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This is a blue board which means that it's for everybody (Safe For Work content only). If you see any adult content, please report it.

Thread Guidelines:

Feel free to post things ITT like (Keep it /cgl/-related; means either cosplay or J-fashion [e.g. Lolita/Brolita, Nanchatte, etc.]):
- Usefull guides that can be applied to crossplaying/crossdressing
- Questions, help, sharing advice to improve your appearance to pass temporary as the opposite gender (Male -> Female, Female -> Male)
- pictures of crossplay/crossdressing coords, selfposts
- personal experience/stories regarding crossplay/crossdressing

Not allowed:
- Anything in sexual context/fetish stuff
- Anything related to gender transition (hormones, operation, permanent cosmetics); >>>/lgbt/ might be the better place for this

Collection of guides and informative material (general, MtF, FtM):
(Still empty, if you have anything helpful, share it here or send it to me via e-mail)

WIP (will be added to the spreadsheet later on)

Contact for suggestions or contribution: [email protected]
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Old one: >>9291536
I've tried shaving my body in the past but that did not go well at all. I've stuck to trimming my legs so the hair isn't visible but grows back quickly so I can pretend to be a normie.
Which brand did you use? I've been considering using nair for some time now
Need some advice on speaking like a guy while in crossplay, other than just "keep your voice low"
I meant more like stuff like vocal expression. I didn't grow up around guys so it's hard for me to imitate what I know

File: 1456962021250.jpg (1B, 486x500px)
1B, 486x500px
Old thread reached image limit. >>9333669
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File: 130930-back.jpg (1B, 486x500px)
1B, 486x500px
File: 23g9085_red.jpg (1B, 486x500px)
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File: 24g-9129_pink.jpg (1B, 486x500px)
1B, 486x500px

New England thread?

I'm kind of new to this but would like some sort of thread like this. Discuss any cons or cosplay scenes in or nearby New England (East Canada and East NY welcome).

I can start. Anyone else going to Anime Boston?
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I might go to AB, but I doubt I'll make a weekend out of it.

Me and some buddies are saving up for a trip to Japan, and the past two years kinda sucked. Long lines, an increasingly irritated volunteer staff, and the crowd seems to get younger and younger.
Seems like all the staple cons are running into big problems. Connecticon blew last year and why even go to AAC when they're threatening to kick people out for room parties?

I want to love AB since its run well but their venue sucks so bad... Security is just making it worse every year. When is it moving to BCEC?

Also Arisia is coming up this weekend, any gulls planning on going? Probably going to to for Saturday at least.
Going to AB but just for Sat. I tend to enjoy the cons even if they seem to be getting more and more like line con but then again I'm usually there in lolita and usually there to shop and for panels.

Let's play Cards Against Humanity! Use thread to set up games and post caps.

Join here:

Add your own cards here:
Rules for adding cards:
Always leave draw 0 for black cards.
Use four underscores "____" for your blanks in the black cards.
Watermark your cards CON for Convention related cards, COS for Cosplay related cards, EGL for Lolita cards, and CGL for both Cosplay and Lolita cards or /cgl/ board specific cards.
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Will start new game at 9:30 pm CST!
maybe next time set the score threshold to 5 or 6, because an hour long game isn't kawaii

Black dude here, Who can I cosplay as?
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Pretty much anything, senpai.
File: Bee_Full.png (321KB, 459x934px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
321KB, 459x934px
Forgot to say no Naruto or Bleach

File: sadafharley.jpg (296KB, 612x612px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
296KB, 612x612px
Old thread. >>9368587

Share those cosplay and lolita-related feels, my gulls.
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File: psgchildhood.jpg (118KB, 340x368px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
118KB, 340x368px
I suspected that I was a little old for my comm, and then someone posted this.

25+ comm where?
I'll meet you at the pub. Where we can drink and complain about the kids today.
>chillin in the dealer room
>see girl with frilly collar
>without realizing, reach out to touch it
>friend spots me
>screams "STOP" at the top of her lungs
>everyone staring

Fuck me.

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35KB, 500x338px
Couldn't find one in the catalog, so new help thread.

What the best glue to use for 3D printed plastic?
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Basically, cyanoacrylate based or epoxy glues work the best.
Can I buy a tailors mannequin pre-owned. Is spraying it down with some cleaning/disinfectant/bleach/what have you enough to make sure it's clean?

Also I've seen trouser dummies. Can I still use one of them for dresses?
How can I get the people in my cosplay group to get more serious about cosplay. I started a cosplay group because coordinated cosplay looks cool and grabs attention.

It seems like I am the only one that is taking the group seriously though. There was a 6 month window to get cosplay done, now it's like 3 weeks until con and the other group members still don't have an idea of what they want to do.

Should I just leave the group? They are my friends though.

