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Neo lolita, soft lolita, otome, or whatever.. Girly stuff
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New kitten print from ETC
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Cat army from milkboy

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so how Does seaGulls do to Be able to feed their materialistic needs?

I'm kinda new to this honestly, but so far i was able to manage...
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English please? Are you asking how we can afford our hobbies?
yes sorry for my bad english.
Do be the work money get pay for do wear good done

Last one died a while ago I think. Discuss things happening in Rufflechat and other FB groups, Amino, etc.
Local comm thread is here >>9487275
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New thread, keep the noise down for the pilots.
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more like cum
Crashing planes in room 721

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Last time on Lolita General: >>9489848
>New AP Print is Tutti Frutti
>Rinrin Wig
>Friends in Lolita/Out of Lolita
>Selling for Profit
>Goths, man
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How do you feel about the way prints (of sweet brands) have changed? Not talking about quality, just the style/design. Pic related is one of my favourite Baby prints.
anyone has any news on the GLB? wasn't there supposed to be a 64 coming out? or should I give up hope on them releasing any last issue?
I liked Baby's simpler "border" prints like Mary in the Sky with Candies (even the name is gold); it's not quite a border print and not quite an allover print, it's detailed without being too busy, and the dress itself is simple to make the print stand out but the bodice still has very nice details on it.
Red is my least favorite colorway but pic related is too nice to not share.

Modern prints are (mostly) nice at but many of them are too busy on the eyes in my opinion.

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New thread >>9484099
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I wasn't going to cosplay this year, but............................................................

Fuck. I couldn't help myself. Tomorrow I cosplay.

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Share what you have
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At first I was like "oh this can't be too bad. All lucao cosplays are pretty shit and easy but it can't be that bad". And then I opened the picture and saw toilet paper horns
Lucoa is definitely a cosplay you need to go the extra mile to make your boobs look bigger, and boy did she fail to do that.

I mean like hey, it gets the job done, at the very least clean it up a bit

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Buying contact lenses, I'm not sure what websites I can trust with putting my stuff in my eyes.

I've been recommended Pinky Paradise and You Know It, but I thought I'd ask /cgl/ for suggestions with personal reviews or anything like that.
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Geo has there own international website, and Uniqso is a lot cheaper than Pinky Paradise. Just make sure you stay with the well known, good brands. Unkown Korean brands might cause eye damage.
What are the well known brands? I'm looking through Uniqso right now and I'm considering buying from them.
I've had good experiences with HoneyColor too, and they tend to have big sales and free shipping promotions pretty often

Geo, Vassen, EOS, Dolly Eye, Super Pinky (have used and liked all of these) and I've heard good things about Beaucon too

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Last one is long gone

Not long til Tauranga Armageddon! What are your expectations? Do you have much left to do for your cosplay?
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not cosplaying as im too nervous to potently draw attention to myself but still looking forward to it, ive only ever been to wellygedion before
>What are your expectations
I expect to turn up and be bored, such is the nature of geddon these days. At least the guest cosplay panels might be interesting.

its nice you keep making threads anon, but there really isn't much to talk about until after wellygeddon.
not op
im just happy to see we have this many nz gulls!

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DIY edition

What cool stuff have you built for a larp?

Previous thread here:
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We started building a guild hall.

But the masons were goblins (and the neighbors red guards).

So it fell crashing down.

One section of the roof was still intact, so we made a fireplace shelter out of it.

The shelter collapsed during winter, and it started hailing during spring.

So we made a new shelter of the other roof section, repaired it with planks of broken dreams.

Now it just stands, waiting to be rumbled or loved.
I built a torsion ballista when I entered college. Six ft wide, eight feet long. Throws javelins about 70 ft. It has been sitting disassembled in my garage for a while now.

Last one is sage >>9405736

>"What is Menhera?"

>"What is Gurokawa?"

Please try to ignore/do not respond to obvious bait, more so as there may be an increasing influx of summerfags incoming.
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Update from CC

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>what is the integrity of maintaining a fandom meant for children

For adults who were original fans in the 90s/early 2000's, how do you adapt your childhood obsessions into functional hobbies, particularly knowing that they will always remain children's entertainment.

>How often do you have interesting or stimulating discussions about the series?
>How often do you truly indulge into the universe?
>How often do you engage with the fandom vs the series itself?
>How do you manifest your fandom (buy merch, support new releases etc)?

