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She's supposed to be Belle apparently.
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This is supposed to be ouji
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She's so enthused about lolita and it's killing me that she made literally no improvements on their second coord.

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Last thread bump limit >>9346640

Recap of last thread
New England doesn't travel for meets
LA comm about to have what Arizona pushed out
Strippers are okay if they don't gloat
Mormons get excited for Lolita fashion
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im not religious at all but it reallly rustles my
jimmies when people talk about shit they don't understand. theres like millions of Mormons and the couple hundred that practice polygamy are not considered "mormons" God it's really simple, even my athiest ass can understand it
also i doubt any of them would get into lolita since they have to dress in literal potato sacks

wuuuuut no way there are like fuckin practicing mormons in the comm? are they active at meets? can you name them??
Me and two other girls are in the same ward. I'm not as devout to the religion but it is my preference for faith. I'm not outing us though.
You have to be 18+ to be here

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There's a new trend called "cosplay aesthetics" happening where you collage pictures of your costume with pictures of a similar color palette or theme.

Do you like them?

Do you dislike them?

Have you made any?

Post the ones you're proud of!
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It bothers me that people are so entirely unfazed with using photos that are actually under a license which allows editing/reposting, or at the very least sourcing the photos. None of these that I've seen has any sort of source link for the photos that are NOT of the cosplayer themselves.

Also, not something that lends itself well to people who have mainly/exclusively selfies and hallway photos.
I tend to see these more as fandom edits that borrow cosplayers as faceclaims than actually cosplay focused posts. I agree that >>9350239 is irritating, but I don't see it as much worse than making fandom playlists that people can download or gif sets from torrented videos. I do think it's shitty when cosplayers aren't sourced, just as its shitty when fanartists aren't sourced on reposts. Guess it's one of those irritating but ultimately not worth starting shit over things.
Really? I only see cosplayers doing this. There are fandom aesthetic posts that have been popular for a long time but the cosplay aesthetic hashtag on instagram have all been cosplayers making them. It's become a real instagram meme at this point and there's thousands of posts in it.

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Just a thread for posting and sharing and discussing cringe groups
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USA50 had started posting member videos. Hibiki still shows what's in her nose.
The logo is horrible....
It's not a group, but this girl keeps appearing in the " New Translated Video " on nico nico and she's on a top level of cringy. : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KFHc-vIV10Q

Are there any good Beast cosplays?
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Who else was disappointed that they didn't attempt their original dress in the new version?

Meanwhile on Etsy there are dresses that are at least close if not as good as it might get for cartoon physics.
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It looks like a goddamn prom dress. Something like this would've been perfect.
Well, we have the brilliance of Emma Watson to thank for that. If you read the Entertainment article. the director is very quick to inform all the changes to Belle was on her.

So this is just a rant.
Basically based on this conventions advertising I feel as though I was baited into attending this convention.
If only from the relentless barrage of posting, advertising and overuse of images as folk's display pictures...
Lies and Issues:
1. 7000 attendees (in accordance to The Edinburgh Reporter and their facebook page however now appears to be 6000 according to the Carluke Gazette, Scottish Sun
and Motherwell Times).... People leaving and re-entering the same hall must have been counted again and again because by my estimate I would say 1000 tops there.
Either that or they made up a number for the shear hell of it because no.
2.Great Venue it was basically smelly giant PE hall.
3.Cosplay Competition was just a joke. Unless you were a mainstream pop culture icon then you could forget it. I believe the word is biased.
4.Charity event.....It's the fucking Keith Armour show. Don't know where all the money is going either because it's definately
5. Vendors all looked super unhappy during the day. May be due to the poor attendance and PE smell....
6. The guests were sub par for what you paid to get in example ,you got the lookalike that King Regis was based on in FFXV...
not the amazing actor Sean bean who voiced him in Kingsglaive but the man who's face they used... (as beautiful as it is) as inspiration
7. This con should be renamed as Corridor Con... those narrow lobbys were constantly filled with people and you couldn't physically get anywhere!
(Fire safety people were crying everywhere)

Now the event was not terrible for a start up however that's not what it was sold as. They had decent guests but the guests don't make the full show.
The whole thing was ran pretty shambolically.
The poor volunteers. I felt awful for them as they had to deal with everything, as
their main organiser walked around aimlessly looking for photo opportunities, and with very little recognition for their efforts.
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Load of shite, no idea what you were on about, Mainstream Pop icon? Two of the winners were a Fallout 4 character and the Queen of Hearts.
Queen of hearts is hardly a Scifi character and she was too skinny.
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I think your from kirkady EH!

Frill and chill time. Post inspiration, progress, questions and helpful links.
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Last Thread: >>9337128

>NEW! Frequently Asked Questions
>Taobao/Alibaba services (broken link)
>Artist Spreadsheet
>How to order from Vograce (now with video on how to set up files)
>Convention List (WIP)

ALA discussion, how to deal with rejection, how to ship prints, and more
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No one gives a shit about your schooling as long as your portfolio is strong.

