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Where you gulls at?
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Who are your favourite j fash youtubers? I'm looking for channels with stuff that's interesting/useful/cute but isn't just a cringey weeb showing me what she bought from Claire's. What's good?
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Lovely Lor
Princess Peachie
Kawaii Pateen (is in Japanese)
Princess Fancypants
Dodo The Extinct
albinWonderland (not lolita, but she's got some really cute videos)
Me Likes Tea (hasn't uploaded in a while but has some good tutorials)
Princess Jessie-Kate
Venus Angelic (less cringey than she used to be, but still a little cringey)

There's a few others that haven't uploaded in a year or 2.
Didnt someone make a doc of youtubers?
emii chan

New draw thread

Old thread >>9286354

>Keep it /cgl/ related.
>All J-fash styles (lolita, mori, otome, gyaru, deco, etc.) are welcome!
>Please provide your best photos.
>Artists: it's not a bad idea to just sign your work.
>Selfposters: When giving credit, it's a good idea to refer to the art as a freebie, NOT fanart.
>Helpful critique is acceptable, insults and taunts are not.
>Have fun!
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plz respond, I want to doodle some gulls
Pardon my plebeian traditional drawings, my laptop committed seppeku and I can no longer do digital drawings.
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Cosplay or lolita, doesn't matter.
What do you have to share?
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Shopping service sent my parcel out for free for some reason.

Only they shipped it to my old house where the people there just open up anything and lie about receiving things.

Bye bye my goods.
I have one that's not resolved yet.

>order cardigan and a ring through japonica for the 100th time
>the usual, they buy it and ship it via airmail
>takes a few weeks until it's finally out for delivery
>delivery guy rings door but can't give it to me due to some problems with the the barcode
>say he will try again tomorrow
>check tracking
>"package on it's way pack to sender"
>what the f
>call post office and ask what's the matter
>"The package doesn't meet the dispatch conditions, maybe the sender didn't pay enough for the size. I can't be delivered and the sender will have to ship it properly again."
>it's just a used cardigan and a ring what the fuck
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Package with my jewel marine full set got sent to the wrong continent, it's supposed to be coming to BC Canada, they sent it to the UK

At least it's being resolved, but I'm pissed that they can't do their job right.

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Old one is in sage. Discuss 2017 plans, dream idol cosplays, dance groups, etc.
How do you feel about the Love Live cosplay facebook groups?
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> 2017 plans

A lot of Love Live, a tiny bit of [email protected]
Got Yume no Tobira, Seven Lucky Gods Eli maybe Circus, Dia, Mari and Kanan with the summer uniform, and Perfume Tripper Shiki ;; I'm just waiting on her wig because its on a Taobao order and well... CNY :v

Mind showing me the Shiki wig? I'm thinking of cosplaying her but Ive yet to find one I'm happy with.
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>2017 plans
Namakemo no Fairy Anzu and Noble Venus Minami are the only ones I have planned for now.

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Just found some unedited photos on Kera website, thought they would be great to start some discussions.

>Did you ever fell into the everyone-looks-perfect-except-me trap?
>If yes, How did you get your confidence back?
>Any Expectation vs Reality make-up story?
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For me, I know magazine photos are unrealistic because no one would put an imperfect close-up to sell you cosmetics, yet I still treated them as goals (that could not be achieved)

This photo made me realise even the perfect looking models, with make-up done by professionals (well, not as professional as high-end magazines of course), they are not porcelain dolls. They're just girls with make-up.

Mini blog over, will post the rest of the images.
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File: 1934_4_C.jpg (1B, 486x500px)
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Old one >>9247104
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AP Puppet Circus. goddamn.
Blue French Cafe was on LM a couple hours ago might still be there.

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Happy New Years everyone!

Anyone have any new year's cosplay/anime related goals they'd like to share? Or are excited about any upcoming cons?

List of upcoming Canadian cons:
Anime Shogatsu
January 14, 2017

Tri-Con KW
January 14, 2017

A Taste of Animethon
January 20-21, 2017

January 20-22, 2017

January 21-22, 2017

February 3-5, 2017

AniRevo: Winter
February 12-13, 2017

February 17-19, 2017
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>Anime Shogatsu
Hahaha nope, I'll be tired and broke from MAGFest

This cancer needs to fucking die already

Maybe, depends if I'm up to travelling or not

completely bypasses frostcon... lol

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Let's talk, seagulls
Let's talk about things that can't be changed in appearance for cosplay (such as height, skin tone, and I guess weight???)

Just how acceptable is it to go, can you be a tall Umaru? can you be a short Jojo?
Should we even care about this and let people just have fun?
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You can get taller by wearing heels or stilts. Even if you're 'too tall' for a character, you can create the illusion of the correct anatomy (Hobbit/Dwarf/bishojo characters)
You can tan or you can use whitening products (even though it's not as effective, it's a thing)
You can lose and gain weight. Or even pad, if you want.

