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This thread is for all those who have had a catastrophic malfunction or accident in their costume. Trip over something? Important piece break in transport or at the con? Share your stories here.

>webm is of a Singaporean gumdanboi taking a fall
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I cosplayed Kuma once, the samurai bear guy.
Everything was great except the Geta clogs. Wearing them around was fine but stairs were fucked.
[spoiler]I fell down the escalators[/spoiler]
>cosplaying Ezio from Assassin's Creed
>kept doing cringy pose where I whip out assassination blade
>did this many times as people kept asking for my photograph
>During one photo I did the pose and the part that stops the blade from completely sliding off broke and I flung the blade completely off
>had to take 5 minutes to fix while the person patiently waited for their photo
>I never completely fixed it
>This was before the cosplay repair station
>Had to just hold the damn blade everytime someone wanted a picture

Here's another.
>cosplaying Dedenne gijinka
>using eyelash glue to hold foam whiskers onto face
>was fine all day without fail
>Pokemon cosplay gathering happens
>500 cosplays later it's time for the photoshoot for my gen
>I've been sitting in the sun for god knows how long
>get up to pose with people
>left whisker is sliding off face due to sweat from the heat
>no time to reapply glue as I'm in mid photoshoot
>end up putting fingers on cheeks to hold whiskers for both pictures
>ended up being cute enough to pass for a pose

Aaaand another
>made Stein's chair from Soul Eater
>Friend going as Stein
>kept rolling around on chair full speed
>during Soul Eater gathering, rolled on chair super fast
>chair gets tripped up by some piece of uneven tile or w/e
>friend falls over and is fine
>chair is missing several pieces on the back that I had used for the chain

Most of these are small mishaps, but it was still embarrassing.
I mean, my catastrpophes all come from me being an idiot or lazy.

>Convention time in a foreign country!!
>Got 3 cosplays planned, all of them have big props so I had very limited luggage space.
>Using the same pair of pants for 2 of them cause that'll save space right? Final cosplay required different pair of pants that I could just wear on my way there to save even more space
>Packing time: Packed everything but real clothes cause I was a forgetful idiot that weekend
>One pair of pants that I needed for the two cosplays ripped in half on the 1st day of the con while I was hanging around with my con crush because I still thought Taobao provided good quality clothes back then like an idiot
>One of the props broke on my way over to the con, the one that I needed for the cosplay that still had pants that weren't broken
>Worst nightmares came true that day
>Cosplays scrapped, literally had to borrow clothes from roomies all weekend

And that's how I learned to always keep a list of what I'm packing so I know I have everything.

>Friend pressures me into entering the cosplay contest that she helped set up
>Assumed it'd be like a catwalk
>Nope, it's the type of cosplay contest where you're in an empty room and have three people look you over and judge your costume, construction, etc, one-on-one
>I bought half of the cosplay and friend knew that
>The only thing I made myself broke the minute one of the judges touched it
>Using this as motivation to always better myself years afterwards, but also using it as my eternal reason to never enter any type of convention contest ever again

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Bump Limit reached on old thread >>9458340

Last few questions from the last thread if anyone cares to answer them:
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Does anyone have a good way to make this type of bracer. I'm a little stuck with the layered pieces and how to make them curve in that specific way
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>Takes pattern I'm going to modify out of envelope
>Measurements on actual pattern are way larger than those it says it's supposed to fit on the envelope

I don't usually use patterns so maybe this is normal but it's making me nervous. Can anyone tell me if this is normal before I start cutting things?
EVA foam. You just cut the pieces flat, add the details, and heat to shape.

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Post the good, the bad, the cringe. Upcoming plans and wips are welcome too!

I'd love to see some Sun/Moon cosplay.
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Posting a classic.
Hard Mode: No Misty or Eeveelutions

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time for a new one?

>order a blouse through LM from a fairly new French seller
>seller ships blouse with tracking, perfect
>tracking hasn't updated since she shipped it and it has been weeks
>feel kinda bad for the seller that this has to happen as she's quite new

the fun thing is, is that the distance between France and the Netherlands isn't that big (only Belgium in between)

hope it will arrive soon though

please share your stories!
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Hello, Chantal. Do you really need to talk about this on Rufflechat AND /cgl/ ? Talk to the seller, get her to call the post office, don't post about this everywhere.
I posted this a while ago in a feels thread

i ordered a bunch of stuff from china and it never arrived and i could not find it in my purchase history. so i could not get a refund

oh and once i found a bug in the packaging once
I contacted her, no worries.

