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I didn't see one in the catalog so ITT: Bad Photography. OC is encouraged
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Finally, a thread I'll never be posted in.
Contribute or shut up

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What do you guys use to fill in the gaps on gear/helmets etc with foam?
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This should be in the help thread. Also, google is your friend you would probably have an answer already you lazy fuck.

That said, >>9369246 isn't a really good idea as foam flexes and bondo doesn't. Latex dap is pretty common when using foam.
Second this.
dont use anything inflexible, try caulking or Dap filler

I'm depressed as hell, but CGL keeps me living. I dream about pastels and sweet, delicate fashion and do my best, but lately I've been slipping. Life seems dreary.

I was wondering, maybe, if we could have a thread where we discuss the little cgl / jfash related things we do day to day that make it better.

For example, sometimes I make floordinates (except on my bed, I guess) of things I plan on wearing, and that makes my mornings easier since I don't have to stress much. Going out for a latte wearing subtler j-fash always makes me feel pretty and warm without feeling too anxious. Checking for new releases feels great too, and things. What about you?
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Anon, I hope you feel better soon.

For me, finally living solo means that I've been gradually adding cute touches to my living space. Like my kitchen is stocked with mostly cute cups, bowls, plates and such, most of my room decor fits my specific color palette, and I've been making plans to do things like sew up new curtains and make little lace pennants to place around the house.

I'm always happy to come home and have a cup of tea while browsing my favorite shopping sites or watching movies like little forest.
I hope you feel better.

When I feel bad I like to put on (platform) creepers and walk around the house.

It literally makes me see everything from a different perspective.
Anon you sound like you're also in a bad place in life. I sometimes just put on small bows if I am feeling particularly anxious. I hope you feel better. Depression is hard.

Post all of your /cgl/ related memes and silly /cgl/ related things (golden threads,pics,...)
The older the better.

Beginning with a classic.
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Did anyone screencap the thread where the girl made brown bath bombs, then realized they look like sharts in the tub?

... or when the girl started crying because someone said "the n-word" at a con rave?

... or the girl who threw a three-paragraph fit because someone farted at a tea?
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I have partyfart saved and will never ever delete it
>... or when the girl started crying because someone said "the n-word" at a con rave?
Please someone post this so I can edit it to be about Tana?

nail thread! i haven't seen one in a while.

>do you match your nails to your coords?
>favorite polishes/products?
>favorite nail artists?
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Fuck ya my kinda bread. I want to get long ass claws but they're expensive and the last ones I got suuuuuuuuuucked
Has anyone tried dip powder nails? Especilly for kawaii designs?

Also, what's the best way to attach 3D nail art like op?
Love me some press on nails. Anyone know of good sellers who ARENT Bling-up?

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What happened to all the aus threads? I missed reading and keeping up to date on melbourne cosplay lore.

Anyone going to anything soon?
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Are there even any con's going on now?
I'm from Sydney and they tend to be mid year? And there were one or two recently but it's not what I'd call "con season"
Anyone in Hobart coming to AIcon in March?
Maybe, are you cosplaying?

Last one hit image limit. >>9277695

I'm considering buying pic related but I'm not sure how I'd wear the round version. Please help, colorway doesn't have to be ivory. Thanks in advance!
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mediocre coord but it's worn lol
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Doll Museum OP.jpg
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Can't find a nice picture other than the stock photo. I'd like to see this colorway worn, please.

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Cosplay, J-fashion, Lolita fashion. Put all your basic female dog questions here and stop whinging in other threads. Also, if you have any informative tutorials / guides / whatever links; dumb them here as a preventative measure.
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How do you get good concrit as a new lolita?
To start things off I want to do a bit of pre-crime:

>Why does Lolita have rules?
Every fashion style has a set of defining characteristics that separate it from other visual styles. Lolita does not have "rules" or "guidelines" as a barrier to entry; these points merely define what makes an outfit fit into this categorical word over another. If you like most of the Lolita look, but do not want to follow one of the cardinal rules; no one is stopping you from wearing clothing the way you would like to wear clothing. You might even look better then if you had worn it how you are "suppose" to. However, it is unreasonable to be a mold breaker AND demand people still recognize you as part of that mold.

>I really like this style, but it seems to be dead...
If you like the look of a Japanese street style that is currently considered "dead"; there is nothing stopping you from still wearing it. Be proud of being who you are; do not worry if something isn't as popular as it use to be or if it literally isn't visible on social media anymore.
Is there a reason selfposting is bad on /cgl/? What's wrong with creating original content for a relatively slow board?

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So is gyaruden the next big thing or nah?
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Hoping so, I kinda love it
What is it?
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This is kind of what I'm working on right now with my 3D printer.

So Wondercon finally has a replacement after so long, will it truly be the next comic con in SF or will it be forgotten?

Was last year any good for those who went?
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It's the same weekend as Sacanime Summer which kind of seems like it'd eat into their attendance?
Did the same thing last year but it still gathered a pretty big crowd even so
Sacanime is very much a kiddy con. SF comic con is more likely to attract adults and normies who are like "I'm totes a ~kewl nerd~! I went to a comic conference once!"

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It's been a while since I've seen one of these! Can we have one?
>thread of obscure or uncommon cosplay
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Here, I'll start.

What's your opinion about non-anime or industry guests at a con?
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Only one con I go to calls themselves an anime convention.. so it's completely expected. I love it when I get to see my favorite youtubers in person.
I just got that email about Yakov Smirnoff. Odd choice.
Depends hugely on the con.
Its its an anime con, I don't really want anything there that isn't anime. I'll give japanese video games a pass as its closely related but fuck off with western cartoons and irrelevant people

If its a con for the shit and its fine of course

only 3 weeks left!
who's coming? what are your plans?
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It's going to be my first convention outside my own country and I'm exited but afraid (since I know there's little English there). I hope I can make some friends so I won't be alone all the time.
I do plan on bringing cosplays but I can only take the more travel-friendly stuff sadly.

Where are you from Anon? And what do you plan on cosplaying?
Netherlands, and I'm not 100% sure yet but likely stuff from Splatoon and Touken Ranbu. Maybe Tales of Zestiria if I finish the costume on time.

can anybody realistically stuff themselves into a corset under their cosplay and expect positive results if you're trying to get that shape in the mid section?

if so, what corsets do you reccomend for this purpose, not show.
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Yes just buy a well made one, AKA an expensive one. Go to a corset maker and get them to custom fit you. Tell them what your goal is.
Also it helps to layer shape wear over the corset to smooth things out.
It really depends on what shape you are going for exactly and where you are starting. Not everyone can cinch down 6+ inches to create a super dramatic hourglass. Most people only cinch down 3-4 honestly.

Generically orchard corsets has some great steel boned waist training corsets for under 100 once again depending on your body type you can get a decent reduction but you have to season them and work your way down to your final result. For dramatic curve corsets i would suggest Ties that Bind. They have a corset that gives you the Garnet type cinch. Her corsets run about 250 tho.
Yeah there's lots of corsets for this. Orchard Corsets basically specializes in this. You could probably go an easier route with shapeware tho

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Time for a new Irish thread lads

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Anyone going to that Gamer Con? They were on tv3 the last day. Kinda cringy and they have youtubers I've never heard of as guests
It's always popping up in my Facebook feed. Seems kind of turbonormie focused.

I already got stung last year bringing friends to the Videogames Live concert. It was decent the year before but they played nothing but Western shit nearly the entire concert like WoW, Skyrim and Mass Effect. They even advertised some literally who Chinese MMO that was being released during it
Anyone going Kaizoku? Also, any decent places to crash for the weekend?

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