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How many old costumes do you have lying around?

Let's define "old" as "worn before, and have no firm plans to wear again." How old are most of them, and/or how old is the oldest? How much room do they take up? Why do you hold on to some and not others?
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I don't cosplay often but I have one cheap sailor moon costume that was last worn about 3 years ago, it's hanging up with my normal clothes so sometimes i just forget it's there (I lost the accessories and I used my own hair at the time so no wig, like any professional would of course)

I might sell it eventually, it's just not high priority.
I have a lot of old cosplays laying around that I'd never wear again, including a number of Homestuck cosplays from 2012/2013. They take up quite a bit of room, idk why I still have them.

I guess I ought to salvage what I can from them and throw the rest out one of these days.
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update: i decided to take a look at it, back bow was missing and front bow was kinda fucked with pic related being a sticker and falling off, decided to just throw it out

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Alrighty, let's try get another Australia thread going since all the others failed miserably. No comments about beethy/ beethy drama. for the love of god, STOP.
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Let's start with thronescon. What the hell happened? I haven't seen a single post about it.
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Why do Australian con mascots always look DeviantArt tier? No offence to Aussie artists but this is just embarrassing

Madman's a huge company, why couldn't they sling $300 to a Jap artist to do something amazing?
At least the animaga girls are cute.

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Last thread >>9460929

Discuss things about your Comm in general.
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Story behind this pic?
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My comm doesn't seem to have anything planned for ILD, but at least we have a fancy cross-comm high tea meet for the 10th.
My comm's ILD event was cancelled because the venue was having issues.

Haven't seen one of these in a while. Post groups that you'd love to get together, but don't know anyone else who cosplays from them.

Pic related, I cosplay fire-haired Fujiko and I have a friend who does Jigen, but no Lupin, Zenigata, Goemon, or side characters like Rebecca or Oscar.
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I'd like to do Xenoblade group sometime, but I have seen only few cosplays from the series live. Fiora in her mecha form is one of my dream cosplays, but I'm not yet talented enough to do it. Maybe I can find someone to cosplay with when I finally decide to do her.
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I am so fucking desperate for LOGH group. Any assortment of characters would be fine, I just want to have some glorious space opera-time.
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Not so much a specific group, but any set of characters from Nakamura Asumiko's lolita-related manga. My first choice would actually be from the Alistair/Simon series but I couldn't find an ensemble photo from that.

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How far would you go for some Cosplay pics? Would you go to places like Chernobyl or Fukushima to take some pics?
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Yes. I've already crossplayed during a shooting competition just for some Homura pics.
Nah, but there are some abandon warehouses near me that look apocalyptic that I'd totally sneak into if I had an appropriate cosplay.
Nah that's what lookalikes, lighting and camera magic are for. Chances are, even if you went to Chernobyl or Fukushima, no one's gonna be able to tell it apart from some random rundown nowhere spot in the middle of the US, as long as you choose your location and set up your shots wisely

>good gun
>bad wig
kudos to you but why your ends so ratty friend

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*blocks your path*
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"Excuse me"

△: Gun

Never saw it coming


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Let't talk about the Dokomi
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Why not start the discussion, OP?

The Dokomi organization was a complete trainwreck in my opinion. The parking and situation at the entrance was simply a desaster.
I'm not even talking about the uncomfortable empty grey halls here.

Again the best thing about Dokomi is hanging around at Nordpark with friends.
Yeah, the halls really were a bummer. It just felt off.
Also, it was kidn of too big this time? I wasn't talking as much with friends because we tried to see everything.
How was the Dokomi Ball? I heard it was a trainwreck, more like a birthday party for children

Old thread hit limit. >>9503587

How are cosplay and lolita making you feel lately, gulls?
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>ask out my con crush
>"sorry, maybe when I'm 40"
My friend and I are competing in a cosplay contest together. We've been feeling confident, but the closer I get to finishing my cosplay the more anxiety I feel. I started with the mindset of "whatever happens happens, just do your best" but I'm still anxious that I'm not doing enough to stand out. I guess I'm just scared of letting my friend down... It's her first time competing and I want her to have a good experience. Pray for me gulls, I gotta keep my shit together
I mentioned a cosplay I'm doing and a friend of my decided that she's going to be in my "group" and has already invited another person without asking. I do not have a group. I am doing this alone. She has not watched the show, does not intend to before the convention, and does not like the studio that made it. Last year when we went to a panel for the studio she kept trying to get me to leave because she didn't want to be there. Whenever I mention working on anything she wants me to share references and information even though our characters look nothing alike and do not wear anything similar.
This just feels so pushy and annoying. I don't know why she's trying to make this involve her when she has no investment in the show or its characters or studio at all. Last year we tried to cosplay together and she didn't buy a single thing or tell me that she didn't until the week before the con despite that I had all my stuff.
I've never been an overly social person and I'm not confrontational so it sucks that I can't just do my thing on my own and I'm going to have to ask her to step back. I'm wondering if I could just ignore her talking about her "cosplay" because it probably won't happen anything.

