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There hasn't been one of these threads for a while
Post the good, bad and everything else in between!
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Jesus that is some disgusting make up
I like the idea with the mirror on Ren's neck but I agree that the makeup looks like garbage. Aren't those the cosplayers who also do SnK that usually get posted on the bad makeup thread?
Yup looks like them

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Are you attending? Did you get the tickets you wanted? I had to buy GA+TP cause VIP budles were sold out :(
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Not really fussed. I went to the last one and it was pretty dull.Yes, the venue was beautiful and it had shopping and a fashion show but I would expect more from an event, especially considering all the fun things you get at other events. They'll ahve to up their game a lot imo.
Uh what kind of fun things? It's my first big event so I'm not sure about how others are
Ugh I meant >>8695156

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Specifically things that have happened to you.
>at metrocon cosplaying OC
>goku asks for pic
>say yes
>goku forcefully grabs me from behind and lifts me into air
>feel hard dick press against my ass
>check snapchat for metrocon later, goku allegedly got arrested for sexual assault
>pic related, it's me and the goku
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Looks like you've been visited by the gay fairy Goku
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the snapchat in question

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>big-titted cosplayers will never play less endowed characters like Asuka

Ahahahahahahaha, feels good man.
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When has being physically inaccurate to a character ever stopped any attention whore from cosplaying anything ever?
no one will ever love your flat no-tit ass

It has been a while since we had this topic.

How has your style changed? Post your first and your most recent /cgl/-related coord or cosplay. Multiple pics are okay but we do not need to see anything that does not show significant improvement over the previous pic.

>How long have you been in the jfashion or cosplay scene?
>What area have you improved the most in?
>What role has /cgl/ played in your improvement so far?
>What weak point(s) do you want to work on next?

Starting with some lolita before and afters.
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Moving to Austin just in time for Ikkicon. Anyone here been? How is it?
Also, in general, how is the Texas con scene? I'm coming from the DMV area, which I think has a decent number of good cons.
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Ikkicon is the epitome of average, its not the worst but its not the best. You should have a decent time.

Look into San Japan and AKon. San Japan is really great to attend and AKon is just the biggest Anime con in the area.
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I personally enjoy Ikkicon. It's less crowded with decent panels and a nice dealer room. There's lots of great places to eat nearby and if it's after 10pm everybody's usually drunk (sometimes earlier than that lmao) I've always enjoyed it, but it's definitely one of those cons where the people you hang out with sort of make or break it.
>it's definitely one of those cons where the people you hang out with sort of make or break it
Really? Because I'm not sure I'll be going with anyone. I'm moving to Austin for school, and I don't know many people there. Hopefully I can get my friend to come, but I'm not sure...
Is it an easy con to meet people?

Discuss styles or trends that have disappeared within J-fash.

What on earth happened to Dolly-kei? Last I heard the popular shopgirls left Grimoire, but then a lot of their vintage stock suddenly became normie-tier, and I've heard little to nothing about the style in ages. Did it really rise and fall that quickly?
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I would love to wear Dolly Kei but it's the hardest Jfashion for me to figure out ugh
If only cgl were so interesting
How would I search for dolly kei and cult party kei things on aliexpress?

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ITT: J-fashion/lolita/cute sleepwear and lingerie general

>tfw will never be able to wear padded lingerie at all because i have no tits
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This is from a western brand but I think it can pass.
Marks and Spencers often have cute things in in every size.
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Since i can't find frilly panties offline that are cute enough i bought these on AE in black, i hope it fits good. If they fit i want to buy the pink and black version as well.

Oh cool, you spent 10000+ hours on your dress? Oh, it has 5000000+ glass beads? Nice. So how much did that fucker cost you in money and life?
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As someone who makes gowns, corsets, AND armor, armor is easy as shit. It's just time consuming.
>230+ hours
Somehow I doubt it took a solid month of 8 hour work days to make something so mediocre. Unless this person had to spend all that extra time transforming party hats into usable materials rather than actually ponying up a few bucks for real supplies.
Oh your one of those cosplayer. Why spend 5 bucks on a cone shaped object when you can buy 30 dollars of supplys and materials and craft them yourself for 3 hours. It's so much better.

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Last one hit image limit, so here we are.
Previous thread: >>8597930

It's nice to see that these threads have been getting more frequent. Let's talk mori!
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Going to dump a few coords with jeans for >>8665358 in the last thread.

