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Lemme see that gay shit
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please guys I don't have anything and I need it like burning

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Previous thread saging >>9494186

It should be pretty self explanatory by this point, so fire away.
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FW ink wig dyeing question... I’m trying to achieve a warm brown color- dark brown with a red tint (see pic related). I’m thinking with the white wig I have, dye it a light red/red purple (by not letting the pigment dry all the way), rinse and dry completely. Then dye over that with a dark brown. Or the opposite way- dye the white wig brown first, then go over with the red to tint it. Or I could nix the layering idea altogether and just mix a brown, red and purple, but I'm afraid that won't look as natural as it could. Which one of these ideas would work better do you think? Or something else entirely?
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Going from a white wig to that shade all the way through is going to be too much work and with the money you spend on all the ink you'll need, especially if you're using a longer or fuller wig, so you may as well buy another wig.

FW ink dying is usually better for gradients, hilights, and tinting, not really changing the shade of the wig to something entirely different. Pic related was only at 2 bottles before brushing it out and adding more.
Thanks anon I didn't know that. Saved me from spending a lot of money unnecessarily. What would be better for that then? I've seen Sharpie and even fabric dye being used.

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Dump photos
Tell stories
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Con was kinda mediocre this year. Everybody's already talked about attendance and I noticed it too, but what was weird was that all of the local businesses were busy as fuck, and when I chatted with the people working there they were shocked to hear that the con was kind of quiet. I think maybe people were just spending more time hanging out with friends near the con than actually at the con.

The gathering was tiny but I had fun roaming around with the group and being the drunk old guy trying to play senpai.

One thing that was actually pretty good IMO was the dealer's hall. I really like that they're shifting more and more to small companies making original fan products, because it means there's actually stuff there that I can't just get on AmiAmi. I got some pretty cool KemoFure loot.

Oh yeah, Kaban dude, I have that pic of you and QT Serval. Want me to post it?

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What do you think lolita will look like in the future?
Will The Rules become more dated and irrelevant?
What will/should become a new substyle/theme?
Will UTKs ever make a comeback?
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>Will UTKs ever make a comeback?
For me they're always been here, since OTKs always hit me UTK
Fat or tall?
Considering that sailor had a boom like 5 years ago, was followed by nun some years later and has been lately do tue the China boom in Japan, maybe country will evolve too?

Lifestyle thread?

What do you consider the requirements or tenants of 'lifestyle" lolita? Are there any particular hobbies or activities that you think lend themselves to lifestyle? Are you a lifestyle lolita, or have you ever thought about trying it out?
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People who are lolita (have lolita as their main clothing style and don't wear something else unless necessary)
Do people even really practice lifestyle lolita anymore on any broader scale? Maybe it's because the community is fractured since EGL died but I hardly see people who claim to be lifestyle now. Then again, I also rarely see people who wear lolita daily like people used to, versus coordinates for special occasions

In EGL's heyday, lifestyle was typically defined as someone who

-Wore lolita regularly (every day if possible, with exceptions for situations where they couldn't wear it)
-Subscribed to the idea of Lolitas being polite, reserved, feminine, as promoted in some of the essays in GLB
-Had hobbies that were considered refined/feminine/polite, like embroidery, reading classic literature, etc

I'm AP fan girl getting disappointed on every release print after print and I'm thinking about buying more Baby as a result. What are your favorite dresses? If you can accompany pictures with the names of the dresses 'cause I don't know many of them and I want to learn more!
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2016 Sweet Devil.jpg
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Also I found bit disappointing that there's less dresses on sale from these brands. Or maybe it's the illusion I'm getting from that I need to search A/P and Baby separately.

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Old thread hit bump limit. >>9512391

Comm being bitchy? Parents give your burando to Goodwill? Share those cgl feels!
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who /terriblebodyimage/ here? I can't tell if lolita makes it better or worse

>friends planning con trip a ways out of town
>lots of coordinating to do
>try to ask questions, propose hotel plans and stuff
>left on read whenever i talk about the trip
>friends start to talk to me less and less
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wrong react
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>skinnyfat guy
>literally every guy I see at cons either uses steroids, is ridiculously skinny, or is 6 inches taller than me
I seriously hate this
it was bad enough when some girl I was chasing after all weekend turned me down because she wanted a shot at boning a 6'5 transvestite

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How does she hide her pantylines?