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Previous thread: >>9487220

>Please read the FAQ
>Taobao/Alibaba services (broken link)
>Artist Spreadsheet
>How to order from Vograce (now with video on how to set up files)
>Convention List (WIP)

Summer cons are upon us, good luck to all you anons and make some dosh!
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Continuing the God Tier AA artists theme, I love everything Digitoonie releases. I wonder if she still lurks here.
Since there was a lot of talk in the last thread about artists needing to get better and taking crit, is there anywhere out there where someone can actually get some serious crit, even if it's harsh? A lot of AA people are art school students/graduates who have had lots of outside feedback and help with their art, but I am self taught and struggle to identify how to fix my mistakes, but I really want to be better.
post your art here and people will offer good criticism. Could maybe try /ic/ ?
Honestly, just post your art ANYWHERE asking for criticism and someone will be helpful.
As long as your artwork is good enough to actually be saved, people will help.

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It's only a couple weeks away. Who here is going? This will be my first year, and the first convention that I'll go to in over 10 years. What should I expect? Any kickass parties or shows? Anything to avoid like the plague?
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Really? Fucking nobody? I know it's not as big as Otakon, but shit, at least they have a decent lineup every year.

Or maybe it's filled with too many people that aren't involved in the deep-web?
My ex was a big Tennant fan so I was going to. But probably won't now.
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>4chan = deep web.

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Last one saged because no one can control themselves when they get asshurt.

Starting off with an "ita ageplayers trying to invade lolita" dump.
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File: IMG_3741.jpg (82KB, 750x930px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: IMG_3775.jpg (161KB, 750x716px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
161KB, 750x716px

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Post photos of tall lolitas (5'7/170+) wearing things that look good. Underskirts or no underskirts? Just where is the waist supposed to fall? How short is too short? Bonus Round: How do some tall lolitas manage to not have their OP/JSK look way too short and high-waisted despite their height? Pic related.
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When it's miniskirt lenght, it can always look like 60's child clothing, if you have a good enough petti, so it's ok in my book
File: 142707-s-04-dl.jpg (33KB, 250x333px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>that height difference
>tfw no tall gf to twin with

I have no idea who's tall though besides choke. And Mana, but he gets his stuff custom made. Is lauren at least a bit above average? I can't say how well the bodice would be but the jsks like this that innocent world puts out are pretty long. I'd say you could be around 5'10 max and have a normal silhouette.
Lolita garments were shorter back then so I really can't tell, but this looks really cute to me.

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ACen 2017 has come to an end and the 2nd thread has its foot in the grave. Post your pics here! What did you think of the con? Were you one of the many who lost their badges? How were the panels? What did you think of the /cgl/ meetups? What swag did you get? It all goes here!
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Didnt go to panels or events and spent 70% of the the whole weekend playing/waiting to play jubeats/10

Good shit
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>What did you think of the con?
More or less like every year I go to ACen although this had a bit of extra fun in it. Oh and I went to the wrong tower twice trying to get to my room at the Hyatt.
>How were the panels?
Only went to three. Holy shit I've never seen 3 people die on the Oregon Trail that quick and at the same time. Tried to go to the Love Live Sunshine panel on Sunday but something better happened in place of it.
>What did you think of the /cgl/ meetups?
It was actually pretty chill. Should've gotten a picture before everyone scattered.
>What swag did you get?
I posted the Trash Live swag in the last thread. The SPM You Watanabe fig towers nearly over every fig I own.
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>What did you think of the con?
Was fun. I liked the game room this time around way more.

>How were the panels?
Went to the Lovecraft one and Fire Emblem one only really. Both were better as it was nice going to a smaller panel that wasn't Oregon Trail or Hentarmageddon. Went to part of Otaku Rap/Hip Hop 101 which was hilarious for the while I was there

>What did you think of the /cgl/ meetups?
Actually didn't go to one I completely forgot lmao

>What swag did you get?
Got a Nagito figurine and some doujins.

Does anyone have pics from the Nier photo meet up? I was in it but couldn't really take photos.

The Old Texas thread has hit sage as its about to be archived. Let's keep the discussions to TX cons and upcoming cosplays.
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I'm trying to plan my transit commute to A-Kon and it's either pay $50 on Lyft or Uber to get to the Omni, or spend 3 hours on 2 buses and 2 trains to get there.
I have an early morning panel and I'm not even staying at a hotel. I feel your commuter pain.

I am legitimately considering asking if anyone is willing to let me stay in their hotel room for just the night before my panel at this point.

Try posting in the Facebook groups to see if anyone is in your area who you could bum a ride with. Offer a few bucks for gas. Save time.

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Old thread is dead.

What's everyone working on? Any projects lined up now that finals season is winding down? Any recent accomplishments? Anyone found any unique accessories to add to a piece?
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Where are y'all getting your lace? My local fabric store was a bust
Aliexpress has options, but ideally taobao.
eBay, my dude. There's a lot of seriously cheap lace, and from here: https://shop57955164.m.taobao.com/?refer=https%3A%2F%2Fsys.4chan.org%2Fderefer%3Furl%3Dhttps%253A%252F%252Flaces.world.taobao.com%252F
Honestly Walmart has some nice cotton lace for a few bucks per spool

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