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WHOM HERE paid $40-$100 to hang out in a basement? Chairs for vip ONLY.
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The "runway"
what is this, like Cakes & Couture the second coming?

I've been to a three of these things relatively recently and aside from some of the neat costume designs you see at these things, cons don't seem all that great.

I feel like I missed whatever made them havens for geeks before they became super commercialised venues selling tat at inflated prices cos the normies and hipsters couldn't enough of their newfound love for geek cack.

>£10 dragonballs selling for £70 at the stalls

But I don't know, I'm 28 so I remember games and comics being pretty niche in so far that I never really had anyone to talk about them, so I don't if I'm imagining something that didn't exist. What were conventions like back in the late 90s and early 00s?

(/r9k/-thing to say but I can almost swear most of the girls in skimpy costumes seem "too hot" to be geeks, almost like booth babes I remember that they used to hire for videogame events.)
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ive been going to anime expo off and on since 2003.
to me, the only main difference is the amount of people. definitely less crowded. the exhibit hall was a bit smaller too and less "flashy".
Also, the people there were a whole lot less cringy and autistic.

I went to san diego comic con back in 2008. Between then and now is a huge fucking difference.
It was a last minute trip and ended up buying a 4 day pass with preview night like a month before the con.
nowadays, passes sell out within seconds.

Also, I remember casually going into panels in hall H. nowadays, people line up a day in advance just to try to get into hall h.

Im curious for more stories about conventions in the past but since /cgl/'s demographic is pretty young, Im sure most were too young to go to cons in the late 90s to early 00s.
2001 veteran here.

Skimpy costumes have always been a thing. Pretty girls in skimpy costumes have always been a thing. But patreon and facebook likes were not. It was just cool to have your cosplay site linked on other better and more experienced cosplayers websites with those cute little 88x31 buttons.

Conventions became popular because it's far more accessible today than it was back then. Any normie in the late 90's and early 00's knew what Sailor Moon or Pokemon was to a degree. But might've not known about Tenchi Muyo or Ranma 1/2. You had to be pretty hardcore into this stuff and often times cons were your only way of getting access to new anime series if you had dial up or no friends who could trade cds (or sixth generation japanese copied vhs or beta tapes).

Nobody knew what they were doing when it came to cosplay. There were no real tutorials, no real guides. The best costumes would be considered mediocre these days. Nobody did fancy photoshoots. Everyone had hall shots... oh and they were usually on disposable cameras. You were lucky if you had a friend with a 1 megapixel camera that would give you a 640x480 picture at best (My first digital camera did 320x240).

It was close and tight-knit. Elitisim was still at thing but it's not nearly what it is today. Nobody cared about "pulling off" a character. You just cosplayed a character or series you loved and met other fans and made lasting friendships where contact was over email or like, ICQ or something until the next year because you were lucky if you had one con in your state a year.
The intimacy is lost a lot of time in bigger conventions nowadays.

My fondest memories of earlier AX's (started going in 99) was being able to talk to people with similar interests, and see them all throughout the day, since the convention was smaller. You'd meet up again, make plans, talk to other weirdos. Costume meetups were more impromptu, and it felt like there were more people actually cosplaying because attendance was lower. You knew the people showing up were hardcore nerds like yourself.

There was still the usual cringe and odd fuckers, but the nice thing is your interaction with them ended when the convention did. And for the people you liked, you were lucky to exchange emails or home phone numbers.

The community aspect was more socialable, more inviting, and I dare say more pure in it's intent. I actually looked forward to going to conventions to meet back up with "con friends" who I only saw once a year.

It's why I gave up on AX after 2008. It's turned into this beast of a convention that doesn't resemble itself from my youth in the slightest. Comic Con was always fuckhuge, but at least I originally was able to walk up at con for a badge and didn't need to pre-register.

I stick to smaller conventions now whenever I can. It's still not the same due to how the community is, but it's still better for social interaction.

In the process of making a lolita website and would appreciate suggestions. Here's what it's going to include...
>BST and feedback
>a social media component, everyone has their own page similar to FB or MySpace where they post pics, have a little journal, fill out their interests and can friend each other and leave comments
>group pages for comms to plan meets and keep the members updated on anything important
>Section for daily outfits
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No offense, I really appreciate the effort, but we don't need another lolita site
Agreed, we're a small niche group, we really don't need another website. If anything we need people to help work on the existing websites so they work.
I'd kill for something like this. My biggest suggestion is that you actually follow through instead of so many who've come before you with false promises.