If you really are all about accuracy. There's lots you can do. You just gotta put more hours in your preparation of your costume.

If you just wanna have fun and dress up like your beloved characters, I won't judge you. Not even if you don't go for accuracy. If you cosplay for fun it's supposed to be fun, don't care about what others say
"Fun" is not a legitimate reason to be cosplaying, you fucking autists.

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social media.jpg
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How do you guys deal with keeping your Lolita or Cosplay social media separate from your normie social media if you even do that at all?

I have only one FaceBook and one Instagram where I post all of my things, and all of my weeb friends and family know about both of them. I feel really self conscious having all of my co-workers and friends know about my weird hobbies, though. I'm interested in hearing about how you guys handle things.
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I don't really keep the two separate but I haven't really cosplayed anything that's incriminating to me. Usually when I go out of state (I started a new job at a hospital) I would say I was going to a concert or visiting friends. It was until recently that I was talking with my manager and he revealed some knowledge of con stuff (due to his son going to them) and I told him about the ones I do. It actually went pretty damn well.

I mean it could vary on occupation, I don't really flaunt that I cosplay but if my co-workers find out they usually think it's pretty cool.
I don't separate the two because I don't see the need. All of my coworkers know that I cosplay as do most of my family members. I'm pretty lucky, I guess, to have most of the people in my life be supportive of my hobbies.
I keep my lolita on my main account. I know some people have a separate fb page for their cosplay, which works out well when you get credited in a cosplay video or someone takes your photo.

I know another friend who has a separate facebook account for lolita and work/family. This person doesn't use the work/family one at all, which I find amusing.

how about an indie game cosplay thread? i feel like some of these games arent popular enough to have enough cosplay photos to warrant their own threads
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I'll start by posting with some different games.
Papers, Please

I have crippling social anxiety and depression that won't let me get a real job. I'm getting medical help but at the moment my partner takes care of me. Lolita is the only thing that makes me happy but I can't justify asking my partner to buy me dresses.

Is there anything I can do from home, something that won't trigger my anxiety and let me make money? I'm asking it here because I want to be sure if this stuff works or not before diving into it. It doesn't have to bring tons of money, anything with consistent workload/payment would be okay.

And the thread can turn into lolita budgeting / mental health general after this. Thanks!
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Start with cheaper lolita brands??? If you can find stuff from Taobao brands, you can get dresses for pretty cheap (at least cheaper than burando prices) - and you could still satisfy your desires.

As for making money at home, if you can draw you can make quite a bit of money through online sales/commissions and Patreon. Lower tier artists I know are able to get several hundred per month from Patreon while the more popular artists make thousands. I just sell my art on Etsy and bring in around $2k per month $3-4k on busier months.

You can also learn coding and take freelance jobs over the internet.

I mean the "get money fast" things you can do online (like taking surveys, fiverr, etc) are not gonna get you a lot of money. You need to have some sort of marketable skill.
You could always try camming. It's easy money.
Ngl it sounds like you're just making excuses. I have terrible social anxiety and depression but I still go out and work.
I know I sound callous, but I do know how you feel anon. It's really hard, the hardest part is doing that first day on the job. Medication really helped me, I've been on SSRIs for over 2 years now (probably shouldn't still be on them oops). Are you taking any medication currently? It's good that you're getting medical help though.
The thing is, social anxiety can be worked through with counselling and meds, it's not a permanent condition. The more you go out into social situations, like a job, the easier it gets.
I wish you the best of luck anon

Post some cute RWBY cosplays!
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maybe, this is the cutest
There are no good Rwby Cosplays.
Tsundere Weiss so cute!

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What's the cosplay scene like in SF?
I'm moving to SF from SoCal and idk if I'm gonna like it :(
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What exactly do you mean in terms of scene? Number of people? There's a lot of cosplayers out here. You'll be fine.
Yeah but it seemed like all the cons happen in socal...
The main one up here is Fanime. Smaller cons include AOD (next weekend in Santa Clara), Silicon Valley Comic Con, and Krakencon. Other not-really-a-con events where everyone goes to are the Cherry Blossom Festival (April 8-9 and the weekend after that) and J-Pop Summit (Sept 9-10). There's also the Norcal Cosplay Gatherings which involve a shitload of people hanging out and as many photos as people bother to take. The next one is at Lake Cunningham in San Jose on March 25.

For the immediate future I'd suggest going to the Norcal Cosplay Gathering because it's cheap and there's no distractions. You'll probably run into a bunch of people you know already because a lot of the people up here go to socal cons like ALA and AX.

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Previous thread. >>9383198

Share those cgl-related feels. The good, the bad, and the ita.
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>local con wants me to be a guest artist
>con shut down because there was a murder at the venue
those numbers
also is this legit or some meme

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