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What print motifs do you like most? Dislike? Want to see?

my likes:
>nautical, medical, architectural, retro, fruit, spooky things, mushrooms, cats, tea, holidays,random novelty shit like pic related or those warrior sparrows that are all over lolitaupdates on FB

my dislikes:
>paintings, bears, rabbits, horses, Alice themes, carnival themes, most desserts

want more of:
>cultural themes like Egyptian/Viking/Dutch/etc., occult themes, transportation (would kill for a sailboat print), mechanical themes, weaponry
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My likes: medical, architectural, elegant but spooky things, books, tea and Alice themes, carousels that aren't too cartoony or looking like MLP, paintings, botanical prints.

Dislikes: most animals that aren't realistic and natural looking or that are in a weird context, stuffed animals and toys, baby things, most food prints besides elegant chocolate or elegant pastry/dessert, random novelty things, retro x lolita, fandom x lolita, holiday specific prints.

Want more of: elegant Gothic prints, botanical and natural science prints, old master sketches, alchemy and witchcraft themes, book themes, doll themes like Marionette in my Closet Room.
>florals, animals, pattern prints (like gingham and plaid and tartan do these count?)

>religious themes/crosses, especially crosses randomly inserted into sweet prints (looking at you AP)
Want More Of:
>Couch/Upholstery looking stuff.
Likes: florals, shorthair cats (no offense fluffy cats, just not my thing), simple prints with not too many elements (I don't really have an affinity for sky prints but I love the simplicity of misty sky), roses, strawberries, perfume bottles, magical girls, gobelin

Fucking alice in wonderland or other playing card related shit, carnivals, space, ocean (esp seashells)

Want more:
I'm with >>9498914. Couch prints are lyfe. Greek mythology is cool too but I'd be really picky about how it's done.

Old thread is dying >>9477854

You know what to do.
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I'm storing a very expensive and precious piece of costume in a plastic bag to protect it from moths and dust (basically pic related, but a bit fancier.)
I have put a few small pieces of some kind of wood known to repel moths and other insects (I don't know its name in English sorry) inside and outside the bag to repel them as an additionnal measure.
I've heard some people tell me that storing my costume like that increases risks of mold appearing on it by a lot, which worries me a bit.
Very few things appear on Google to either confirm or deconfirm that this risk exists.

If there's some storage expert lurking this thread I would hugely appreciate some input on this.

tl;dr Does storing a costume in a plastic bag with some wood to give it a moth-reppelling sent increase the change of mold destroying it ?
If I tie a wig in a ponytail, can I safely pack it in the same small rectangular box it comes with?

wouldn't the ponytail make it's density/shape too uneven to safely store?
>gonna be soloing a con this time on june

How do I take pics with other people?

I mean, do I simply find a friend of that guy and he can take the pics with my phone? what if I want a group shot? i cant really ask a stranger to take it.

A stranger probably doesnt give a shit and will be shaking like a meth addict and give me a blurry picture or just drop my 600$ phone accidentally or just outright steal it if he's a certain demographic.

Fuck, this is so difficult.

and no im not fuckin doing selfie shots.

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What gets you unreasonably salty?

>fake RHS, if they're not real VW you're a peasant
>visible bloomers
>jewelry that only matches the outfit colorwise
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Inb4 the thread gets detailed because you said peasant
>visible bloomers
fuck you i love old school with peeking bloomers
Fight me I love visible bloomers with a passion.

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Old thread fell off a cliff.

Anime Expo 2017 will take place from June 30 (Friday) through July 4 (Tuesday).

Current major events:

Anisong World Matsuri Day 0 (mainly idols): Walkure, WUG, [email protected], Love Live Aquors
Anisong World Matsuri Day 1 (general JPop): ALI PROJECT, angela, Garnidelia, Konomi Suzuki, Mashiro Ayano, Minori Chihara
Neon District (EDM) Day 2: Taku Takahashi, R3LL, banvox, TeddyLoid, Pa’s Lam System, Massive New Krew

Satellite events:

Asian Kung Fu Generation announced for July 2 at the Teragram
Bushiroad Grand Festival is also happening in Long Beach on July 1-2. Guests include Poppin Party from bandori, Milky Holmes (which means Mimorin and Soramaru - Umi and Nico from Love Live), and some other people

Latest announcements:

WCS USA at AX (prepare for a shitshow)
New hotels announced as part of the block (LA Airport Marriott and Renaissance LA). Note: Airport hotels and there's no free shuttle
Hironobu Sakaguchi and Kimihiko Fujisaka from Mistwalker
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About a month and a half out.

