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Last one in autosage

Why can't fandoms stay out of the fashion?
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What exactly is she supposed to be? Dr Who?
I think so, I recognize that thing she's holding. I think it's supposed to be the sonic screwdriver.
She looks like rose tyler's mother

My friends and I were arguing about who would be the best Max for our Mad Max cosplay group and were wondering if you guys could comment.

I'm the one on the left btw, personally I think I look the most like Tom Hardy.
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none of you

But like if you had to pick one of us? They said they look closer because of their hair and beards, but I could dye my hair and grow out my beard. My facial structure is closer to Tom Hardy's and that's what matters.
I think you should all settle for being those deformed dehydrated people who are begging for water

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Newcon aka AnimePDX is an anime convention in Portland, Oregon with a history of scamming guests, stealing money, and making half assed apologies when they start feeling the pressure. This con is entering its 6th year and they just can't stop fucking up.

A few years ago, they hosted a WCS, and when the winners arrived at the airport, none of the flights were booked and an outside individual had to step in to pay. WCS had to sue Newcon in order to get the money.

Last year, they overbooked artist alley, had to overflow artists into the halls, and nobody made money because of the tiny con attendance.

This year, Newcon breached their contract and stole money from Lolita guest Wunderwelt. They issued a hasty "oops we are working on it" statement after people started getting mad, 3 months after they were supposed to pay up.

With a history of scamming cosplay guests, vendors, artists, and more, it's time we boycott this shitty con. The con head doesn't need any more of our money, so let's not give it to him.
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>> winners stranded at the airport
did Mulberry Chronicles get paid?
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Copied from >>9394441 because it should also be here


Article on Kotaku is saying Nier's Automata 2B is in a "Gothic Lolita" outfit: http://kotaku.com/nier-automatas-protagonist-would-look-at-home-on-japan-1793375195

What do you think is the best way to approach writers who just got it wrong?
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It's a loss cause because new media doesn't give a shit about being wrong.
Especially kotaku.
Sometimes they actually read the comments so there's that
Sometimes the media is not actually wrong but western lolita's are too obsessed with the rules. That's not the case now though.

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Dish, gulls. What popular things do you hate? What trends do you not understand?

Please avoid arguing with people over their opinions. They're well aware what they think isn't popular.
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I hate 90% of sweet lolita, especially OTT sweet. I think the cuts, colors, and prints look so stupid.
I don't trust Ebay or Aliexpress wig sellers because I have had either very thin wigs, wigs not accurate to length, and not accurate to color. Now I mostly go to Arda, Epic Cosplay Wigs, and there's another one that I can't remember right now. I know that not everyone can afford a $40-$50 wig, but for me it's worth it because I know the exact size, length, color, and there are usually many pictures and reviews that I can look at before purchasing. And I buy wigs from sellers who have 99.8% ratings and great reviews. Just not worth it for me to try and save an extra $10 and have the risk of it being shitty.
Like, I had to stack two ebay wigs and the thickness was the same level as an arda wig. And I bought those two wigs (one after the other) from two stores that had great ratings and reviews.

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Last one got deleted because you guys like replying to trolls.

Post all your cosplay and lolita related feels here.
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>sad because I spilled my lonely lolita heart out only for the thread to get deleted not an hour later due to faggotry
I'm going to go angrily eat girl scout cookies and curse at video games now.
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To the anon who replied to me last thread
>If they ever find out, you could just say you were going with a niece/nephew or some young family member. It'd be hard for them to judge you if you say that you were bonding with a family member.
>I'm curious, have you ever thrown around your authority in a convention?

That could work, considering that my niece likes to cosplay and we usually go together. Though, I can still never invite them over to my house. Anime figurines, anime posters, body pillows. I even have my alarm set to say "Welcome home onisama" whenever I disable it. It's embarrassing now that I am typing it out actually.

To answer your question, not really. It's hard for anyone to believe me when I'm cosplaying, even if I whip out the badge. They just think I'm roleplaying. It also doesn't help that I like to cosplay as law keepers from my favorite animes/vidya. I don't go to cons to do my job, I go to enjoy myself. Though I've stopped a party before because it was filled with under age girls (only girls, like 15 years old) drinking with guys who were 25+
Abuse your power, anon. Like a good american cop.

