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Can we get a Blizzcon thread? It just happened this weekend.
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Cosplay contest winner
Still skeptical on whether she made this or not, but either way it's an incredible costume.
What all material do you think was used here? I can't tell for some reason.

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Can we have another lifestyle thread? I was enjoying the previous ones.

To start things off:
>What does being a lifestyler mean to you personally?
>In what ways do you "live" the lifestyle or incorporate it into your life?
>Do you have any lifestyle goals? (Such as being able to wear it 24/7?)
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Some random lifestyle thoughts: I know there's this stereotype of lifestylers being fakely sweet/cute, but I always strive to be very conscientious, polite, and kind in a genuine way... I sort of feel like that's one reason lifestyle attracts me, to strive to be polite and sweet (but not fakely so, not like a "kawaii" persona or something. Just, being polite.) I really wish my comm had lifestylers so we could get together for things like tea and embroidery hang-outs, instead of just going to boring restaurants all the time...
I think there's a difference between being all "kawaii uguuu~~" baby talk which is fake as shit and being genuinely polite and courteous. No one is going to shit on you for being genuinely polite and applying old-fashioned ethics and etiquette to your life. If they do, then they have a problem, because if no one is going to criticize them for being lumbering and noisy then they have no right to criticize you for being polite and proper.
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Has anyone else watched Lark Rise to Candleford? It's such a cute underrated show, I feel like. All the outfits give me such inspiration and lifestyle feels

I have recently purchased a 3D Printer, I’m planning on using it to make bits and pieces not related to things I can immediately sow or make myself.

What are things /cgl/ would like to see 3D printed? I’m planning of making a business out of it selling cosplay items or additional trinkets from more obscure manga’s and shows.
Ie; Akumetsu masks, Behelits and other assorted stuff.
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tasukete kudasai

I've been looking at 3d printers lately as well, curious to know what you ended up purchasing?

Last one maxed out >>8708170
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Quite simple but really cute. I really like the photo as a whole too.
I have those same gloves and I'm considering throwing them out because they look super cheap here. Is there maybe a way to make them look a bit better?

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So when is and when is it not okay? Experiences? Cringe? Amazing ones? Discuss.
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>HANS Solo
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This is the only one I've liked so far

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At what point will we have to forefeit going to conventions based on age? I know that I sometimes see people and think "well damn, you're a bit old to be here aintcha?" but I never really thought about what age that was, exactly.
Or, do you think that anime conventions will just start getting older as time goes on, like star trek cons did?
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You stop going to cons when they don't interest you anymore, it has nothing to do with your age.
Just don't be a creep. There's this elderly couple who I've seen attending east coast cons multiple times and they're cute
Sage for dumb thread
cómic conventions seem to be the better for the elderly. it's like "hey I was a young comic fan when this and that series was starting", and that's what people want to hear at those conventions.
While at anime cons, the seniority thing just sounds like nostalgia faggetry "hue hue I watched all the original Dragon Ball as it came out, you fucking newbs".

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Old Thread >>8679259

Copied from last thread:
General thread info:
- Cosplay and lolita items are both welcome
- proof pictures will make everyone's lives easier, so post em if you've got em
- try to note where you're located and if you're okay with shipping internationally
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Lockshop wigs are priority right now
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Email me for proof pictures/if you're interested! Buyers outside the US would have to pay a bit more for shipping.

MM Claudette OP in Pink listed on LM, starting price 180 BIN 250
VM Suzette Frill OP in Beige $140 shipped
VM Corduroy OP in Bordeaux $85 shipped

I also have a solid navy AATP JSK I'm thinking of selling for about $60 dollars, but I couldn't find a picture on lolibrary. The jacket is no longer available, but everything else is. If you think you might be interested message me and I'll send pictures!
I think I saw the bottom left dress on y!japan earlier today, not sure about the link tho

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Polymorph plastic thread.
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Anyone who has already used to for a cosplay?
What's that for? It looks cool.
Looks undertale related

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Cosplay Thy Neighbor!

First thread here: >>8542742
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I posted this in the last thread too, but if you're interested in the manga, Viz is having a sale on a digital bundle: http://www.vizmanga.com/bundle/67

The sale lasts through… tomorrow, I think? (…and you should also pick up the Psyren bundle because that series is badass...)

