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Let's post patterns/machines that really work for you, and what you used them for. Maybe pictures of the cosplay too.

I'm new to sewing, so I don't have any handiwork to share, but with all the bought cosplay shaming in the west, I'd like to see what other gulls do to make theirs so special.
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Bumping because interested
I usually make my own patterns out of wrapping paper, because we have a fuck ton of it in my house and it works. I usually hate commercial patterns because they're confusing and hard to work with, I made a skirt that went to my knees last year and it took me around 7 hours to do because it was so difficult to know what to do.

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Last thread hit 300 and no one wants to post in it anymore.

Use this thread for all your screaming demands to SH.
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will you marry me
Any more gifts from late anon posted?
>tfw i unironically want to be late anon's giftee

would wait 3-4 months no issue, hmu sempai if you want to exchange gifts during the next CGL event you will likely be blacklisted from

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i want to create a set of dentures with LOOSE teeth.

how to best achieve this? i need aglue thats strong enough to hold the teeth in, but not so strong that they wont come out. this is for a video im filming about a guy who loses his teeth.
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>posts a whole new thread to get spoonfed in
>topic is so niche that it is unlikely to break 30 posts let alone 300

ask me how i know you're a newfag
Use the help thread for questions like this.

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I've seen some cosplays already, but they look kinda silly on the hands, also, I don't know what kind of materials use.
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This does not deserve its own thread, and this didn't need to be bumped on a slow board. Use the catalog and stop being so painfully new.
you hurt ma feelin anon, apawlogoize

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I'm looking at making this dress but I haven't been able to find a picture of the full image (or if there even is one). Do any of you have the image, know if it exists or even what book it's from?
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there's already a spoonfeed thread, anon.
there is also a sakizo thread, goddamn

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What would be the best way to go about creating this costume (because I don't want to pay $200 to import something this silly). Do I just buy a plain morphsuit and then sew on the extra additions (the tail, purple bits, ears and wrist/calves)? Or would it be better to just make the whole thing from scratch? Asking as it's cheaper to buy the morphsuit and a bit of material rather than several meters of the material.

Also I know it looks terrible, but that's the point. Oh and if it's against the rules on this board to make threads like that, I apologise as this is not my homeboard and I'm unaware of the rules.
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First things first, use the help thread.

It would be best if all of the white cloth was the same material. That's not going to happen if you use a morph suit. Also, on something like this you'll want some shapeware or a dance belt.

Last, if you want to make a point of your cosplay looking bad then it really doesn't matter. Why are you trying to combine proper technique with a costume that you're making look bad on purpose?
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>That would be such a fucking comfortable onezzie

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Soooo being a lazy human I am thinking of buying rather than making a costume myself. Looking at Vash the stampede coats has anyone here got any experience using these stores and who do you trust?
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Try asking on these instead of making a new thread for a single item
oh man. from the pic you just know this looks like trash on person.
You will never get a high quality costume from one of those chinese costume sellers. They use the lowest quality materials and the pictures are never representative of what you get.

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share those cosplay and lolita related feels
last thread is in autosage
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>need a custom zentai made
>was told to go to zentai-zentai
>send them a picture of the character I'm cosplaying from
>they ask for a reference sheet
>send them a reference sheet done by a friend (pic related)
>they ask for MORE REFERENCE (a picture of a cosplayer to be exact)

I'm having second thoughts on zentai-zentai
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>wake up
>check phone
>see a message from someone on my lolita tumblr where i post coords
>message is written in moonrunes
>it basically says "hello i am a japanese mega-otaku i have fallen in love with you and i very much want to become friends"

i hope it's a troll or something. no big deal really, just blocked them but what a weirdo
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>want to bulk up my wardrobe with some lavender accessories so I can finally live my 2010 OTT Sweet dreams
>Buy four new items, all described as "Lavender"
>All different fucking shades
>The shoes are "true" lavender, the bag is a little darker, the cardigan is more pinky, and the wristcuffs are bluer.
>I should have just stuck with pink
>mfw i realise this shit

can we get a kimono/yukata coord thread going again?
My local spring fests are coming up, and I need some inspo.
Also, if you guys know some good sites to buy hakamas, kimonos, etc, please share.
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this makes me happy

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If your kid liked dressing up, would you dress them in brand? Would you teach them how to coord for different jfash styles and substyles? Would you coordinate outfits together?
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What are some things you remember about "the old days" of cosplay?

For me, I remember how it seemed like Setsuna Kou was EVERYWHERE in the Sailor Moon cosplay scene in the early 00's. Even back then I thought her costumes looked like shit, but it seemed like she was still selling a lot of them.
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I just remember how everything looked shitty so it wasn't bad if you were shitty yourself. Party City wigs, shiny-ass fabrics, bad make-up... You just made due with the limited resources you had, especially if you live in smaller countries. I remember looking at Limebarb stuff and being amazed someone could do that with what we had.

nowadays I have zero excuse to look shit but oh well, kek
I remember looking at Amphigory, imagining what it would be like to do a cosplay with a real wig.

Now I get wigs for $15.
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How hard it was to find wigs.

It was pretty much amphigory and ebay only.

Also that Amano styled phase.

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Too old for me, I vote 2/10 = UUGGGLY

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Share your favorite jfashion shops! Have you you been there?
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I don't know about you gulls but I'm sick of the recent influx of people attention whoring with non-lolita/ouji coordinates. This shit needs to stop.
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Can't forget the selfie she attached. I've seen some hideous face jewelry but this one takes the cake.

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Old thread is dead >>9362783

Who will be reserving Carnival or Holy Lantern this weekend?
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Really bummed that AP will never release a teal colorway of Holy Lantern on principal because Oo Jia did it first, I totally get it but it's such a good colorway and I'd own every cut if it was official.
Wasn't that a black colorway fail originally? I'm going for Carnival OP otherwise I'd be getting the navy zipper cut. I really wish they would rerelease the black x black zipper cut honestly
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I feel so slow, I'm just now finding out about the Carnival rerelease but I've heard about the Holy Lantern rerelease for ages. Ugh, that dress is so ugly to me, wouldn't even want it if it was free.

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