional or smaller local cons?

Also let's follow the board rules and not try to call out any people/cons in particular here, K?
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>Yuna or Vanilla from FF in competition
>Wins something every time
>How important is theme to you?

Characters with different themes from the convention don't belong in contests, let alone winning them. Period.
Theme doesn't mean shit. The national circuit over here is featured in the following conventions.

Pop Culture
Anime and Manga
Anime and Video Games

And then the finals is just straight up anime festival.

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Last thread hit bump limit and is about to fall off catalog: >>9249144

Dumping some Japanese resin inspo from recent social media posts
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Is there much of a community of capeshit cosplayers on /cgl/?
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Yeah, but its not particularly robust. We had >>9374416 recently, but there's not really enough people to sustain a thread for very long.
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Planning on making my first cosplay Kon-El
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Got my newest spidey suit in today, homecoming pattern design with the raised spider. Gotta say I'm pretty happy with how it came out, also get a faceshell it really is worth it

[spoiler] I know the Spider-Man community is cringey sometimes but hell if I don't love it [/spoiler]

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