What are you cosplaying?
Are you seeing any of the concerts?
How's your wallet looking?
>What are you Cosplaying?
New costumes should be a china bought Felix from ReZero (didn't feel like making it) and I'm in the masquerade with a Azure Striker Gunvolt group (with WCS hopefully it isn't horribly managed as last year had some issues)

>Are you seeing any of the concerts?
Super excited about [email protected] being there but probably not as they're the only thing i'd want to see and the ticket price doesn't seem worth it.

>How's your wallet?
What wallet? its likely i'll get to buy shit but thats okay con stuff is overpriced usually.
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1 1/2 months to go

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You know the drill.

>my lolita oc
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People who make lolita ocs are usually the type who can't actually afford to dress in the fashion. How old is she? I understand why 12 year olds do it but past 14 it's unacceptable
I think she's close to 30. She has a couple kids I think.

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Last one is in autosage.
post reference pictures, cosplays and questions

Was I wrong in getting an arda wig in Victory Blonde for 9s? even though his hair is very light, i've noticed it isn't white and it definitely isn't silver...
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I think the victory blonde will suit him fine.
Question for anyone making 2B's dress: how are you getting in and out of it? Where are you adding a zipper? I'm having trouble deciding where I want to add a closure without it being obstructive of some design and still be mostly functional.
For mine I have a zipper and hook and eye closure from the side of the collar to the shoulder, and another zipper from the waist to the armpit. I have the skirt removable via velcro as I figured it would be the quickest way to get it on and off.

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I love how people in the cosplay community bitch and moan about the old days of Cosplay, when they helped turn it into what it is today. Cosfamous wannabes and whores popping their breasts out for photos and shaking that ass in videos uploaded to Youtube to help funnel cash into their Patreons, Kickstarters, and every other crowdfunding ripoff.
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It changed when nerd culture became more normal. Nothing you can do about it.
There's still plenty of cosplayers who are focused on craft but without that coswhore fb reach, fame steppers like Anna don't give them the time of day.
Pretty much. Occasionally a craftsmanship thread pops up and people fill it up with names, but usually they have pretty low follower count. Most social media followers are going to be thirsty fans, not fellow cosplayers who are interested in how clean your hem is. Now that cosplay is mainstream the population of outsiders vastly outnumbers the amount of hardcore cosplayers, so it's not hard to guess which way the numbers stack.

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Last thread: >>9500172

>What is your worst lolita nightmare? (Most popular answer: FIRE)
>Westerners modeling for Japanese brands and how does it happen
>How realistic is this piece of art with a disgusting lolita lounging in her filthy room (Answer: Not enough sex toys to be realistic)
>Resurgence of Megan Maude wearing diapers dramu
>Ageplayers pissing people off
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So more than half of the last general was about sex?
I have a kink where I wanna use a BTSSB scepter as a dildo while my boyfriend watches from the closet dressed as Mr Yan
How is the competition on mbok auctions?
I feel like mbok rarely ever has something noteworthy and is mostly overpriced, but if there is a good desl, how likely are you able to get it?

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I really like the oldschool feeling of them
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did they bring the model to europe for this photoshop?
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Last one hit autosage due to a lot of off topic arguing.
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Snagged some of the coords that got posted right before the thread died
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Any jfashion is allowed. No cheating, if you can't come up with 3 just skip the question.