How? The LJ sales comm is pretty much dead, the Facebook one is awful, and Lace Market doesn't let you post for things you're looking for, only sales. Yeah, there's the /cgl/ BST threads, but not a lot of people use those. As for social sites, all we really have is Tumblr and Facebook, both of which are terrible. I love OP's idea of an all inclusive website that has everything the community needs in one. It would be awesome if executed properly.

>The swimming shrine edition!

Last one: >>9469929

Itabag FAQ and Beginners Guide v. 2.1
Read the document first before asking basic questions that have been answered time and time again like "is making a bag for ___ ok?" and "where do i get the heart bags??".

Buyf/a/g Guide
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Old thread: >>9452033

FAQ (Please Read!):

Taobao Dictionary:

New Store Spreadsheet:

Budgeting Spreadsheet Template:

NEW! Shopping Service Spreadsheet:

Pop-up dictionary: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/zhongwen-a-chinese-englis/kkmlkkjojmombglmlpbpapmhcaljjkde?hl=en
Good EL-CH dictionary: nciku.com
Translate text from images: newocr.com
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>SpreeNow shipping rates

They always charged me 15cny for my items....
Yep, that was just a mistake in the spreadsheet on my part: anon at the end of the last thread just told me it's always been 15cny flat though. Fixed now!
it's been over a year since i've used spreenow, but they have always marked down my packages when i asked them to. have they changed their policy?

Attack on titan is the biggest one, Dragon Maid, and really shitty Boku no Hero cosplays.

Picture semi related. Was tired of Hestia.
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Nier, Zero suit samus, sexy Velma, raven, Lucoa, Misty, tharja, dva, Harley, and Ahri
Attack on Titan

Every con since it aired
Wendy. Why people started that bullshit meme trend is beyond me. Sadly its cosplay hype had barely begun.

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"Boo you whores" edition. Who let the old thread die?

Starter topic- how do you feel wearing gyaru out and about?
What kind of reactions do you get?
Is it more positive or more negative?
What do your friends/family/SO think of it?
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My sister called gyaru "hooker fashion" so I just don't wear it around her anymore. I wear mostly rokku
Well, she's not all that wrong I suppose. I just go 'yep, I am trashy as all fuck' and accept it. Are your other family members negative, or do they not really care what you wear?

My mom loves it as she's always been into alternative fashion, especially rock stuff. My dad doesn't get it at all but he figures it's just another weird hobby of mine like cosplay.
Oh I don't even wear it around my parents. I mean I sometimes slip in brand pieces in normie outfits but my mom thinks everything is trashy, even things like simple nail art, so I don't even bother wearing it around her

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Artist formerly known as shitpost central.

Desucon soon and other summer cons not long after. Any plans?
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Hypecon is a few weeks away. It's a free con in Hyvinkää. Anyone coming?
Most probably only going to desucon with only one cosplay in the making, Elma from Miss Kobayashi's maid dragon. Currently waiting for shoes and socks to come and I need to make the tail and the scarf. Horn is midway done, the "kimono" is finished. Oh and wig needs stylin'
>Elma from Miss Kobayashi's maid dragon
oh shit Im making that too

Masculine jfashion thread for all the gulls with dudelier tastes. Your gender does not matter, as long as you are interested in masculine Japanese street aesthetics.

I will dump some scans of Rock and Visual jfash from old KERA Boys to start. These aesthetics are based off of Japanese music scenes, and they have a lot of overlap, but Rock is usually more funky and Visual is usually more dramatic.

>Did you know?
Men's Closet Child exists. m--closetchild.jp. Regular Closet Child is still better if you are interested in Gothic and Lolita fashion, but for less flashy styles try this store.

>Protip for the actual dudes: Being male is not the same as being new to fashion and skincare and makeup.
Never use your gender as an excuse for ignorance or as a way to explain why you don't know something. Especially on /cgl/. Currently, it is popular for male street fashionistas in Japan to wear cute or pretty makeup and hair, and you can too! You do not need to mention being male in any /cgl/ thread you are asking for help in because women have the same problems, including total inexperience, tallness, wide shoulders, basically anything except dealing with beard shadow and testicles. So focus on the actual problem when you ask for help, because you will get better advice than if you just vaguely say you need help because you are a man.
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this is Rock style
a Sporty Rock look
a British-themed rock look

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Last thread: >>9495117

>Discussion of old prints vs new prints
>Angelic Pretty why do you suck now?
>Were is Maki?
>More RinRin wigs discussion
>Stop self posting meow_tan
>Two new AP prints on the way
>IW Lucky pack
>Discussion of Kera Style
>Is a 10 piece wardrobe small? (Answer: it depends)
>Wearing brand vs wearing bodyline to meets
>Usakumya's tragic backstory
>Lolita themed songs
>Why isn't aka-lolita and sax-lolita a thing in the West?
>How do die the lolita way
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How do you subdue the boobage with a binder or sports bra yet not get a boob loaf? I'm a medium C, nothing huge but my sports bra gives me mini-loaf even though it flattens me decently.
is your sports bra/binder too small? my boobs are probably bigger than yours and I don't have this problem at all, especially not with a binder
It flattens me a lot but there's no separation so my bust looks like a small loaf shape across. Maybe bras with internal separation? I've seen those.