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What do you guys think of con raves and concerts. Do you go in costume?
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Only good when drunk.
File: kita_party.webm (3MB, 1280x720px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3MB, 1280x720px
>Do you go in costume?
Yup, it makes it more fun
like every other party and social event???

The general attendee hotel block is opening in about 2 weeks. Who's going?

>Favorite places to eat nearby?
>Recs on which hotels are better?
>Who are you hoping for as guests?

This is my first time ever going to AX, hope it lives up to the hype.
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This will be my third year I think at the Bonaventure. I have to start working on my cosplay now if i hope to finish it by then...

>This is my first time ever going to AX, hope it lives up to the hype.

Where you coming from? And it definitely will.
>This is my first time ever going to AX
Preparet to spend at least half the convention waiting in lines to get into panels you want to see.
I'm thinking about going this year, haven't been since '08, and i only went one day that year.

I live in long beach so I'm not really planning to get a hotel room (although it would be nice)

File: DC justice league.jpg (197KB, 1200x825px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
DC justice league.jpg
197KB, 1200x825px
I'm planning to cosplay at Liverpool comic con. What's the best superhero cosplay to do?

I enjoy a variety of Batfamily members and have been considering cosplaying Nightwing or the Red Hood but have no idea to get accurate costume stuff.

Have you guys cosplayed superheros? Feel free to post below.
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File: 1484732266024.png (8KB, 355x424px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
8KB, 355x424px
There's one super-hero who really needs to be done more at cons.
I actually enjoy western comics more than anime and cosplay almost exclusively from comics. Unfortunately this board isn't populated by many cape cosplayers. I'll dump some of what I have.

AP, it's time to take a break.
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I like it.
I like the OP more but unfortunately I have a large bust.
I want to rub my period blood all over the OP.

It's really shit, AP. It's like some newbie indie designer made this. It's not amateur hour in the makeup room.
File: londonjsk.png (684KB, 495x713px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
684KB, 495x713px
Anyone have any knowledge on the indie Heaven's Atrium? Their past items on their site are blegh, their Facebook nice enough until I saw the awful moddeling, but I'm seriously digging their new JSK. But are they an alright indie?

File: abird.jpg (1B, 486x500px)
1B, 486x500px
Santa's Helper returns as Captain Coopid to bring us white day. Sign up here!


> Send your items by the mailing deadlines.
> Email the organizer your mailing receipt(s)
> POST PICTURES in thread on CGL with Unique ID number
> Use only initials of the names when trying to communicate on the thread

Tentative Dates:
Deadline to Sign up: February 5 at 11:59 PM
Assignments will be out: February 11

>Be aware of International Mailing Restrictions especially when it comes to food

More guidelines/FAQ coming soon!
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Had an issue with this exchange last year that made me bitter and not want to do secret santa, but then I felt sad that I didn't do that so now my ass is crawling back. SH, please please don't abandon us like last year's WD anon did. I don't think there were actually too too many people who had issues but I know there were a couple people in the last thread last year who were still trying to get in contact with them (myself included) and they just never responded.
Don't worry. Santa's Helper has two White Day helpers they said.
Excited for this, though I feel bad for being unable to send cards due to stuff at home. I'm excited to go through the panic all over again.

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494KB, 631x515px
I am looking into doing a crossdressing cosplay of Yukari From Girls und Panzer, I have my costume picked out, but I don't know anything about sizes, unwanted bodyhair, Hair styling, Makup.

Please Help me become a Cute Trap
Pic Related
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That jacket looks horrible... The cut and material are so cheap looking. Sizing is easy, get a dressmaker tape and measure yourself. Use the size chart on the website. Shave your legs and face. Buy a wig. You don't need much makeup to cosplay her, just foundation, powder, and a light blush
There's a whole thread (and spreadsheet) for this >>9345856

Saw one awhile ago, and thought it might be time for a new one! Basically you post what you're considering buying and gulls tell you their opinion.
I'm currently deciding between
>Toy Parade skirt in black, would match most of what I own
>Dream Fantasy salopette in black, would match a lot of what I own, & is cheapest
>Cotton Candy Shop salopette in sax, would match almost none of my shoes or tights but I would be able to twin with my loli bff (most expensive option)

help me gulls.
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Do you really like the dream fantasy salopette? I think it looks so ugly how the placket disrupts the print pattern. If it was me I'd go for Toy Parade
Seconding toy parade. Own and love it c:

File: fanworld.jpg (12KB, 200x200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
12KB, 200x200px
Fanworld is bringing out Calssara from Germany? Its on their facebook
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Why oh fking why is this con back
I heard the con was bad, but I wanted to take a vacation sometime this year. Does the location at least make up for it? (Can I get cool cosplay photos taken outside?)
I mean, it's fucking Niagara Falls. There's pretty nature shit but you're gonna be surrounded by tourists. Also to be honest, it's a pretty shitty place (at least the American side).

I'm just sitting here wondering which one of Western NY's finest is gonna be the guest of honor this year.

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