Anyone else going for this? I have a feeling it won't be easy this week.
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Looks like shit. Looks like bodyline.
>opinions below, be warned
I like the design, but I would change the gingham or other a ligher color or polka dots. I would also love to see a "real" light green used for the leaves, instead of mint. I get that mint is "more lolita", but strawberries don't have that color, and I think it would look fresher.
It's honestly really ugly. There's way too much going on, the colors aren't particularly nice, and the cuts/designs are really tired. I mean, honestly, that yellow one is a fucking mess.

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Last thread >>9382490
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Is sausomecon worth the time/money or is it shit? I got handed this at NakaCon on the last day, and I've never heard of it before
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It's going to be as shit as Motaku. AKA very bad.

Go to Anime St Louis. It's like 65% the size of Naka but more importantly its not run like a trainwreck like Motaku. I'm not planning on going to ASTL this year but my plan for 2018 is going to Naka and Anime St. Louis.
Motaku was never too bad, but the directors wanted to focus on having their 18+ yaoi con that no one was interested in so they lost the money for their actual regular convention.

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Do you think when a con reaches a certain size that they should just drop fan panels altogether and keep everything in-house?

Fan panels are usually really bad and while there are good ones, they're too few and far in between. For the most cases fan panels are cursed with lackluster hosts, shoddy topics and presentations completed with far too little prep. For the most part attendees just use panels as a means of getting a badge that offers a less time sink than volunteering.

Cons like AX and even Sac Anime have completely done away with panels. Meanwhile Sakura con has dramatically reduced the available slots. The cons above no turn to in house/industry related programming where panels are hosted by the guests that visit the con, clients representing the industry or programs led by the convention staff. By having content lead by individuals that the attendee actually cares about, you increase the con's draw factor as well as that pannel's success. Why should I go to a fan panel where I have no idea who the speaker is or what their credentials are? When you get VAs and industry guests leading panels then you can easily see their qualifications. Having con staff create events creates a baseline of quality (however this all depends on the con and how much they care).

In general though I think fan panels are useless and unless you're a small con that struggles with creating content, organizations should stop using them as everyone wins through their omission.
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Sometimes fan panels are really good, most importantly, its the best way for people of similar interests to gather up and do their own thing. Its great for people to start out and maybe eventually do more professional panels later.

I don't see anything wrong with them honestly.
It's all on the money, the potential loser in no-fan-panels is the con, who has to dedicate money to get guests to host such things. Note, I've seen some pretty terrible guest panels so I could be a bit biased.

With fan led, and a decent amount of feedback, you can phase out or deny approval to the bad apple and lazy fan hosts, leaving the quality ones to come back for next year. Consistency is a good thing too, as bringing back people who did stuff last year that folks enjoyed can be just as good as bringing in some no-name d-lister who has nothing but time to host a panel since no one wants their autograph.

As with anything, it is all in balance.
SOMETIMES is the keyword. For the most part fan panels are ill prepared, awkward and waste of times.

>its the best way for people of similar interests to gather up and do their own thing. Its great for people to start out and maybe eventually do more professional panels later.

The con itself is the best way for people of similar interest to gather up and interact. Meanwhile people get the skills needed to do professional panels is through the companies themselves.

However I do agree that fan panels have their place and that's at smaller upstart cons. Anything larger than that and they should be cast aside

(female beginner) (pic not related)
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Just google attention whore cosplays.
Naked except for a wig and cat ears.
Go for whatever is hyped for the month

What else does it need?
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My dick in your mouth.
Mods vendetta cleanup please.

A costume not bought off eBay.

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Do any of you watch cosplayer streams?
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Yes. But mostly if they're actual friends of mine. It feels more fun and less weird watching an actual friend working on stuff.
I didn't know that was a thing. I might give it a try. I love watching people make things!
i'd like to
can you recommend me simple and small streams without camwhores?

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previous thread >>9370975

>NEW! Frequently Asked Questions
>Taobao/Alibaba services (broken link)
>Artist Spreadsheet
>How to order from Vograce (now with video on how to set up files)
>Convention List (WIP)

signups for summer cons have started tickling in, drams and more await
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A next finally sent the rest of the emails out.
Why is AN so picky, jesus.
idk man I think the bar is pretty low, especially since it's such a small con

Couldn't find one so here's a new one.

I'm actually currently redecorating and needed the inspiration.

None of these pictures are mine but just starting off with a dump
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