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Now that AZ is over, the dramu starts.
>Eric Vale was kicked out of his own panel for losing his badge
>He was seen screaming at con staff because of it
Tell me how your con was CGL
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He recently posted this on his twitter
Yea, the dude was barking and having a temper tantrum at the con security because he didn't have his badge.

All guest should know to travel with their escorts, or at the very worst have their badge that is issued to them at the start of the con.

Dude was a rude asshole for no reason, and escalated the situation by being a child.
Due to dealing with stuff I didn't get to do any costumes this year for the first time in over a decade and honestly I think I enjoyed my con a lot more. I wasn't constantly uncomfortable and I went to way more panels than I've ever been to before.
The rokugo performance was pretty fun, Decade's rider panel was one of my faves (grats on the costume win), and the pro wrestling panel last night was hilarious

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tartan Apple.png
3MB, 1168x1698px
This thread is all about panels at lolita-specific events like Rufflecon.

What type of panels would you want to see at lolita-specific events? Workshops, presentations, etc?

Any specific topics you'd like to see covered? Would you like to see panels on other things that some lolitas are interested in, like antiquing or anime?

What do you think is lacking? What type of panels are you sick of seeing?
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Can we do Lolita pannels in general? No Lolita specific events are anywhere remotely close to me and I can never go.
I am also sick of seeing Lolita 101 panels at every con ever. I've done a Lolita family feud panel before and that was met with some success but I'm not sure what would catch the interest of new and old Lolitas alike.
Whatever happened to that replica rescue girl? I would love to see more panels like that aimed at absolute beginners who have no idea where to start
Yes, that's fine! I only specified lolita-specific events because I didn't want comments like "well that panel wouldn't work at an anime convention"

That sounds really cool! Could you describe the concept a bit more? Is it literally just making replicas wearable, or is it different?

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>was bffs with girl who got pretty obsessed with me (not to a scary level at all, it was nice)
>met her through her boyfriend who was my con bro
>he talks mad shit about her entire time they're together, while saying how he wished he was with this other girl he's been romanticizing entire 3+ years I've known him
>try defending her which prolongs their relationship, but as she gets more depressed, he can't take it anymore and after a solid month of talking about how much he wants to end it, I tell him maybe it's time
>intensely dramatic break up ensues, to the point where she has to be hospitalized
>she becomes extremely attached to me and I her
>move considerable distance away
>she's more clingy than ever then after a few months ends our friendship via text in the most brutal way I've ever experienced because bf turned her against me and apparently they had been fucking whole time I've been gone, despite him having no desire to get back together
>now months later that she says she wants to be friends again and regrets being so awful
>still fucking this guy (who I'm no longer friends with) year after breakup
>want to be friends, but have no idea how to feel or go about it in a healthy way
>have track record of people dropping me out of the blue with no real explanation then wanting to get back together back when I was in highschool, and didn't realize how much it still fucks with me until now
>scared them still fucking will lead to more problems down the road too

But if I don't take her back, I will have no more anime liking friends.
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>making a new thread before the old thread autosaged
>not linking the old thread

why even bother
Anon, the old one was over 300, that's autosage.
Tell her she can keep sucking the dick of someone who doesn't give two shits about her, or she can have you as a friend.

be very clear with how much you're over this, she'll at least stop bringing it up with you. also try to look for new friends.

The last one got bumped into the void so here's another!

Post whatever idols you want. [email protected], Love Live, WUG, etc.

Requesting [email protected] 765 groups that aren't Sparklepipsi because I want inspiration to start working on my Makoto.
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this is a great photo
My heart. Who?

File: 435p4.jpg (344KB, 1200x1200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Is there anyone with a greater love for pink?
What is your favourite Misako video?
Which video do you think deserves more attention or should be brought back to our attention?
Do you read her interviews and blog posts?
Have you learned anything from her?
Do you think she will still be with us 30 years from now?
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I know people sometimes hate on her for her fake mannerism, but that doesn't seem to be uncommon with lolita in Japan. In this video you can see Baby's staff acting that way too. I think it's comparable to acting differently when you're wearing a fancy work uniform versus sweatpants, I've heard them mention that in videos about wearing kimono too.
She actually looks better in all of these photos than in her usual closed-mouth smile shown in 1 and 4.
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