OP's story posted below, sorry if there's a bit of sperging.
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I discovered Sailor Moon at the age of 4, it became my favorite show of all time and hugely influenced every aspect of my childhood. From there, I tried to get my hands on every anime available in the early 2000's but the availability of magical girls was limited so I stuck with Cardcaptors and Tokyo Mew Mew (other shoujo I came across was just manga).

Let's be real, I fantasized about being able to connect with large fandoms. At the time there were only random fan listings, forums and other fan sites that were hit/miss depending on the site creator. Being a child, I knew nothing about conventions and don't think they were very accessible back then. My connection to other weebs was entirely non-existent and I grew up feeling incredibly lonely in my hobbies.

Fast forward today, ~mahou shoujo~ culture is basically a subtype of general kawaii culture. The reboots. The galore of merchandise. It's major business. It's a fashion style. It's an identity tied into third wave feminism etc. Let's not even get into fetishists but they ruined so many things for me.

With this revival, comes the unfortunate side effect of attention-seeking wannabe-weebs who collect merchandise, brand name clothing/makeup etc to fake attachment to magical girl fandoms in hopes that they appear to have v special kawaii interests uwu.

>inb4 there's fakes in any fandom!!!!

I know but what's particular here is that these are CHILDREN'S shows. They claim to stumble across series aimed at kids, fall head over heels for the plots/characters/themes and suddenly their life revolves around these fandoms.

As a long term fan, this makes me want to disassociate from the hobbies I hold dear because I realize there's nothing to defend about the original source material. Kodansha/Bandai will do everything in their power to sell merch. The western fandoms will continue to use these series as symbols of female empowerment and that means normies will eat it up with no end in sight.

As an adult, I recognize that Sailor Moon has a shit fucking plot. These series are garabge. How can people tolerate Precure, they don't even have re-occurring characters. If not for nostalgia's sake, why would you ever put yourself through that torture? I couldn't even finish bits of SMC, it was so terrible, and that's coming from someone who has a fandom tattoo and owns the original manga series in every format released.

I'm abandoning all hope anons. Should a sane person in their early 20's stick to legitimately great series? Cowboy Bebop is my favorite anime and Berserk is definitely the best in terms of manga. Maybe i'm starting to feel like the fake fan after all.
>this thinly veiled thread to rag on Jill

Old thread >>9476190
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Last one hit autosage.

I don't think that /cgl/'s sense of superiority over the rest of the lolita community is warranted anymore. In fact, I think this place has kind of become a hub for foreveritas hiding behind their wannabe ~elitism~. Over the past few years, I've noticed a large amount of seagulls saying ridiculously ita shit. Just a few of the most common examples...
>that series/colorway is so fucking hard to coordinate because I refuse to accept that the rest of the outfit doesn't have to incorporate every single color on the print, and if you say otherwise you're super boring and post a pic to prove these amazing coording skills you claim to have!
>not mercilessly OTT=ita
>nitpicks and ita are the same thing, right?
>if I call things ita enough, that means I'm clearly not one!
>meanwhile I'm gonna go defend these hideous old school monstrosities that were used as examples of ita back in the day
>also this literal cosplay of Sailor Moon in a lowtier offbrand dress in fandom lolita threads is totally goals

My other unpopular opinion is that I'd take a pretty but "boring" coord over most OTT ones any day.
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>My other unpopular opinion is that I'd take a pretty but "boring" coord over most OTT ones any day.
Is this really unpopular?
Yeah, /cgl/ has been full retard for a while. Most people here don't even know what constitutes as ita anymore. The threads are all nitpicks and vendettas. I'm getting the feeling that it's pretty much all newfags who have been in just long enough to know the rules and think they have to be followed stringently. Any deviation is "ita" because they are insecure about their own place in this fashion.
I completely agree, op. I've seen some really cringey arguments about coording that went exactly how you describe. For example, people were talking about how hard Merry Making in the Ghost Town in red is to coordinate (iirc they were saying it was flat out impossible) and some anon had the audacity to point out it really wasn't and you don't have to include every color on the print in the side pieces. People started getting really butthurt, demanded anon post pics if she's so amazing, and called them boring, even though they were giving perfectly fine examples of how it could be done. With something like MMitGT, the print is already so garish that forcing all the colors on the print into the side pieces would look revolting. It's not brain surgery, these ita fucks act like coording is harder than bringing peace to the Middle East.

Almost a week away until the con and the schedule is finally out! How stressed is everybody?

No meet-up as right now but there was talk of planning something in the last thread.

Old thread: >>9459862
330 posts and 39 images submitted.
Reported that artist from the last thread and someone from the AA said they'd look into it.
Bless you. Doing good work anon.
Thank you anon.

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