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Y'all want an Anmie North dump?
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Yes, do it.
yes and if you have any photos of 2b cosplayers or catherine (from catherine) I will love you forever
the chick to theleft...holy fuck what a boner killer

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What were the cloaks in GOT made out of?

If one were to make their own, what materials would be best to start with?

Alternatively, how could modern materials improve a traditional style cloak?
Gore-tex on the shoulders?
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You have to kill a 1000lb black bear for it.
Im your friend from tv, not sure much about the cosplay making but in got they usually use not so fancy things, so its probably fake fur in your image.

They always point pic related, he just has a red blanket over the shoulder but it makes the armor look nicer
So you're both from /tv/? We don't usually start a thread for a single question. We just ignore them. Yo have better chances for an answer if you ask on the general help thread >>9494186
Or read the sticky. I'm almost sure there's a GoT cape tutorial in one of the links.

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ITT /cgl/-approved twitch cosplay streamers

I'll start with an easy one: Amouranth
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Stop advertising you fucking beta faggot.

amouranth has a camera pointed to her crotch the entire time, she's trash.

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Last thread is long-dead
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This person won't last long sadly. They don't know how to lurk before making a post.
Another fakeboi that wants to wear lolita
>i don't have a dress xD
>posts pic on lolita group
That makes me unreasonably salty everytime. Salt points added from her being a fakeboi. Boy do I hate them.

Last thread >>9496526
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I guess photo dumps are in order now.
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File: P5271623.jpg (2MB, 2731x2048px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 2731x2048px

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>Cosplay -- the practice of dressing up as characters from movies, books or video games -- is a popular activity in the sci-fi community. People transform themselves into pop culture-inspired creations, often with an emphasis on anime characters. Usually, it's just for fun and playful contests, but on "Cosplay Melee," the perfect costume can be worth $10,000 to a cosplayer. Each episode sees four contestants creating full costumes and character origin stories, then hitting the runway in an attempt to impress the judges, who are world-class cosplayer LeeAnna Vamp and costume creator Christian Beckman, by looking -- and acting -- the part. Whoever the judges feel most embodies the character is proclaimed the winner and earns the grand prize. Actress Yvette Nicole Brown ("Community") hosts the show that Syfy says compares to reality show "Face Off" but "with a triple dose of adrenaline."

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I mean, at least they didn't get someone like Nigiri to host.
I enjoy this show because everyone is so happy for a reality show, like Face-Off. Brown really sets the tone -- I don't think she knows jack shit about any of the fandoms, but she's like a well-intentioned "super supportive of cosplay" parent, it's somehow charming to me. The cosplayers all follow her lead and seem pretty upbeat about the whole thing.

My main complaint is that I don't think dressing up as an OC is cosplay, but I can see why they had to do it. (Although, also, kind of lazy? Maybe once the show is established they can enter cross-promotional deals to use real characters as the basis of a challenge.) My second major complaint is one that I also have for recent Project Runway seasons: I don't like time crunch challenges, and would rather give contestants double time if it means polished results. Finally, I wish they would put up web extras about construction. (This would be a great way for a talented runner-up to earn money.)

Holy shit I still laugh whenever I think about that girl who made a Tolkien elf OC for the Game of Thrones challenge though.

The Game of Thrones thing was the only thing i disliked. For such a show, you can't narrow it down to a specific fandom which might exclude competitors not into it. The entire episode should've just been sword & sorcery in general.

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God damn I want these frames so bad, but can't find them anywhere. Is my only choice to wait for one to pop up on ebay or another auction site?
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Sadly these are long gone OP.
If it's for a cosplay and not actual wear you could probably just find similar ones and put a thin strip of tape on the side for the stripes.
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I'm having a similar problem.

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Help me create an inspiration folder for kuro and "spooky sweet", in other words coords that could be mistaken for goth for the inexperienced eye, but are actually sweet:
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after closer inspection of the image i posted, i'm not sure if it's gothic or not... i guess i'm really out of ressources on that subject, and in dire need of help
(sage for double post)
i would say def gothic
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iconic dress.jpg
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perhaps the most iconic example

Post gothic coords. Bonus points for shiro!
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Small dump to get things rolling.

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Especially black and brown lolitas. Anyone?
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Please don't. As an actual black lolita these are the worst kind of threads.
1) They get flamed to death
2) I'm tired of getting "specul" status just for being black. I don't want a thread for my race because it just means "I want asspats for being black" which makes it infinetly harder to get appreciation for actually good work
3) If you genuinely want POC lolitas just go to tumblr and instagram

The only reason I actually tolerate fatty-chan ones is that it requires preplanning and adjustment. You don't have to adjust anything for being a person of color.
Fuck off with the whole *POC* thing, did you forget Asians aren't white either?
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also this is probably an attempt at baiting gulls since it's been happening in other threads

I really want to get into lolita, what's the best way of doing that? I don't want to look like an ita or like I am trying too hard to be 'cute', I'm into darker colors, not too much black, just blues and purples, mostly. Could /cgl/ give me any advice? Pic related is a lolita Madoka Magica themed dress that I'd like to buy to start my so called collection (the Homura version).
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That's really ugly, maybe you want to get into cosplay instead?
If that's what you think lolita is then you need to do actual research and start lurking. Those are cheap cosplay dresses
Lurk more - you've obviously not even tried to do any research

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File: IMG_8538.jpg (194KB, 720x960px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Anyone have any fun ideas for anime conventions? share them here. here's some greentext to help you get started

>convention name
>convention venue (hotel, convention center,botanical garden, other)
>convention theme
>ideal age group for your convention
>panels/activities that might be at your convention
>guests you'd like to invite
>your convention cafe theme
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Anon if you wanna start your own con just be honest about that and don't make it a shit show like most cons in their first year
anon pls, just let me daydream. I know I'd fuck it up.
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>convention name
>convention venue (hotel, convention center,botanical garden, other)
ideally i'd want to rent out a convention center. something with a lot of floor room and near a hotel.
>convention theme
general anime, leaning towards non-H-otaku shit (less loli more lolita.)
>ideal age group for your convention
18+ unless you've got a chaperone.
>panels/activities that might be at your convention
AMV contest, cosplay gameshows, How-To/DIY panels
>guests you'd like to invite
i dunno lol
>your convention cafe theme
kemonomimi meidos

im interested in what the rest of you guys would want in a con.

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trying to figure out a cosplay that could work for someome over weight
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osono cosplay always works. easy, cheap, and relatively comfortable. she's technically preg but like anyone will give a shit
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File: Elvis.png (200KB, 313x550px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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How fat we talking?

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Why are lolitas always so "ironic" these days?

>Tee hee I'm a lolita but I'm also a Tumblr edgemaster!

Are you guys all hipsters?
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I mean we hate them too and i'm saving that great image but please dont create threads just for this
>all are like this.
Just the ones that want to be noticed are like this. The rest are normal humans who can be talked to like adults.
This has literally always been a thing, since the early days of Lolita. There was a community in the early days of live journal just for bragging about how unladylike you are while wearing lolita.

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