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>Last thread: >>9381857

Itabag FAQ and Beginners Guide v. 2.1
Read the document first before asking basic questions that have been answered time and time again like "is making a bag for ___ ok?" and "where do i get the heart bags??".

Buyf/a/g Guide
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Start dump
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Saturday 7pm, watch thread for location.

Today's the day yall. What are you cosplaying as? Any panels worth checking out? Playing in any tournaments? Any good spots in KC to eat?

Add "Tsundereboys" on Line and I'll add you to the /CGL/ Groupchat.

I hope this year's experience is great!
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Official schedule
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Not even sure if I feel like going despite living just down the street. Anyone want to come over and watch animu instead?
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Old thread reached bump limit

Try not to shit up the thread with conceleb paedo drama this time

anyone going to any comic cons in March?
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first for /brit/
Love cosplay me.
So what we all dressing up as then?
Functional members of society?

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Previous thread. >>9398713

Can we not fuck this one up, please?
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JoAnn is having a big-ass sale on sewing machines. I got a $200 machine today for $99.

I'm so happy. I'm gonna make a bunch of pillowcases tomorrow, then get to work on cospray.
>tfw finally meet a guy who's into the same shit as I am and doesn't even mind that I wear Lolita
>we eventually go on a date and it goes great and he even kisses me twice which makes me feel great cause I've never been kissed before.
>literally the next day after he texts me a couple of times but basically disappears for a couple of days
>for the next couple of weeks while we still talk things feel different, he doesn't seem to want to hang out but spends time with his friends
>I straight up ask him if he still likes me (cause he said he did) and he doesn't respond back for a week and when he does he just says 'sorry i was gone during spring break in another state'. he doesn't even answer my question if he still liked me a lot
>i've messaged him back but he literally just dropped me

Bad feels man. It hurts because I don't know what went wrong.
damn what a dick.

A thread for sending/linking/discussing where fellow giant feet gulls get their j-fash shoes. We all know the struggle, let's help eachother out!

Shoes fitting feet upwards of 25cm are all welcome.
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To kick (hahaha) the thread off-
We all know Bodyline offers a decent range of sizes these days, so I guess avoid stating the obvious.
What style of shoes do you guys struggle to find the most? I find that tea parties are available all over the place in a range of sizes nowadays- What about other styles? Platforms, spats etc.?
These, I hate buying knockoffs though.
I feel the same about knockoffs, but it's kind of lose/lose situation- Brands just won't make shoes in bigger sizes, so we can't support them by actually buying their stuff.
I'd KILL for a pair of aatp rhs- I reckon i could squeeze into the LL, but at the same time, I don't want to risk buying shoes that pricy that won't fit... Not to mention that the LL is totally out of stock.

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First thread hit image limit. Continuing here.
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tomoyo honorable mention
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ITT: comparing replicas to originals, pointing out differences, "spot the replica" type. Not limited to Lolita!
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Saw this on Amino. Left is rep right is real... Very noticeable...
>pointing out differences
Replicas are worn mostly by fatties because they think brand is made by a bunch of fat-shaming designers.
I can't believe someone used my favorite ita to start a thread.

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Lest thread got bumped off the board.

So how about that art debate again. I can't be the only one that sat back and ate popcorn watching the "I'm a professional" cry about the restrictions.
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i lost some respect for everybody who invested themselves into this argument. a bunch of catty adult women comparing the size of their e-peens in an attempt to impress others. it's obviously less about the art/bettering the community and more about virtue signalling. cookie-bunny and usarella are prime examples of this

the art thing shouldn't be an issue in the first place, but i care less about the art and more about the literal retards on both sides who can't seem to shut up about it. it's pathetic that these people have the time to stay glued to a children's app all day
This. I really want to know what good it would be to come into the app and place your art there if not for newb likes. The argument of " well we can get concrit on the art chat" isn't valid since there isn't enough concrit given when it is posted as a blog post. Just make a amino for Lolita art if you want people to see it. They only want to post it to the lolita amino because it's got more people to reach to. It's attention whoring and it's annoying. There is no valid argument to justify Lolita art given by those who want to keep it.
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yup, that's basically the long and short of it. some of them literally made the point that their art wouldn't get enough attention if they made a new community for themselves and that feels like such a silly cop-out to me.

i don't really give a fuck if art stays or goes, but i do think the pro-art people should stop whining when they were already accommodated for. they should either stop crying or prepare for the mods to just ban art entirely so that they don't have to listen to people complain anymore. the latter option would be hilarious and popcorn-worthy.

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So this started from a conversation I saw in the Newcon thread.

According to the poster, Newcon approached the creator of the CWF to see if they were interested in having a show at Newcon,.Come the con, Newcon did their own wrestling show and kept the CWF team out of it.

My question is did they even need to ask permission in the first place? Panel ideas are copied left and right (how many Jojo pose panels do you see or how many cosplay 101 panels are out there). Panel ideas don't have a trademark nor are they well protected. Watching panels, you can easily see the formula each show uses (as well as source cites for information panels). Anyone determined enough can steal a show like the CWF as they lay out everything. If Newcon wasn't going to steal it, someone else would eventually. Why is it a deal when the same panel is at another con with a different staff?

