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Dreaming of Lolita/Cosplay

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What kind of dreams have you had, which made you realize you're way too invested in cosplay or J-fashion?
I once dreamed about finding a rack full of lolita in a thrift store. I wish it were true.
You know that dream people have where they show up to class or work naked? I sometimes dream I show up at a meet without a petticoat and wearing dirty ragged shoes. Terrifying, that one.
I don't sew very well, so I alter cosplays I order, but I had a dream where I was at a convention and this kid called me out on not being a real cosplayer because I didn't make everything from scratch. Then a whole lot of other people started bashing on me all at once right after the kid spoke. I was forced to back up to the top floor of the convention center and I fell off over the balcony then woke up because suddenly I was in a falling dream.

:| Yeah. Fun times.
I dreamed that I moved to another city, subletting a three-story house owned by a friend.
I arrive wearing lolita. Half the roof on the third floor is torn off from a previous storm. No wonder the rent's cheap.
I walk back down to the first floor, and an old man and his wife are there. Turns out the house used to have its first floor as a small shop in the neighborhood. The front door was also open.
I ask them to leave. They refuse. I call 911. The operator BLOWS ME OFF, saying if I didn't want trespassers, I should have locked the door.
The old man invites over thirty teenagers to my house for a party. Unable to deal with it, I lock myself in the third floor, and have a nap. Upon waking up, I discover my shoe collection had been on the second floor, and was stolen in the worst way possible: just one shoe from each pair, not both, taken.
I call 911 again, crying that I was burgled to a now-apologetic operator, and hang up after she reassures me they'll help.
I walk out of the house, and see the old man, carrying off a big rubbermaid bin. That bin has my shoes, I know it.
He turns, sees me, and walks up much too fast and much too happy. He tells me his wife just left him, which means he can go on a date with me. His hand's grip is too strong for me to pull away from, and he's not listening to my protests as he puts me into his car.
I ride in shotgun, scared. He's a complete psycho. He might kill me.
I manage to find my phone. I call 911, the phone hidden in my skirt folds, and start up a loud conversation. I act out enthusiasm and weasel out the info of where we're going, and whisper a quick "please come get me" to the phone.
The old man drops me off at our date site, a natural park. He goes to look for a parking spot. Cop cars arrive. He panics, beginning to drive off, and then gets rammed by cop cars. He's arrested for kidnapping.
I ask one of the cops that while I know the bin might be used as evidence, that I want my shoes back afterwards.
That was a wild ride from start to finish, thanks anon.
Does someone have that dream/story that was posted long ago where a lolita was going to a con and the hotel she just checked in blew in flames, losing all of her dream dresses
holy shit anon I had this same dream

Except at one point some girls from my comm also came in, and the fitting room had a six item limit, so I couldn't hide all the lolita clothes from them.
I threw the clothes under the racks to hide them, and tried to show the girls some smelly coats to make them leave.
I had a dream once where I was driving off road in a jeep in lolita and ended up getting the jeep stuck in a deep muddy puddle/pool. The jeep sunk to the bottom and I just barely got out, ruining everything I was wearing in the process. I feel I should note I was in shiro. Good bye beautiful pristine dress of my dreams...

I had a dream I was cosplaying as Future Trunks from Dragon Ball Z in a van full of my friends on the way to a convention. it was a nice dream.
I once had a dream where there was a zombie invasion just as I was at a giant AP megastore and I blasted them down with guns, while still in frills.
The most unrealistic was me shopping at AP.
I had a dream I found a closet child in a public restroom and quite a few of my dream prints were there. But when I went to pay, all of my money and credit cards were gone.

I also have a reoccurring dream where I'm carpooling to a meetup but I forgot pick up everyone in the carpool and I'm 500 miles away in a desert or at the meetup location when I realize. Or I'm going to pick someone up and I keep driving past their house in a mobius strip but not stopping, then I'm late to the meetup.
Oh yes i was thinking about making such a thread a few days ago thanks OP.
I dreamed that i would go at night stealing in some lolita's closet. And also do some night robbery at a BTSSB store what is wrong with me lol
Here's a past thread that is filled with dreams featuring The Yandyman.


Anybody else get recently abducted by The Yandyman?
Been a long time lurker since I've never been able to afford really getting into the fashion, but I've had multiple dreams where I find a store selling either dresses or petticoats. I'm never able to even try them on cause something always gets in the way... I'll get my wardrobe someday.
I actually had a dream early this morning where it was the second day of a con i was going to wear a new costume at, only to spend the entire night and morning searching for thermal underwear to actually complete my cosplay.

Guess the dream means I need to stop procrastinating and actually finish my cosplay (despite having more than a month left before the actual convention i'm going to wear it at.)
> once dreamt my brother had taken my lost in sea JSK (dream dress) and worn it without my permission
> come into my room to see him wear it and I flip out
> he gets angry at me and takes it off while complaining
> sees there are mustard stains on it for some reason? Go into the kitchen to try and wash it off
> break down crying in front of the sink while clutching my dress and pressing it against my face
> wake up with duvet pressed against my face, almost start crying
> get out of bed to check that my dress is alright

Never again please
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