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It's March 10-12! Who's going?
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I plan on going! No idea what I'm gonna cosplay yet, though. I better figure that out soon, but I don't know if I'll have the funds to really make/buy a new costume this year anyway.
I'm really excited, but this thread is really early and destined for death without content.

I appreciate what the op was trying do, since I myself was curious about if anyone was going to this or not.

Do they even have guests lined up? Last I checked it was just some internet artist lady.

Ye olde OTT sweet edition.
Last one reached post limit.
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it's disheartening how ignorant we are of how pieces are manufactured/contracted by brands.

I'd really like to see some econolitas or fashion merchandising lolitas put together a blog to reveal how everything gets made (brand & indie) and how the rights get worked out in Japan and China.

this aspect of the fashion is really fuzzy and misunderstood, especially as different countries have different laws.
I'd really love to learn more about the business practices and what, if any, illusions we hold of AP, Baby, etc.

if this kind of resource doesn't already exist, I'd be all over working with some other gulls to create an informative LJ
I wish lolitas would think thrice before outing themselves just to respond to crit.
You are seriously overreacting. Do you pay this much attention to the stuff you buy at the supermarket?

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Liam Spooner - god tier
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Yank here (specifically, US Airfag). Been living in the UK for 3 years now. Been to a handful of cons. I have yet to see a good cosplay....
By "Handful of cons" do you mean local events and ALcon? If so then yeah, that's what you will see, garbage tier.

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Post your fave coords! No matter what substyle, no matter what level of OTT, post the ones that make you go 'Ah, this is why I love jfashion.'

Pls no salt, if you don't like something don't acknowledge it. Also points for saying why you like the coord! I'll start!
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I like this one because it seems so wearable, and the unconventional use of a woollen jumper is practical and inventive
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Qi lolita.jpg
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Hey gulls, I was wondering if it's actually possible to make wa or qi lolita coords that aren't trash. There was a time when wa lolita in particular was an ita staple, and since then everyone's given it a wide berth (like black OPs with white lace kek). So:

Do you have any examples of decent coords?

What is it about the qi style that makes it so difficult to coord?

Do you find it offensive/cultural appropriation to wear these sub styles?
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It's been pretty pupular recently due to the current boom for fashion inspired by traditional clothes in Japan, Kawaii Pateen even uploaded a Qi makeup tutorial today.

I guess one of the reasons for "why" it used to be an ita stable was the fact that it was overdone in whitexblack and redxblack by costume shops.
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Couldn't find one in the catalog.

I've been trying to use the yen trick to make a purchase, but even though I have my billing agreements set up to "Bill me in the currency listed on the seller's invoice", it keeps trying to charge me in dollars instead of yen. Has anyone else successfully used the yen trick recently, or is it gone for good?
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Stop buying from bodyline, it's almost 2017
I will when they stop making everything so cheap.
with shipping costs its hardly cheap.

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Does anyone have any good images of dawn cosplays? Preferably of outfits other than her main outfit. Since i cannot find anything to see how they would look in reallife.
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Go back to vp, pandabutt
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>wanting to cosplay 2nd worst girl
She's kinda generic without her specific outfit..

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Can anyone help me find more like this or similiar to this dress?
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its from the brand Candy Rain. You can buy it here

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Come out and play, deers
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What are everyone's favorite shops with mori kei?
I'll post some stuff.

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Last thread. >>9374038

Share feels. Good, bad, as long as they're cgl-related.
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pepe kigurumi.jpg
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I hope one day I can make even a single friend who's as into cosplay as I am.

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Couldn't find one in the catalog,
Let's see some of your favorite sweet inspo coords!
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I love photos of lolitas just doing normal things, not with a meet up or at a convention.
I like seeing them in every day environments (or those "lolita in their natural habitat" pics)
Please dump what you have
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>no momoko
will dump what little I could find

Closet of Frills thread

Old thread >>9373660
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Anyone going to Triad in Greensboro, NC this year?
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Hey guys, I just got back from katsucon and I noticed there were dozens of 'professional' photographers and maybe 5 decent ones, shuffling around doing shoots for shekels.

For you cosplayers who pay for a shoot, what do you expect from the shooter?
full direction of shoot, final products, gear, etc?

I shoot full time for the military and I have my own gear, so I want to consider this instead of drinking all day.

What are pricing/shooting times like?

I did a couple shoots willy nilly for fun with some people that caught my eye, I had a good time but i don't know if having a structured schedule would ruin the fun.

Should I stick to doing photos for free drinks and to talk to girls? Or is there any merit to charging you seagulls?

I feel like I would be happy charging 50 - 100 to follow someone around a good portion of the day making photo story and doing some posed stuff. Just enough to cover entrance fee and a couple beers.
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It feels like you want to get into this just for the "easy" cash. The politics of cosplay photography is a shitshow.

DESU I got spoiled last year by a really good photographer who underpriced herself, ($15 for thirty minutes, made sure to tip her extra) so it's hard to say. Knowing your worth is a good start. Don't be overpricing people, especially considering a lot of people don't even want to pay for a photographer.
>Should I stick to doing photos for free drinks and to talk to girls?
nigga what
>Should I stick to doing photos for free drinks and to talk to girls?

The money will be good alcohol money and you wouldn't want to talk to the girls anyway. You'd end up shooting yourself.

pun intended
i'm not looking for easy cash, but a little fun cash if its worth the effort / gear prep and risk.

>Should I stick to doing photos for free drinks and to talk to girls?
I got paid in drinks by this one couple I followed for an hour, and a beer from some guy who didn't have a photographer. It's easy to talk to cute girls or guys if i'm in work mode and they like the photos i'm doing for them, we work through the shoot and I can easily make a new friend.

What products do these photographers offer? If its just a handful of edited photos they shouldn't be charging at all.

I'm curious about the details because I saw a lot of shitty photographers making cosplayers uncomfortable in their shoots, and more than likely delivering poor products.

I understand you don't want some guy trying to make another quick buck for possibly bad photos, but can you tell me what you would expect from a photographer?

I would be fine shooting for free with fun people, accepting tips if they think my work is acceptable.

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