She's going commando, isn't she?
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thn underwear means for being worn with bodysuits

no she isnt

stop making this thread you autist
fuck off
Stop self posting you stupid whore

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Previous thread: >>9511864

Previously in Lolita General:
>new AP print
>wtf sales
>Lief x the Leighs
>Innocent World sale
>Swimmer closing down
>body type and cuts
>mini top hats
>chemise OP
>bad lolita meme

Who is your favourite lolita model?
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I love Risa, in and out of lolita. I want to marry her, I want be like a sister to her. To see her live was my dream come true.
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>Who is your favorite lolita model?
Her business with the Leighs left a bad taste in my mouth but god damn I still love Misako a lot. I know some people say she's robotic or emotionless or that her smile is weird but I think she's adorable.
I also really liked IW's Model-san, even if she kinda did remind me of Tom Felton.

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alright /cgl/

In need of some inspo.
What kind of costume would be great for someone who is:
- Nordic male
- 6'4"
- 180 lbs
- 6'7" wingspan
- wide shoulders
- low bf/toned build
- experienced in acrobatics, parkour, and martial arts

Ideas I've considered are
- Slender Man
- Pyramid Head (Silent Hill)
- Abe Sapien (Hellboy)
- Some kind of viking/martial artist

What other things work for someone who is tall & slender/semi-muscular?
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>180 lbs
I was once at 145
I'm better now, thanks

Post beautiful kimono coordinates
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Im looking for a real challenge this year - big costumes, armor, huge props, wings, embroidery. Lets make epic cosplay idea thread!
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If you like extravagant, look up some Trinity Blood stuff.
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Monster hunter maybe? I dont really rememner name of this set though.
This isn't Trinity blood

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>Whose here?

>What are you looking forward to?

>Who is dressing up/what are you dressed as?

>Who is planning on getting lit?

>/CGL/ meetup?
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Double check the threads before you post a new one
texas /cgl/ discord, quite a few people in here going to AKon
that one was about I tetest for AKon and is also dead. this one is for people here and looking to meet people.

ITT we post photos from cosplay photographers without their watermarks, and we guess who shot it. Also, we rate their skill. Lulz incoming.
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You can really tell what he was actually focusing on in this picture kek it's like the camera turned into his eyes.

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RIP brah.png
1MB, 609x903px
Old one is in auto-sage.

Discuss, post photos, the usual.

>How was everyone's con?
>Meet any new people?
>Get any cool stuff from dealers or AA?
And of course-
>Planning on hitting up Colossal East in September?
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>How was the con?
Its been a long time since I went to a con, brought cosplay and never wore it..10/10 tho would go again if I can afford it
>Meet any new people?
Actually yes! but mostly mutual friends of mine
>Get any cool stuff from dealers or AA?
AA was awesome, hope everyone sold a lot of their stuff
>Planning on hitting up Colossal East in September?
This is actually a really bad time for East Coast because we already have DragonCon and AWA in Sept
Had a great time, barely got around to cosplaying, spent a lot of time with friends and in the waterpark. I'm exhausted but it feels like even nearly 5 days of con was not enough to do everything I wanted to. I hope Colossal East is good but I don't want to travel that far.
>How was everyone's con?

My first con outside of Michigan. I thought it was good, although if I go next year I'd definitely consider staying at the actual Kalahari, since getting to/from was a pain, even with a short drive.

The convention did feel really crowded. Never recalled Youmacon feeling that cramped at either of its' previous locations.

>Meet any new people?

Yes. Met some people through my friends who also attended, and met some other people in the rhythm game community. One of them was also at the friday meetup (and I actually played against them in the DDR tournament.)

>Get any cool stuff from dealers or AA?


>Planning on hitting up Colossal East in September?

8 hour drive... I have severe doubts. Next large one for me is probably Youmacon.

Would I go back again next year? Probably will.

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