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In another brilliant move by World Cosplay Summit USA, the prelims were just announced for a convention in a little over a month.

You don't have time, they don't have time, it's like they're purposely trying to get no one to enter
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>" we are no longer affiliated as an organization outside of Alumni."
What does this even mean
The people running the FB page are no longer involved in the running or planning of the event itself.
Yeah they've posted about not being in charge anymore for a while.

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One month away and no thread? Dead con confirmed.

Anyone going? Looking forward to anything? Will AnimeNEXT bringing Hatsune Miku from her grave be enough to save Gamblecon?
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Is it hard to find fandom photoshoots for Anext anymore or am I just incompetent? I feel like you either hear it through someone else or you see it pop up in a Facebook group.

Holy shit a response. It seems like most people use the AnimeNEXT Facebook group to advertise their fandom shoots. The people who run AnimeNEXT's social media have been pretty active in facilitating the shoots, albeit there aren't too many. The biggest ones seem to be Overwatch, RWBY, Disney, and Pokemon at the moment, but smaller shoots are generally better in my opinion desu.
What's the best hotel to get in AC for AN?

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How do we fix /cgl/?
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Allow naming and shaming and drama again.
Bring back drama
Getting rid of this 'no real names and bullying uwu', that's ridiculous for a board on 4chan when just a few boards away people's private lives are readily exposed and destroyed.

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Thread dedicated to lolita amino, feel free to post cringe, drama, etc
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sorry someone disagreed with you, cookie-bunny
File: IMG_8663.jpg (156KB, 750x1065px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Not cb, it's hard not to cringe at this girls attitude and shitty attempts at english, she's still trying to argue after deco told her to calm her ass down kek

Previous Thread

> Cosplay Masterpost: http://pastebin.com/ekZP1fhg
- Tutorials and links that can help with Homestuck cosplays. Refer to it if you need help. Any contributions welcome.

> Crunchy Cosplay List: http://i.imgur.com/QRRWqRn.jpg
- A list of suggested Homestuck cosplayers to follow and check out, as they have great cosplays and some also have good tutorials on their blogs.

> To discuss:
- Old Homestuck cosplayers who've left fandom, Where Are They Now?
- Hiveswap Cosplays
- Summer Con Plans
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Not as far as I'm aware. If anything I think I recall someone asking for advice? Though I may be mixing them up with a different Anon who got posted.
not really. kind of seems like the one for that daddy kid was a troll.

not recently. she's been taking her time putting them out. Imploder however, is very quick about posting his TJ logs.
Cosplay list isn't updated. Pyropi and Mitzuki Aizawa should both be removed, though we never did reach a consensus otherwise.

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What makes someone an impressive Lolita to you?

For me, once a person hits 35 brand dresses, I become impressed by their wardrobe. That number can go as low as 25 if a large portion of the dresses are rare.
Style is actually the lowest thing on my radar because I'm sorry, but putting together a good coord isn't the rocket science so many people make it out to be and I've seen too girls go from ita trash to totally solid within a month to be that impressed by someone's capability to dress themselves. Obviously you lose major points for me if you can't, but I'm not going to be over the moon just because you can.
Needless to say, the prettier the better.
>living space
I can't consider someone a good lolita if their living space doesn't reflect that. If your room is trashed or boring as fuck, you're a peasant. A lolitas room should be gorgeous.
This one is probably the most important for me besides wardrobe. For me to be impressed by a Lolita, she needs to have a really awesome lifestyle that I can live vicariously through. I don't mean "lifestyle" as in "proper lovely who doesn't swear or do anything naughty", but someone who does cool things like go on awesome excursions to places like Japan, France, Disney parks, etc. Also, being well read and knowledgeable about history.
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So you basically are impressed by people who have a lot of money?

I care about your style and time in the fashion. A girl who dresses well with a mixture of items and has a lot of experience is infinitely more impressive than a newbie who has the cash to buy 25 rare dresses with matching everything in the first 6 months. People who work towards the preservation of jfashion history or otherwise contribute positively to the community as a whole gain my respect. Having lolita hobbies and surroundings is cool, but entirely optional. I could really not give less of a fuck about lifestyle.

