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What are your opinions on various fandoms?

>What "type" and demographic does it attract?
>How do they act and dress at cons?
>Good, bad, or mixed feelings about them?
>Are they surging in popularity or do you see less and less of them?
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I know what they are cosplaying as...

But goddamn does it look like a cossack unit had a special ed day.
I feel like the "large" fandoms are ones where they are more accessible, have the largest casts, and give room for AU interpretation/OC creation and the like.

Going through recent history:

Naruto/Inu Yasha/FMA/Death Note
>All available on Toonami
>Most likely to be seen by "normies" as a gateway to other anime
>Naruto has huge cast, FMA has standard uniform as shown in OP, Inu Yasha not really cosplayed that much, Death Note had "easiest" cosplays (that all looked like shit but I digress)

>Large cast
>Half the characters looked the same
>Unclaimed nations = OC potential
>Different outfits, AUs, "2P" (I was into Hetalia and got out of it way before that stuff was even a thing, but I know it doubled the cast and cosplays)
>Webcomic and 5 minute episodes = easy accessibility and marathoning

>Large cast
>Simple cosplays
>Room for AUs/OCs
>Webcomic made it easier to read/get into

My Little Pony
>An anomaly, I won't discuss this further.

Attack on Titan
>Large cast
>Everyone had the same basic uniform, you only needed a wig change if you wanted to be lazy
>Flavor of the month anime, you couldn't avoid it

Love Live!
>Large cast
>Taobao cosplays
>Free mobile game/anime makes it easier to get into some way or another

Steven Universe
>OC potential
>"simple" cosplays (they aren't but people sure as shit act like they are)
>Panders to fanbase
>Fanbase is more online/through artists than in cosplay circles

>Basically it's the Homestuck fandom that paid the $10 for a video game
>Hit or miss cosplays

>Large cast
>In a way 8+ series in one
>Multiple character designs/colorations/etc
>Cosplays range from simple to extravagant
>Very old fanbase + kids just getting into it makes it seem larger than it actually is

>Fun characters and designs
>Different skins you can cosplay from
>More diverse of a cast meaning more people can cosplay from it
Why do FMA uniforms always look so cheesy? They look thin, bright, and flimsy. Is getting a thicker material like those used in navy dress uniforms too expensive?

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It's that time of year again, and tourism season is upon us. Discuss travelling with/ in J-fashion, and wearing it abroad. Stories and tips for shopping and stuff to do are cool too.

I'm personally curious about wearing lolita while in Japan, as I am going to visit in the spring. Is it acceptable, or am I doomed to look like a cringey gaijin?
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It depends, do you normally look like a cringy weeb when you wear lolita?
Oh look, its the cunt again. Your life must be terribly small.

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Thread Guidelines:
- cosplay and lolita welcome
- please list your location and any shipping restrictions you have
- leave contact info you actually check!

General buying and selling tips:
- have feedback ready if you can
- have proof pictures ready
- always ship with tracking
- never do a transaction with someone you're uncomfortable with
- don't name & shame without contacting the buyer or seller first

Introductory tips:
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Old thread >>9325940
Selling the items pictured. I will take offers.

I WTB Angelic Pretty Magical Princess HB in Pink

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Feel free to email me if you don't have LM. I will do free shipping for gulls in the US (discounted shipping for international).

>Innocent World Rose Motif OP in Pink $115
>Kira Imai Pool of Tears OP + Tights in Navy $175
>Leur Getter Chocolate Candy OP in Pink $120
>Macaron et Mademoiselle Creamy Cake JSK in Mint (Size M) $30
>Kokokim Fall in Chocolate Cake OP in Cream (L) $40
>Angelic Pretty Polka Dot Teacup Shoulder Bag in Pink [Damaged] $35


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>tfw I will hit 30 in my lifetime and never be able to cosplay again because of old lady smell and dying eggs
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usually people turn 30 at some point, but whatever
don't worry do what makes you happy fuck the haters they'll turn 30 too and feel the same way.
Rock on, thanks anon
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Maybe you should fry those eggs before they spoil.

We all usually buy fabric and have a lot left over or just never used it in the first place. Post the fabric you have here and give suggestions for what others could use theirs for.
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I have this blue plush fabric I bought for making a winter costume that never turned out. I'm not really sure what I can make with it. I have at least 3 yards.
blue pimp coat, no questions
I have a fabric similar to this in color. It's got a stretch to it and feels much like jersey. I'm not sure what to do with it. I have quite a bit left over from a previous costume.