TL:DR Panel ideas are not protected and with only a finite ideas amount ideas out there panels will be repeated in other places.
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This is the equivalent of "Someone stole my meme, can I sue them?".
I'd say it's wrong if you steal and use the other person's resources (powerpoints, example diagrams, etc) and pass that work off as your own, but obviously there will always be duplicate panel concepts
Duplicating a concept is not wrong, to duplicate the exact same shit it's not illegal either, but it will make you look like a loser.

In my country conventions are really shitty and the people in charge are too bothered making money to have basic ideas like a fanfic contest, when another conventions does this however and it works, they copy the idea with the exact same words and use their money to promote like their own because smaller conventions with goods ideas can't do it.

I wouldn't be so angry if this big conventions weren't such cheap pieces of shit and at least tried a little to improve on their own.

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Cosplay advice thread. Comic Con this year I was thinking of doing a naked snake cosplay. Any advice to avoid looking like a generic soldier? Cardboard box is obvious, but I'm thinking maybe some small details from 3 a la a fork in my suspension holster. Pic related was my first attempt for a smaller Con.
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It's gonna be kinda tough because he does look like what your average normie would interpret as a cod soldier from Black ops or something.the box should be a giveaway for fans though. Bretty gud m8
Try wearing a camouflage more unique to the game that's not usually used by some other pointy & shooty bang bang games. like Fire, Squares, or even some joke camos, like Bananas or Cold War. You could always go with shirtless, but, you know, slut-shaming.
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>banana fatigues
I want this to happen.

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ITT: every outfit Chi wears in Chobits.
full of examples of old school, shiro x kuro, and more
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File: chobits-288916.jpg (39KB, 525x537px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Questions that don't deserve their own thread, the /cgl/ edition.

Pretty simple, there is no real topic here, just ask dumb fucking questions and then answer others if you can. I'll start us off.

So a buddy of mine had this idea that we would go to a convention as a Bancho Rocket - in a nutshell, a Japanese 80s delinquent bancho uniform with Team Rocket accessories and logos. He is kinda tough looking, so he was going to be the bancho, and I was going to be his spirit guard waving a giant flag with the Rocket R on it.

Except - and here's the kicker - I have no fucking idea where we could buy those jackets. I can make the flag no problem, but I dunno what those jackets are even called.

If you need an image to go with the idea, think Ouendan but they're all in Team Rocket.

Where can I pick up those jackets?
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To continue, lemme ask another question. I am finding out a lot about bodypaint for my Drow cosplay, but I do want to know - is there any way to put on bodypaint if you have a thick, bushy beard? Like, say, should I be dying my beard hair and then applying some form of makeup, or what? Or, is there no way to put on bodypaint while you have a beard?
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I'll ask one more question, just because the normal post requirement to start a thread is three.

So, I'm starting to learn how to sew. I have a few hundred dollars that I can drop on materials right now. What kind of cloth and what kind of designs should I be focusing on if I'm trying to learn how to make cosplay dresses and capes and stuff? Specifically, I'm trying to get the skills so I can eventually make a genderbent Lina Inverse cosplay.
Get some muslin in the different hands that you ultimately want your final cosplay to be. Muslin is fairly cheap, so you can fuck up as many times as you want, and it won't dent your finances like fucking up costume fabric will.

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How much should a person charge for a comission? I just saw this and was pretty shocked, the most I've seen was 200 for a wig commission atleast. Cosplay varies, but a grand?
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Either that girl is bullshitting us, or she got really scammed because she's a dumbass.
Post the cosplay.
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I'm pretty sure I know who this is. Weren't they just raving about how fantastic this cosplay was and how it was their favorite? Didn't really look worth $2000 imo

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I lost my files and am hunting down scans of AP ads. The older the better! If anyone can help an anon out I'd appreciate it.
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Here we go anon. small dump incoming.
File: bear-cafe[1].jpg (492KB, 1600x1120px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Didn't see one so

What about your cellphone? Do you have a popular model or a less-known?
Do you use cases? Silicone, TPU, hard plastic?
And charms?
Where do you buy your accessories?
Do you wish charm holes came back? (personally, yes ;_;)
Do you decorate it or leave it be?

I love to have my phone to be cute and/or weeabooish but in a few days I'll get a new one cause my current one is ded.
I'll get a less-know brand, so little to no cases (and they're plain and boring) so do you have any links/tips/tricks to use for decorating your phone/cases?

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I had to upgrade my phone awhile back and I always go with samsung. Previously I had the S5 in white which was amazing. I was so fucking pissed to find out the S7 in white was a korean exclusive. I had to get a filthy black model.

>sorry for rant

Do you gulls ever get mad you cant get electronics in cute colors? I want everything white or pink.
For your case I'd try aliexpress first! You can usually find something OK-ish even for weird models.

If not I'd maybe suggest buying a plain case and using UV resin to add decoration? Ofc you can use epoxy as well but it takes a bit more skill to dome with it. Ill search around for some cool phone cases people made and dump what I find.
Theres this photo I know I have saved on my PC but I cant find it for the life of me... Please someone post it if they have it. It was a really cute sailor moon deco case but no whip cream or anything, just made with mostly rhinestones if I remember correct?

Personally Im not a fan of the whip cream deco cases but if thats your jam then more power to ya.
Resin+dried flowers

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