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Old Thread >>8715449

Some Lolita-Related Threads
Comm Thread >>8716442
Closet of Frills Thread >>8717322
Coord Help >>8689365
Dream Dress Thread >>8694705
Old-School Lolita >>8688812
Price Check Thread >>8683617
Stupid Lolita Questions >>8686235
Worn Thread >>8690934
Wardrobe Thread >>8716238
Brolita Thread >>8713032
Boystyle Thread >>8697142

Lolita Guidebook

How do you feel about the Fruits books? Suggestions for similar books or published literature on lolita?
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Don't know if this was posted anywhere but a Lolita in Melbourne got married and had a lolita styled wedding.

If you're talking about that airmail chemical smell, it usually isn't persistent and will go away once you air it out for a while and wash it. If your scent is strong enough to transfer, it might be something else entirely.

You can try:
- airing it
- putting it into a bag with some kitty litter or baking soda
- soaking it with some vinegar (it neutralizes some scents)
Everyone looks cute and elegant. Too bad the bride ruined her coord with those ugly fucking socks.

I'm looking for a good source for feathers.

Specifically black feathers, to create something like pic related.

If possible, I'd like naturally black (not dyed) feathers, to keep the iridescent look.

What I've found is that "pointer" feathers and longer types are pretty easy to find, but the plumage that would cover most of the mask is a bit harder to find. And most of the options out there are dyed turkey feathers.
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That mask is trimmed turkey flats on the forehead and around the eyes and rooster saddle/hackle/tail feathers on the neck. If you must have iridescent feathers for the small feathers, you can find freeze-dried hen skins sold for fly tying, you'll have to pluck the feathers and they'll be out of scale with a human-sized mask.
a very long time ago when i was a young weeb and my parents took my to cons, i ran into a girl at katsucon who was that guy from dnangel whose name i can't remember right now. she had a huge, amazing, pair of black wings. my dad was talking to her about them and apparently she made them from turkey feathers, and made sure to only use right feathers on the right wing and left feathers on the left wing since there is a difference
i was going somewhere with this but now i can't remember
Doesn't everyone use only right feathers on the right wing and left feathers on the left wing?

I always spend a shit ton of time separating mine. I can't even understand how could someone not separate them, they have a very obvious lean to a side and it looks pretty weird mixed up

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In light of the recent wave of well known Lolitas quitting, I've been thinking a lot about the subject. In almost every instance I've seen of this occurring over my 9 years in the fashion, it is usually someone deciding lolitas are awful and they can't deal with the community, even if the vast majority of attention they get is positive and they don't actually get any severe hate. Often times they also quit the fashion, while simultaneously saying how much they wish they could still wear it and some have said they were "forced" to stop wearing it because of the negativity.

I don't really understand this, if you truly love Lolita, but can't deal with the community, then why not quit the community but still wear it? Unless it was mostly an attention thing? What do you guys think about this phenomenon? Experiences with people doing it?
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Your last bit is something that has perplexed me for years, and has led me to believe that anyone who quits under those circumstances never really loved the fashion that much anyway, and mostly wore it for attention. I mean, it doesn't add up. You wouldn't stop wearing sweaters just because a few people who wear them are awful, it shouldn't be any different.

There must be hundreds of Lolitas who either withdrew from communities or chose not to join them, but who enjoy the fashion as much as anyone else.
people are sensitive. a couple of death threats and "ew ur ugly" messages and its time to leave. keep in mind alot of lolitas have never experienced any type of hate constantly being to sent them. they dont know how to deal with it, instead of dealing with it they would rather quit everything all together.
if you ask me though, if you would leave an entire fashion just because a couple of trolls your love for the fashion wasnt very strong to begin with.
Death threats are different than what I'm talking about, I totally get someone leaving the community based on that. I was more talking about people who can't take any criticism, no matter how legit.

aka "probably the next con cancer, get it while it's hot"

old thread >>8688110
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How would you go about coloring the random enemies, using b/w as they are in battle, or making up your own colors?

old thread >>8688326
Dump your pics here!
Fav cosplays?
Best part of the con?
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Here's a link to the TF2 photo shoot. I hope you don't mind the quality. More pictures incoming soon.
Guess this is a good time to ask.
Why is there so much western stuff at a convention celebrating Japanese stuff?
people can dress up however they want, its a convention for nerds. The panels on the other hand, are completely anime/japanese oriented

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For those who don't wear lolita or other jfash styles every day, how does your regular style compare to your lolita style? I'd love to see how they compare.

>pic related but definitely not me
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bump cause curious
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You are 100% adorable in both styles.

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