ITT: As promised, every single outfit Sakura wears in Cardcaptor Sakura.
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because we all know we need to throw shade at those 'experts' in the fb groups whose entire wardrobe consists of loliables and a bodyline lacemonster they bought at a con
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first up today is this self-professed little sister who has been in the fashion 'since 2009' and has even been posted to BTB. the shock, the horror
can i share my exhaustion to start this thread up?
im a lone lolita and this fashion means so fucking much to me. its pretty much the only thing that makes me happy - i feel like ill always wear it right into old age and after all these years the honeymoon effect hasnt worn off. but im lonely.
>no comm in my area but the thought of hanging out with people whose only interest i share is a fashion (and the substyle i subscribe to isnt really whats "in" at the moment), people who are a lot younger or older than i am, possible itas, possible grouchy ladies that glower at strangers for asking innocent questions. its too stressful
facebook. i follow rufflechat and other various groups very closely but once again it feels so hard to connect with anyone on any level there. everyones making their own fan pages and only wants to be friends if they can get something out of you. so many keyboard dictators shilling out advice in the chat groups, who only turn out to be fatasses with one "handmade wa loli skirt" you never know if youre talking to someone actually worth while
when i found cgl i thought for sure id finally found somewhere people could really give their opinions. but recently its been so ruined for me finding out how many of these nitpickers are... roleplaying? cosplayers coming into CoF threads just to nitpick about slight differences in shades of red that could easily be fault of photography. pretending to be lolitas just to troll le meme, which im sure is fun for them, but really makes it feel like an absolute waste of time to come here.
can someone please tell me where to go from here, theres got to be somewhere where lolita can just be clothes, but also be a passion? will i forever be a lone lolita, headphones in to ignore the outside world when all i want is someone to let in
Anon, how would you feel about an online lolita buddy? I'm a lone lolita too and I also feel like I can't really connect with other lolitas but I'd like to talk about the fashion on a more sincere and in-depth Level than here on /cgl/. From the way you express yourself I can tell that we might get along pretty well desu

so yeah feel free to leave a throwaway email and i'll contact you

At first I thought NoFlutter was showing a little restraint in her designs and then NO MERCURY HAS A NOSE RING CHAIN FOR BATTLE

Calling it now we get someone in the help thread asking how to fake a nose ring.
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who cares about that kind of autistic bullshit? How is this worse than a miniskirt and high heels for battle?
I don't really see why people care so much about this.
Who cares, not because impracticality, but because this is ugly as fuck

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there isn't one in the catalog right now and I've been seeing some good coords lately!

post your favorites (bonus points if other than Kagome).

-does a wa inspired main piece make a coord "wa" or do you expect further styling, like inclusion of haori/yukata/kimono/obi or quintessential Japanese imagery in the accessories?

-what do you like to see in a wa coord?

I personally love punk elements or wild, vivid colors, and a good wa coord to me is experimental and isn't simply aiming to look as trad as possible.
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Hello /cgl/,
So, I'm trying to make the Cleric Beast from Bloodborne. I believe I have my body shape similar enough to his, large left arm, small right arm, rib cage can be seen, and I have his belly situation. My plan is to wear Underarmor, my only problem is the fur and head. How can one make such a beautiful
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Try looking up fursuit head tutorials. You might need to do a full suit otherwise it would look strange with just a head sitting on under armour.

May the good blood guide you, because damn this would be awesome.
Can we turn this into a Soulsborne thread? It's been a while. Posting PAX pics.

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Last one is saging so here we go again.
Post your itas here.

In the last thread, we dealt with ill-fitting jumperskirts and rampaging fakebois.
Stick around to see what happens in this edition.
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These are literal children. Let them live.

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Just out of curiosity,

What's your most expensive item?
What's the best deal you've found?
How much would you estimate your wardrobe at now?
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>What's your most expensive item?
Retail-price AP, can't think of a specific item, probably one of the OPs. I've never paid above retail.
>What's the best deal you've found?
Skirt for 900 yen, JSK won with a 1500 yen bid, both in excellent condition. Couldn't say what my best print deal was relative to market value as the price fluctuates all the time.
>How much would you estimate your wardrobe at now?
Maybe $6000.
>most expensive item
200$ for an ap dress
>best deal you found
Either 200$ for a sugar pansy set or 30$ for a Baby OP in perfectly fine condition
>how much
1200$ maybe? I came back not so long ago
>What's your most expensive item?
Cats Tea Party MTO
>What's the best deal you've found?
Prob AP sales from their webstore
>How much would you estimate your wardrobe at now?
I estimate around 25-30k

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Last thread. >>9392315

Petticoat deflating? Wig cap too tight? Share those cgl-related feels.
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I want to be better friends with the grills in my comm, but I'm afraid of looking like a gay stalker?
I'm so fucking sick of girls who have been in the fashions for <4 years thinking they're veterans. You're just barely out of newfag territory, stop pretending.

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No idea where the last one went.
Let's start shit off with our queen, PT.
This is pretty new, actually. Probably 3 weeks old or so.
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All hail the Queen eternal and Tripod-san.
>hating on bad cosplay

You're no better than any cosplayer
You must be new here.

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Previously, >>9390311
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