What are your 3 favorite coords?
What are your 3 favorite prints?
What are your 3 favorite pieces of clothing (that you own)?
What are your 3 favorite non-clothing items (that you own)?
What are your 3 favorite brands or shops?
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>What are your 3 favorite coords?
Pic related, Tamie's that I posted above, and the herajika one I'm about to post
>What are your 3 favorite prints?
Moitie - Harpsichord Trio
AatP - St Mephisto Cathedral
Jane Marple - Stained Glass
>What are your 3 favorite pieces of clothing (that you own)?
Innocent World - black cutsew OP
Jane Marple - Alice cardigan
Moitie - Archangel skirt
>What are your 3 favorite non-clothing items (that you own)?
VW x Melissa RHS
Usakumya bag
Innocent World black bonnet
>What are your 3 favorite brands or shops?
Moitie, Jane Marple, Atelier boz
I know it's not perfect but this coord got me into lolita so that's why it's my favorite
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>What are your 3 favorite coords?
These 3.
>What are your 3 favorite prints?
AatP - St. Mephist Cathedrale (especially in Iris and Black)
BtssB - Koitsukihime Love Moon Princess Angel Stained Glass (OP in black = nr 1 on my wishlist)
JetJ - Crucifixtion/Robe l'Agneau (one true dream print I own)
>What are your 3 favorite pieces of clothing (that you own)?
BtssB - Velour OP
Meta - D. Walkure set in green
BtssB - Velveteen Lace Frill bustier (black)
>What are your 3 favorite non-clothing items (that you own)?
BtssB - Koitsukihime Love Moon Princess Angel Stained Glass KC (black, very happy to have found this rare item!)
Meta - Fleur de Lis Cross embossed handbag from 2000 (black)
TUK - Victorian ghillie style boots (black)
>What are your 3 favorite brands or shops?
BtssB, AatP and Meta. Mostly their older stuff though, I'm a old school fan.

Anyone cosplaying Wonder Woman in honor of the new movie?
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I heard it sucked
It was good. It is the only DC movie in the past decade to even get more than a 90% on RT.

suicide squad sucked

yet girls would rather dress up as Whorley Quinn than a stronk independent woman

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I love Lolita and have worn it for ages. I'm now 32 & while I have aged it up (longer skirts, no sweet, etc) I don't want to quit.

Is it weird to keep wearing it? Do I have to normie it up now?
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Bruh, wearing lolita is weird to begin with but we do it anyway. Give no fucks.
>have worn it for ages
But apparently you've never been active in an (online) community because new people ask this all the time
DESU I try not to but I don't wanna be seen as some pedo/age play person if I'm 50 lel

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For Christmas/Birthdays, I'd like lolita, but there is no way I could convince my family members to learn how to use taobao. And since buying second hand has a risk of being scalped/unnoticed damages/etc to the untrained eye, I'd like to be able to have a few dependable websites that compile a bunch of affordable-ish (taobao brands preferably) dresses + accessories so that well-intentioned family members don't accidentally go to Milanoo or an eBay replica thing.
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Just buy from closet child. Cheaper than taobao resellers. My lolita dress has high shipping and they take forever to ship your order.
Make a wishlist for CC and WW and link them to that. WW especially is super easy to order from even for those of us who don't read moonrunes.
Can you put size preference on WW in your wishlist?

Gulls, what's you opinion on service animals at cons? Do you have any personal experience with them?

I'm specifically talking about trained and registered service animals, not someone's untrained shih-tzu they got an "emotional support animal" registration for just so they could bring it everywhere, but stories of "emotional support animals" at cons are also welcome.
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I don't mind of course, but I feel bad sometimes. At Megacon this weekend people kept asking this one handler what breed the dog was, nonstop. Con goers kept hugging and petting the dog too, which kind of bothers me. It just seems so intrusive, like putting your own satisfaction over the personal space of a total stranger. I thought it was common knowledge to not touch a service animal? I think even asking to pet them is kind of weird. It should be up to the handler if someone interacts with their animal.

Also saw a dog covered in marker designs to match the handlers cosplay. I know there are pet safe dyes, but this was legit marker scribbles.

But it's Florida, there were sooo many dogs at the con and I'm sure more than half were untrained bs comfort animals because everyone here has to be special.
I don't think I've ever seen an actual service animal (not "emotional support animal") at a con. There are plenty of them around town and people all seem to respect the "service animal - do not touch" harnesses.
Honestly I think it's really irresponsible, especially at large conventions. They may be trained to deal with stressful situations but I can't imagine the hell it must be to be a dog packed into crowded hallways for a whole weekend. It can get stepped on, get claustrophobic, and overstimulated from the noise and smells. If you need support at a con, take a person instead.

And fuck people who bring emotional support dogs to cons! You're too frail to handle a convention so you subject your untrained dog to it instead, how selfish.

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