That being said, it depends on what you're showing in your portfolio - what kind of job are you aiming for? If someone's looking for storyboards, they're not gonna be impressed by your paintings, and so on and so forth.
What time period do you consider to be con season? I sell a lot of cosplay items and had a great holiday sales season but it's dropped significantly. When does con season in the US usually ramp up? May?
I'd say april-october is prime con season

Hand-me-down armor edition

/LARP/ is for discussing everything related to Live Action Role Play and the like.
>"Ask and ye shalt receive!"

Previous thread: >>9318010
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Went on a round of second-hand shopping today and made some good finds I think.

>Real linen tunic with custom natural buttons, 7€
>Small coffee leather bag that I'm gonna convert to a belt bag, 5€
>Natural leather shoulder bag, 7,5€
>Not entirely larp related but also a Korean wall paper scroll for 3€

Ironically, my main purpose of the day was to find leather belts that I could use for my shield making and I didn't find a single good one. But I needed a new tunic (after a bird shat on the last one) and I lacked bags, so I'm good.

Not super hauls in terms of pricing but still good ones.
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Room for the bare necessities.
File: IMG_20170208_183323.jpg (289KB, 2024x1976px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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And here is the tunic. I'm gonna have to adjust the size a bit.

I'm gonna cut up the small bag so that I can fit on to my belt, and decorate the other one with some runes I think. Any pattern suggestions are welcome.

All in all, this a good day!

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Thoughts on Patreon.
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This fashion may be dead but in my heart it will live on.

Or rather, how do we create productive gyaru threads for those of us trashy gulls still into this?
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24 7 drama.jpg
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Old thread reached bump limit.

LAGC is soon, anyone going? They're hosting the CWM qualifiers again this year.
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I'm going so I can see my friend's panel, plus with fuck all else happening until May it gives me a chance to cosplay.
Anyone know who else is entering CWM besides Ross?
Haven't seen anyone posting about it. Last year there were only 3 entrants

I'll start with pic related, my first attempt at doing a muscle vest.
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looks like it would be some cool scifi armor, but as fake muscles it looks off.

Chest is too high and the same thickness from the bottom to top. Bring it down a little and thin out the top part so it blends into your collar bones.

I like your attempt at serratus, but you need some actual lats to make them look realistic. Make the serratus serrated like actual ones

Your obliques are way, way too high up.Bring them down and find a way to bring in your waist.

What character are you planning to cosplay? Even with fake muscles, you won't be able to look like a guy that's thin. Best you can do is look like a bearmode guy
Thanks for the observations.
It was used for a Batman costume, hastly made in 3 days, and made the vest in like 2 hours, tops, so I'm aware tha some proportions are off.
Personally, the first flaw I noticed, and that bothered me the most, is that the edges still looks too square, speacially on the serratus, because I had to cut and sand everything by hand, as my dremel was busted.
Modesty apart, I could've made it better work if I kept looking at some reference images, but ended up just using what I barely remembered from anatomy classes to save some time.
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It's pretty good considering that, plus the Batman costume would allow you to have a more solid appearance. I'd suggest you use references so you look more realistic

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It's carnival and I want to wear a costume with a turban. But I don't want to pass as a racist by saying I'm wearing a whole culture as a costume (carnival is full of SJW and they out number me)

So I need some specific characters who wear turban to cosplay as, ive me ideas, also, make it with a beard.
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Why do you want to wear a turban? Because if you wanna wear it to spite SJWs or whatever then that's a shitty reason and you're only "cosplaying" as an excuse to be an asshole. Not cool bro. If you just legitimately think they look really awesome and just want a design that incorporates one that's a different story but do some introspection about what you're committing to.
If you are in a place that celebrates Carnival you shouldn't need an excuse to wear one, since they're kind of sort of customary anyway. Wearing costumes with turbans is literally part of the celebration. If you're in a place that DOESN'T celebrate carnival... just don't, you're going to look like an asshole no matter what you do.
I don't think it's a good idea OP, if it's some character nobody knows, they'd just think you're dressed as a foreigner anyway... Maybe Aladdin?

You seem under the impression poeple all over the world celebrate carnival the same. Nobody wears them for carnival here unless it's part of the costume. I've never seen it.

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My first con is going to be in a few months meeting up with long time internet friends for a group cosplay and hotel, but I'm a little iffy on something. All my friends are quite skinny and short whereas I'm quite muscular and stand at a 6'5". Is it going to be difficult for me to find good cosplay because of my large frame? Should I just modify the clothes I have already since it's difficult enough to get normal clothes my size much less obscure japanese sub-culture items?

Pic related, doing high school delinquents
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You'll be fine.
That's why you order cosplay custom-sized.
Please do Jojo cosplay
A 6'5 high school delinquent would be perfect. You will be good

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