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Old thread >>8670388

Itabag FAQ: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1wnFufd64j3cOxe50I8Amhj5lPvjZAlnupbXnhAJ6SbE

Share your progress, buying/arranging tips, and post some of your favorite bags or themed outfits/accessories.

Itabag Topic Questions:
>How much merch is on your bag?
>What was your least/most expensive item?
>Have you encountered other itabags in the wild?
>Would you consider making an "ita outfit" to go with your bag or maybe cosplay from your bag's series?
>Wearing itabags for conventions only? Or for daily wear too?
>Best places for custom merchandise?
>Best way to arrange charms - horizontally, vertically or hanging from badges?
>Best style of bag to use as a base?
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i love these threads for letting me do everything my faggoty little heart desires

>i was going to post this in the mail thread but i feel you guys would appreciate it more
>sweet jesus im going to be broke at the end of the month
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We all know Lolita can be an expensive hobby, and not everyone can afford to buy everything they want, So how do you budget for your wardrobe?

>What's your monthly/quarterly/annual budget?
>How do you decide which things to buy?
>Do/did you ever buy on impulse? If so, did you regret it?
>Any advice to offer with regards to buying?

I myself am having a hard time deciding whether to buy something or not, so I'd like to hear your advice, and I'm sure I'm not the only one!
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I have no bills to pay except for gas in my car, so about 75% of my paycheck goes towards lolita. So, roughly, $200 a month on Lolita?

I impulse buy sometimes, I did it with Nameless Poem and kinda regret it.

I need to work on a taobao order so I can get some bags and shoes, since I'm pretty limited.

My wardrobe is split 50/50 between AP and indie/bodyline purchases.

I see something I like, I ask if it'll work well in my wardrobe, then go from there.

>impulse bought first Burundo a year ago
>didn't even fit
>looked like utter shit in it
How do you determine when to buy something or not?
Say you find a really good price for a dress you've had your eye on for a while. But you've already used up all of your designated hobby money, or it's only the beginning of the new month.
This keeps happening to me. I always find good deals for good pieces, but I've only got a little left in my lolita budget. I just take the extra out of my savings, but it's getting a little ridiculous.
Obviously you have to decide with how much you like it, resale value, usual price. But it's tough in the heat of the moment, because it's not guaranteed to be there tomorrow.
>>What's your monthly/quarterly/annual budget?

around 150 euros now I've started school again

>>How do you decide which things to buy?

I decide on price and size especially and sometimes I'm looking for items to complete coords

>>Do/did you ever buy on impulse? If so, did you regret it?

yes and yes. I've a mild shopping addiction. I don't get into debts because of it, but sometimes I do overspend with impulse buys. I try to keep it under control, but it's hard

>>Any advice to offer with regards to buying?

only buy something you really love and take your time to think about spending, even if that means you'll miss your chance of buying it. it's not the end of the world when you couldn't buy it.

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Old Thread >>8699107

Some Lolita-Related Threads
Comm Thread >>8702389
CoF Thread >>8702884
Coord Help >>8689365
Dream Dress Thread >>8694705
Stupid Lolita Questions >>8686235
Old-School Lolita >>8688812
International Lolita Day >>8699332
Indie Thread >>8671548
Price Check Thread >>8683617
Worn Thread >>8690934

Lolita Guidebook created by /cgl/

Do you have a favorite lolita collab item? Do you own pieces? For me it's this set from IW, since I loved Mawaru Penguindrum. I don't own anything except a planner I got as a GLB extra.
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About that profession group being talked about from the last thread:

Totally into that idea. As shitty as facebook is, it does give the widest reach, and easiest platform. And allows for similar people to discover the group.
Good job anon, this can help newbies who come in here.

My fav collab piece is AP x Wish Me Mell Tea time Jsk. It is pretty adorable.
my favourite collabs are probably metamorphose x macross frontier, btssb x koitsukihime and aatp x akira

i own one of the koitsukihime collab pieces, it's gorgeous and exactly what i wanted it to be

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How do you feel about trap cosplays?
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good for him
as long as it is a guy, it's alright.
I hate it when girls do it though.
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give me more

New Thread
Anyone working on anything during the hiatus?
See any SU cosplayers on Halloween or at any recent cons?
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i like this rose wig's size and style, but i have no idea why its different colors
awaiting cute tiny peridots but afraid theyll see it as an excuse to be lazy

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