>can live vicariously through

So, you're a peasant, bitching about other peasants?
Lmao what's especially funny is that all you've said (impressive wardrobe, awesome excursions, well read and knowledgeable about history) are marks of attempting to look and be rich, but even the most expensive lolita fashion and lifestyle is nothing compared to actually rich people shit. How many lolita dresses hit 4, 5 digits?

Not impressed by your criteria.

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Old thread is kill. >>9478447

Let's share our cgl-related feels.
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I just started a new job where I work in exchange for room and board, but it sucks because I can't go to cons without a salary. The family I'm working for doesn't want me getting a second job, so it sucks. I'm stuck ghosting cons, wearing costumes made of whatever I can find in the dumpsters behind the mall. I found a red coat and now have a partial StarLord, which is pretty neat.
File: ita pepe.jpg (47KB, 486x486px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
ita pepe.jpg
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>the guy I went to a con with and had a one night stand got the most ugliest dreads today and now I will never talk to him
That sounds like a bullshit arrangement to me, are you some kind of endentured servant?

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Less than a month away! Do you have plans? Your comm doing anything? What's been the most entertaining thing you've experienced to celebrate? Discuss!

My comm's ILD celebrations don't have any room left, so I'm going to have a little tea by myself with my boyfriend and then spend the rest of the day organizing my closet and accessories.
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>Do you have plans?
I bought a ticket to the next comm over's ILD high tea but I honestly don't know whether I'll be able to go, since that weekend might be really inconvenient for me. I hope I'll be able to sell it closer to the time if I can't go, but I guess $35 isn't a huge loss. I have no idea what to wear as well, as I'm visiting family and will have to pack my coord and 2 weeks' worth of clothes, shoes and bags into a carry-on. Space constraints mean I have to choose between either wearing a toned-down coord to ILD and being able to re-use pieces for casual coords, or wearing a coord that's too OTT to re-use and having to just pack normie shorts and T-shirts for the rest of my time there. I have no idea how to pick and it's making me super stressed, especially since the weather might be unpredictable as well.
>Your comm doing anything?
My local comm isn't doing anything because a lot of regulars are away/busy that weekend so nobody stepped up to organise anything official. I think some people are having a mini-meet and the rest are going to other comms.
>What's been the most entertaining thing you've experienced to celebrate?
I've mostly been to pretty standard high teas, so what made one stand out above the others was really just good food, good company and good service, which is hard to guarantee. I've been to expensive hotels with crap food and cheaper places which were much better so I really think hosts should scout out locations beforehand, but one or two hosts visiting still won't tell you how good the place will be at coping with catering for a large group...
whats the exact date of ILD?
its bi annual, right?
I'm not part of a comm yet since I just moved to Japan, but I want to go to Harajuku and just go shopping in lolita.

>livin the dream

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"how come wunderwelt hasn't used the pun wunderlust in their ads?"
what's the most ridiculous cgl-related brainfart you've had? share it!
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this is not reddit
"why are petticoats called coats if they don't cover anything"
"If you make a Momoko coord, is it considered cosplay?"

Let's talk about our favorite lolita fashion related youtubers and blogs.
>No drama pls, take it to the farm
303 posts and 14 images submitted.
Personally I really love cathycat, even if her coords aren't out of the ordinary, at least she wears lolita everyday.
I don't really know any channels that I like yet,I'm looking for lolita channels that are similar to this https://youtu.be/xX0kR58dzoI
Informative instead of just videos of what you bought basically
Also French and Spanish youtubers
I like Attitude Lolita, one of the only tutorial channels I've seen that actually know how to construct a real lolita garment, I just wish she would upload more tutorials.
I've been watching some of Lor's new stuff, I think she's finally moving out of that 3edgy5me bs after her breakup. I really wish someone like MilkyFawn would pop up, though

didn't realize the old thread would autosage so quickly >>9408212

Petite Dollies intro to Larme and style guide: http://blog.petitedollies.com/2016/04/about-larme-magazine.html

Partial Scans List:

Brands/Models List (WIP):

Video about Larme Magazine (annoying narrator alert):

Facebook group: Don't Cry Baby
Amino: Larme Fashion
Discord: https://discord.gg/XFX4QVy
317 posts and 99 images submitted.
No offence but what makes that larme kei? Because it's katie?
>nostalgia edition
Old larme trends. Larme changes.
It just looks like generic girly fashion

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